People Share Which Celebrity They've Had A Chance Encounter With


People having chance encounters with their favorite celebrities sounds like a plot to a B movie, but it really does happen. And would you believe it, stars tend to be just like the rest of us. Except they're famous for being amazing, and we're not.

jarold00d asked starstruck Redditors: Who's the most famous person you've talked to for more than 30 seconds?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Of course, he's awesome.

Dave Chappelle. I was working Night Audit (overnight) at a Mid Luxury hotel in Napa. He and 6-7 friends rode up on motorcycles at like 2am and asked to get rooms for 2 nights. Apparently, they were in a road trip to nowhere and would just stop each night where they stopped. They had a few people following them in a truck and trailer.

He is a pretty legit insomniac and would sit in the front steps for 5-6 hours each night on his phone smoking. They decided to extend and ended up staying a total of 6 nights. On night 2, I went out and asked for a light and we ended up chatting a few hours.

It repeated for 3 nights and I got to hang out with him about 10 hours total. Smart, thoughtful, articulate, and genuine person. The humor is just him. I was actually blown away with how precise his natural wit and timing was.

Saw him at a show in SF a last year and he recognized me. Shouted out from stage "Yo... I know you... You still working nights?"

Great human.


On night 2, I went out and asked for a light and we ended up chatting a few hours.

My buddy saw him last night in London and apparently he overshot the set by 2 hours just talking to people

There's also that leaked set of his on Youtube where he gets dressed to leave about 1 and a half hours in and then stays for another 2 just shooting the sh!t with the audience

He seems to just LOVE being social


9. Legendary.

Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. They visited the St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis TN. They both were incredibly nice and hilarious. This small kid fell into the floor and was crying and kicking his legs so Jim Carrey (in a very expensive suit) dropped to the floor and did the same just to stop him from crying. Robin Williams wore the nose from Patch Adams and much more hairy than he looked in the movies.


8. A true hero.

Buzz Aldrin. Just my family and I got to spend a few days with him touring around the Kennedy Space Center. I was 12 and had no idea what kinds of questions to ask him. So all I could think of was "Were you scared during launch?" and, "What does Moon ground feel like?"

I got back in contact with him l a few years back when I called to notify him that my Dad had passed away. He said that he remembered my father and was proud that I followed in his footsteps by majoring in Aerospace Engineering for my Bachelor's.


This is absolutely fantastic! Celebrities are a dime a dozen. You got to meet someone SOO much more than a celebrity. I can only hope to someday have an opportunity like that.

And you've picked an amazing career path, btw.


7. This one stings.

Steve Irwin in an elevator when I was 11. He asked me where I was from and if there was any crocodiles in the pool and I told him I went to his zoo and how cool it was. He was exactly how you think he'd be, just a really nice guy and a great dude.

I also stood next to Usain Bolt for awhile at the airport. I hadn't slept for over 24 hours but he was still happy to take a photo with me before we went our separate ways.


6. Nice.

Sigourney Weaver, just after Aliens was released on VHS. A buddy of mine and I were riding up the gondola at the mountain where we were on the ski team, she was in the singles line, and we didn't know who she was until the end of the ride up (~10 mins), when she said something, and he and I (both being about 12, so we had both obviously seen Aliens, as good children of the 80's) were both like... "Ripley?"

She was kind enough to repeat "get away from her, you b!tch!" for us.

EDIT: Just to note, for the pedants, the conversation was probably a couple minutes. Mostly us kids fanboying towards a very nice and patient actress, who responded very nicely and patiently.


5. Try and beat this one.

Played a round of golf with Bill Murray, was awesome.


Hell ya! In chicago?


St. Augustine Florida, he has a charity tournament out there every year. I bough a signed Caddyshack poster a few years back which threw my name into a drawing to be on his team for the tournament. I didn't even know that, I just wanted the poster and figured nobody wins those type of things anyways. I got to bring a friend too, it was awesome.


So cool! I imagine Bill to be one down to earth celebrity


He was a blast, his childhood friend was in the group too. Although to be honest I thought one of his brothers was even more awesome. I had met some other people that were there having working the event, and got "caught" trying to sneak them into the after party. His brother saw the bouncer guy turning the group away and he brought us in through a side door and just shot the sh*t with me for about 15 minutes.


It's cool when celebrities are like that and can makes a fans whole year with something like just hanging out for a while. It's gotta be overwhelming to be super famous but I would hope that I would be like that if I was a celeb.


4. This is soothing.

Dolly Parton. My grandpa is good friends with her. She's a peach.


Oh yay, I'm so glad this is true, I love her.


3. Slurp.

Jason Mamoa. Bumped into him when I went rock climbing with my girlfriends. He liked my Batman shirt hahah


Jason Momoa. He was lost as f*ck in Atlanta (Dragon Con, woop woop), and I happened to be walking by as he was turning in place trying to get his bearings. I was going to the same building, so I offered to walk him over. People assumed I was his handler, and just left us alone. We had small talk the whole way, and I was being super chill, not fangirling or anything. When we get where we're going, he thanks me and says, "i'm Jason by the way." I say it's nice to meet him, and we shake hands before parting. That dude is cool as hell.


2. He is missed.

Patrick Swayze! Dude was super nice!

I used to work at a small airport in Van Nuys, CA. Mr. Swayze and his wife owned an older King Air that they flew themselves. My very first day on the job, while I was standing on a ladder fueling his plane, Mr. Swayze was inspecting his plane before a flight. He found a small puddle of fluid (left behind by a previous aircraft) on the ground under one of his engines and dipped his middle finger in it, held it up to me and asked, "Hey what the f--- is this?" He clarified that he was just joking when he saw me internally freaking out.

He usually tipped really really well whenever I helped with his bags and pulled his truck around (especially when his goldendoodle clawed me in the face once) and I remember his wife coming to an older, unused hangar once to pull a litter of kittens out from under a car to take them to the vet.

This was all before he got his cancer diagnosis, and I left the job before he died. I do remember being legitimately sad for his wife when I read he had passed. The guy didn't really take too much time to know me, but he was always very friendly, very polite, and made it a point to treat us like people. I met a handful of famous (and not famous, but connected and wealthy) people while I worked there - but he was the one I'll always remember. Dude was awesome.


1. Well, yeah. He's Ironman.

When Ironman was filing, I was working for the dept of air force as law enforcement. I was in charge or verifying all the people working on the production. I was given a 23 page list of every name with a ironman poster as a cover page.

I had a Lincoln towncar pull up and handed a stack of drivers licenses. I checked them and noticed a "Downey" wasnt on the list. I looked in the vehicle and Robert Downey Jr. was staring at me like I was in shock. I said, I'm sorry sir, you're not on this list. He pointed to the ironman poster and said, there I am.

I asked the driver to pop the trunk. Giving a firm command presence and investigating demeanor. He popped it and I asked RDjr if he had any drugs in the trunk... he was super nervous and just started laughing. I told them to have a good time.

Fast forward to the filming of Ironman 2... towncar pulls up, stacks of IDs, RDjr looks at me and says, oh sh!t... dont pop the trunk!


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