People Share The Best Sex Advice They've Ever Received


Let's talk about sex baby....

Let's talk about sex. Don't be shy. There are far too many people out there... doing it wrong! And the sad part is, is that it's not that difficult to be successful at. We allow too much ego in the bedroom. Life is about learning to be better... so is sex. So let's get better.

Redditor u/VariableVirus42 wanted everyone to share the secrets and the must knows of relations by asking.... What's the best sex advice you ever got?

Go for It!

Enthusiasm is more important than all the stuff you probably worry about. Go have fun. FalstaffsMind

Be Real. 

Never fake your orgasms. ohightori

Really, really guys. It's normal for some women to not finish. It's okay. Just have a good time and stop when you're tired. Faking is a hard habit to break and in the end it robs you of so much. WildlingPine

Never Stop! 

If she lock her legs on you, don't dare to stop what you're doing. Gustavort



Wear a condom, kids are expensive. NZ-Psychotic

Speak to Me..... 

Communicate. It's so simple yet so important. Draisaitl

Yes! And this includes communicating when you're unsure of yourself. For example, "I've never done this before and I don't know what I like; we'll have to figure that out together. Can you start doing [x] and I'll tell you whether I like it or not?" odious_odes

Cliff notes. 

In early high school, my lady friend wrote a very in-detail guide on how to perform, complete with pictures. Came in quite handy over the years.

Older sister came across the notebook one day years later and wondered where the hell I got such detailed drawings from until I explained myself. atglobe

Love You.


Don't be too insecure about your body. If the person likes you they might not even care that you didn't shave or stuff like that. humpbackwhale97

A Look....

In the rom-com 40s and 40 nights, I vaguely remember the male lead getting the female excited while barely even touching her.

I've applied that lesson by not underestimating the power of teasing a girl and it's worked very well. Reddit

You always hear about women teasing men until they're desperate but doing this with a girl will drive her crazy.

If she hits you over the head with a bottle then you've gone too far.


Stay the Course....


When you're doing something and you can tell your partner is enjoying it, keep doing that exact thing. Don't try to make it better by going faster, slower, softer, harder, adding movements, whatever. They're clearly enjoying the exact thing you're doing—no need for upgrades. If that makes sense. jaxuelinee


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