People Share Which Childhood Fear Still Freaks Them Out


I'll never be over it!

You can never outrun your past. That is just truth. We must face our past. Often our pasts will haunt us and we have no choice but to relive it. Our childhood memories will be a part of us. But we have to figure out how we process them in order to function. It's ok if a few stray issues still keep us on the edge. That is human.

Redditor u/Bin_lader wanted to who issues from the past follow us all by wondering..... What weird childhood fear do you still kind of hold on to?

23 forever....


That my stuffed animals get sad when I don't pay attention to them. I'm 23. spidersspiders

Out Loud. 

Whenever the washing machine gets too loud I think it will explode. vaparom

When I put too much in it and it starts shaking I sit on top of it to try and stop the movement and I will sit their panicking until it finally finishes its cycle


Lights Off. 

That sensation that someone/something is chasing you in the dark. Usually when I'm at home alone. I don't know what it is I just know that it's coming for me. DunnoHowToSayThisBut

Usually when I have to turn off downstairs lights. I still run up the stairs to safety as quickly as possible. MrsPeacockIsAMan

Hey Dolls....

Dolls. My sister had this one that used to talk and it had a creepy light in its chest. I swear it used to start talking by itself. I remember finding it talking one day in my wardrobe, and I had no idea how it got there.

In hindsight it was probably my brother being a fool but at the time I was convinced it was haunted or something. I was terrified and didn't want it anywhere near my room so I flung it down the stairs. Even now I find dolls creepy as hell. SnarkyLeprechaun84



Ever since the Monsters Inc. movie came out, I've always had my closet door open a little bit so they can't use their teleportation doors. Irceus

The Dark. 

Going out in the dark outside.

Most of the time, it doesn't bother me. However, there are some nights where it just starts gnawing at the back of my mind, even though I know the chance of anything happening is slim to none and I scurry to and from where I need to go. 25_to_Lyfe


Looking out the windows at night, i'm petrified that there will be someone there. emmab3773

I had a horrible nightmare when I was 14, where I was in my bathroom and I could see in the mirror a horrible lady watching me by the window. When I turned around to check she was gone but as soon as I looked away I knew she was at the window again. I'm 27 and I'm still terrified of this. Ogatomio

I Feel It. 

There was a line in a Goosebumps book about a monster eating your toes while you slept. Bothered me enough as a kid that I still can't sleep with my toes poking out of the blanket. I'm 32. XxVerdantFlamesxX



Basements. They still give me the creeps. AwesomeBarbs

There's a basement at my work that's really creepy. First off the stairs without the lights lead into an abyss. The stairs themselves creak but not normally.

When you walk down them it sounds like whispers. To top it all off, the lights are positioned perfectly so that when you walk up the stairs, your own shadow makes it look like someone is walking under the stairs. Combine all of those things at 8 in the morning and you've got yourself a lovely wake up call. bomber665_ko



I've always had a weird fear of windows, especially when it's dark out and you can't really see through them from the inside of a house. Started when I was really young and we had a huge window right at the front of the house and anyone outside could see the entire living room. YaharGulTheUnseenMan


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