People Share The Most Successful Prank They've Ever Pulled Off



Everybody thinks they're a comedian. Pulling pranks can often be seen as a deft art form. You have to quick, creative and able to get away without while leaving an impression. The most epic of pranks takes patience and planning, well if they're truly epic. You just want to make sure nobody, yourself included loses an eye. Safety first!

Redditor u/Dunham1409 wanted to hear about the times some have been successful in an epically HA-HA moment by asking.... What was the most successful prank you've ever pulled?

And the Thunder Rolls....


My late husband was a weather nerd and loved inclement weather. One time I was home alone and a huge storm was imminent. I taped the weather warnings. A few days later it was a beautiful sunny day - not a cloud in the sky. We were watching TV and as soon as he walked into the kitchen to fetch a beer, I started playing the warnings. It was so funny! He kept running outside to check the sky. I laughed so hard (and so did he when I 'fessed up). PieSavant

"it's happening."

One summer when my cousin was staying with us, he and I had a small "prank war" going on against one another. We decided to put our talents together and try to prank everyone else. We put small piles of flour on each blade of the ceiling fan in the living room. Just enough to not be seen from the ground. A few weeks went by and nothing happened and we had forgotten about it.

And then, the day finally came. My mom had company over. I was in the kitchen and I heard all kinds of shouting/screaming coming from the living room. My cousin ran up to me grinning and said "it's happening."

The living room looked like it had just snowed inside. Everything was coated in a dusting of flour. My mother was screaming, her guests were staring in confusion and the dogs were running around in circles. It was so amazing - until we had to clean it all up. sats1995

All the Keys. 

A long long time ago before the age of Windows I wrote a TSR app that captured the keyboard input before making it to the system. You see, my coworkers and I played jokes on one another; so this was my trump card.

Basically it kept track of all letters (upper and lower were separated) numbers and symbols. Then it would pick a random time somewhere from 1 day to 1 week. When that time expired it would randomly pick a key from the list and capture its input and not let it through. The effect is that key, although typed would not show up in the system. It would then start again, removing a different key. Over time, less and less keys became available.

I installed it on my coworkers machine and let it run. First thing to disappear was something like #. He noticed but ignored it. Then a character like Q (used but not too often). Third character was one in his name. So he typed his name with that character as uppercase.

By now, weeks later, I was really enjoying it. Then something like e disappeared and he lost it. He was ready to nuke his whole system so I stopped him letting him know what it was. I had installed a back door so all I had to do was pass it a parameter and it would restore the keyboard and remove itself.

He took it well; and then wanted to install it on our bosses computer (they were good friends). BatteryPoweredBrain

Make it Pretty....

For our high school senior prank at my boarding school, we snuck out in the middle of the night and stole the athletic director's prized golf cart. We pushed it up a hill to the school. One of our friends was able to get keys from a custodian and let us in a back door. We got the golf cart into the building and then into a science classroom and lifted it up onto the big lab tables. We decorated it with nonsense and left it there and locked everything up.

In the morning, everyone not in on it was completely confused about how the hell we had pulled it off. We didn't even damage anything, even the chain we had to cut to get the golf cart free was replaced, with a note, on our athletic director's doorstep. The custodial staff wasn't even mad at having to take the cart out because it was so ridiculous.

I can only imagine the double take that the teacher did when he entered his class that day. Southrncomfortjm



When I was 13 I told my mom my alarm stopped working and asked her to wake me up in the morning. So I stayed up until she went to bed and snuck downstairs. I took a jar of vaseline and put the vaseline on my doorknob and went to sleep. The next morning my mom woke me up, by screaming "WHAT THE HECK, WHO DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" JIR-Are-loved

In '98!

1998 I was in fourth grade and got my hands on a universal remote watch. At the time it was super high tech and nobody had heard of such a thing. I would sneakily turn the classroom tv on every 5 minutes. The teacher (who I despised) was convinced that ghosts were in the room. She unplugged it after the 3rd or 4th time. improved_living

They are Coming! 

After seeing the movie Poltergiest, I thought it would be funny to put all the chairs up on the table stacked all weird and then open all the cabinets in the middle of the night. I thought it would be harmless and my parents would get a laugh out of it.

Nope. They believed, one thousand percent, that it was a ghost we had in the house and it didn't even matter that I told them the truth, they choose to believe it was the ghost. I'm not sure why, but I think they really wanted to be haunted or something. thelamestmom

The Tap. 

I saw a friend walking ahead of me, so did the old tap-on-the-shoulder-but-run-past-on-the-other-side maneuver. However, while concentrating on him I didn't see the park bench, ran into it at full speed, and collapsed behind it. Through the gaps in the seat I could see my friend looking left and right, almost freaking out, wondering who had tapped him in the shoulder. The tears from the pain in my leg kept me from laughing and giving myself away for a about 20 seconds. thetomahawk42

nor made a peep....

This is more serious now than it was a prank before. When me and my 3 other brothers were young, we hid from our dad when he came home from work. We never responded to him calling our names, nor made a peep. We thought we were the perfect little ninjas. Well he decided to go to the neighbors house to see if we were over there, but when he finds out we weren't he calls my mother in distress saying we were all gone and nowhere to be found. My mom comes home crying and they're getting ready to call the police when we pop out from our hiding spots. They were not happy lol



Cooking at school; different parts of the menu were prepared by different people. The girl tasked with the fruit salad was halving grapes when I passed her, so I commented that she wasn't peeling them. "Were we supposed to do that?" - "Of course, didn't you listen? Ask the teacher!"

A looong time later, I had already forgotten the matter, not expecting to be taken seriously, I heard our teacher yell "Anita, what are you doing?!?" Poor girl was almost done peeling a pound of grapes. Akareyon


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