If you want it... go out and get it. That is what we're told should be everyone's main life motto. If one obstacle in your way is another human, use them to your advantage. There are small, quiet ways to manipulate people into doing your bidding and getting what you need. A flick of a finger here, a strategically placed word there... and boom... magic is possible. Mind games aren't ethical but they can be necessary.

Redditor u/BraySC wanted to know what we can learn in order to play a little mind control by asking.... What psychological tricks do you know?

Big Ideas.


Get people to contribute to an idea and they will be more likely to accept it. Studies show that it doesn't take that much involvement in the creative process to get people to take possession of a proposed plan. king_of_the_hyraces

Follow the Reactions. 

If you greet someone cheerfully, it's likely they will do the same after some time, then interpret that their reaction is due to liking you, so there is a chance they will like you. Akamors

There's some higher up people at my work that don't acknowledge the "little people's" existence. I always get their eye contact and say hello in a friendly way so they have to say it back or look like a d**k. Powmum

Be Kind. 

I know that if you assume a person likes you you tend to act nicer towards them and like them also. So if you smile and are friendly towards a person they will assume you like them and be nice to you. One of my favorites. breis777

This is possibly the first advice I came across in this thread that I may have to try. My self-loathing anxious brain assumes everyone is annoyed by me and hates me, and that probably comes across in how I act toward others. Panndademic

Oh the Silence. 

If you don't want/like the response you were given just be completely quiet leaving a long pause. This usually makes the other person uncomfortable and they will start changing their answer (often in a favorable direction). Works over phone and in face to face conversations. Bubblymeow

Specific Questions.


Don't give people the option to say no if you're hoping to extract information. Start your questions with When/Why/What/Who/How and you'll get longer answers. somethingwithatwo2

Oh Little Jim.... 

If you tell someone you need their help, they are more likely to do what it is you want or need, rather than you telling them to just do it.

"Hey Little Jim, when you get done dinner, I need your help in the kitchen."

Little Jim: "Okay dad"

Shows up, tell him you're loading the dishwasher, put a couple of plates in and he'll help and then thank him after.


"Little Jim, after dinner you need to do the dishes."

Little Jim: "F off you"

Big difference. billbapapa

Just Smile. 

Kill them with kindness.

Works way more than I would have thought. Been using this is at various jobs since I was 16. Nothing makes a crappy boss more frustrated that they can't do anything more then when an employee is nothing but kind to their negative attitudes. Tank-the-Dog-2714


In my experience with retail, a little kid who won't let go of a toy will happily just hand it over if you say "wowee, that's really cool. Can I see?"

The parents spend ages trying to tell the kid "no, hand it over" and suddenly this trustworthy person in uniform says my toy is neat? Sure! Take it dude! MiggidyMacDewi

Rando Thoughts! 

I don't remember the official name, but I call it the "what color is your shoe?" trick. The idea is that if a child is having a meltdown, you catch them off guard by throwing in a random question. Their brain has to shift gears, away from the irrational melting down side and back to the rational, "huh, what color are my shoes?" I've used it, it works great. ferenkoi

Use the Hips....


If you're at a house party holding a bottle of beer, don't hold it up high close to your chest instead hold it lower down below your hip. Body language experts suggest this projects an image of confidence and openness making partygoers feel more willing to socialize with you. QuestioningAccount1



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