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I know everything! Why?

The human brain is a remarkable part of the body. And from all the research and study that's been done on it the most prominent fact about it is.... we'll never, ever know everything there is to know. It holds so many layers and information that no amount of lifetimes will unlock its secrets. One of my favorite aspects is the ability for humans to retain vast amounts of information. Sometimes the most intriguing thing about a person is the rando facts that fall from our mouths. The things we know by chance can win us a ton of cash on tv or can merely impress a date over pizza.

Redditor u/mmmmmjjjrrrrr wanted to know how prepared some people are to be on 'Jeopardy' or 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' and how vast the knowledge of the people by asking.... What random fact you would like to put here?

Say Ahhhh

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I feel more powerful suddenly.



2050 is now the same distance away as 1990.


Cue everyone doing the math to check this answer ("because that can't be right"), then realizing if they were alive in the 90's they're getting old.

Source: Myself. Team_Captain_America

The EU Way....

According to EU's food regulations snails are considered ground fish. Short answer: Because EU like to make absurd regulations.

Long answer: France pushed for this legislation because they wanted to profit from highly favorable regulations of fish breeding which is subsidized within the Union.

It's also rather old news. It's been 10 years now since they decided it.

Another interesting thing is that soy milk (or any other vegan milk) has to be classified as "juice" and not milk because by EU's definition milk is only an animal product which soy milk is not.


The Ole Days

Oxford predates the Aztec empire.


Well, that was always something you knew. it's older than US civilization. I think what makes it an interesting fact is more that it outlived an entire civilization that has experienced its rise and fall. That's not true of the US yet. :)


I was shocked when I found out. It was like damn man, Oxford University is older than an entire civilization.

Crazy stuff.


Flipper is Flipped!


Dolphins kill for fun.


Dolphins and humans are the two animals I consider actually evil.



Sloths come down their tree once a week to take a dump. Wisdom granted, sloths move are naturally buoyant in water so they float rather than actually knowing how to swim.


There used to be giant sloths that could carve tunnels into rocks big enough for humans to climb into. Sloths used to be extremely prevalent in the animal kingdom, loads of different species, and now we're left with an animal that can starve to death on a full stomach because its metabolism is so slow.


Closer to Know

The Tyrannosaurus Rex actually existed closer in history to humans than to the Stegosaurus.


Tyrannosaur Rex also never walked on grass, it had not evolved yet. (Although I have seen some beer discoveries that grass might be older than originally thought).


Around and Around....

From the time it was discovered to the time it was stripped of its status as a planet, Pluto hadn't made a full trip around the Sun.


That's one thing Pluto and Earth have in common right now.


The Challenger

The Astronauts on board the Challenger survived the explosion in the shuttle. They likely survived for a few terrifying seconds while the module slowly depressurized and suffocated them to death. It's also theorized the cabin pressure could have been lost so slowly they may have survived almost 3 minutes before hitting the water.


Drink Up

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Camels can drink up to 50 gallons in 3 minutes. Receptionist at the tattoo shop i was at earlier said it out loud and then 5 min later i came across this post haha


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