People Share The Best 'Bruh' Moments In History



Bruuuuh.... what just happened? That is how every best "dude" movie begins. Little did we know, "bruh" moments are a daily part of life and history. Shock, awe and epiphany comes in many forms.... especially bruh forms. There are turing points we've never discussed with the frat boy simplicity.. So let's....

Redditor u/xii_G0BeASt_-M0dEx wanted to hear from all the broes out there by asking.... What historical event could be described as a "bruh" moment?

Bored Now.


When Costa Rica attempted to declare war on Germany during WW2 but Germany couldn't even find Costa Rica on the map and nothing happened. CreatedByGabe


When the CIA seriously considered assassinating Castro via a mollusk filled with explosives. Chromosomos

My favorite was when they tried to give him special cigars laced with chemicals that would make his beard fall, and the Cubans would lose respect for the now beardless Fidel Castro and rise up and overthrow him. ThePeasantKing

The Mongooses.

Sugar plantation owners in Hawaii bringing mongooses to the Hawaiian islands to deal with rat infestations, only to realize the mongoose hunts during the day and sleeps at night, while rats are the complete opposite. It was an epic fail. TacticalMacaroon

Et tu, Bruh-te?

The Ides of March, AKA: Caesar gets vibe checked by the Roman Senate. LittleRedLamps

Et tu, Bruh-te? Iximaz

The biggest bruh moment involved there was after the assassination, with the entire Roman Senate sitting in shock, when Brutus came up to Cicero and said something along the lines of "you have your freedom now, Cicero", despite Cicero having literally no involvement in the plot, which basically made everyone believe he did and eventually led to his assassination. Tertel_Soop



When Alexander Hamilton shot his shot into the air against Aaron burr. Then Aaron burr killed Hamilton. Garroshdidnothinwrng

"Not our beloved Emperor"

When Caligula was thought to be on his deathbed a few Senators that basically said "take me God! Not our beloved Emperor" to be all dramatic were met by a recovered Caligula so they could explain why the haven't killed themselves yet to 'finalize the payment.' Sabu-mafu

Hey Poe!

Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket in which four survivors of a ship sinking draw straws and decide to eat a guy named Richard Parker in order to survive.

Years later, a ship sank and four survivors decided they would have to eat one of their number in order to survive. This turned out to be, surprise surprise, a cabin boy named Richard Parker. Poe just happened to write a story that seemed to predict real life events.

That, or a novel called The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility which was about an ocean liner called Titan hitting an iceberg and sinking. The events of the novel were noted as eerily describing events very close to the real life sinking of the Titanic. The novel came out over a decade before the real Titanic sunk, and described events such as sinking in April and there not being enough lifeboats. onlywater

Full Swede. 

Jean Bernadotte (in Napoleon's army) being invited to become king of Sweden, Napoleon asking him to never attack France when he's king, Jean being like nah bro imma go full swede from now on. HeckingPanda

I think one of my favorites bruh moment involving napoleon is when his sister was having an affair with this guy and it was lasting too long. So napoleon sent him off to fight a war. Dude then literally made his way through enemy territory on his own back to France just so he can talk to napoleon's sister. Hexzilian

The Duke of Wellington....

"So, uh, on our way back we stopped by Elba, and, uh, we picked Napoleon up and brought him back to France..." the sailor wheedled, wringing his damp hat in anxious hands.

The Duke of Wellington raised his hands to the bridge of his hawkish nose, closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

"Bruh" he breathed at last... CaptValentine

Hey Will....


William Henry Harrison having the longest inauguration speech out of any president and then dying a month into his administration. Kyle_2002

And it was because he gave the speech in the rain and caught his death of cold. People were so nuts back then. spartanburt


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