People Share How They Spent Their Best Birthday


Happy Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Birthdays are the best! Well, most of them are. Great memories, great fun (maybe a little too much fun sometimes) fantastic debauchery can be had by all. I wish I could remember most of the best ME celebrations. Oof!

Redditor u/Freezedino wanted to know about how everyone likes to get down and celebrate themselves by asking.... What was your best birthday experience?



My 18th birthday....

I thought everyone had forgotten, so i was trying to make plans with any of my friends, they all said "sorry, busy, maybe tomorrow?," I was really frustrated.

So i went to a friend's house (the only one available), and then my mom called me saying she was feeling sick and all. I was like "ok, that's it, this is the worst day of my life." My friend's mom drove me home to see what was happening to my mom.

I got there, and there were all of my friends, my parents, my family..... and a real-size eletric guitar cake. aboutslou


When I was a kid I had a tiny nine inch television in my room that I had my Super Nintendo hooked up to. On my 12th birthday I was having a sleepover with a bunch of friends so my dad let me hook up the SNES to our 32" tv downstairs. I walked in from school to find my dad playing Super Mario World on the tv and it was fucking glorious.

Mario looked life sized compared to before and the colors were amazing. I was blown away. I still very vividly remember watching him play in the forest level with the angry caterpillars.

Then later that night my friends and I stayed up all night eating pizza and having Street Fighter II tournaments. I can't imagine any birthday being able to match that now. IndyDude11

Love Dad....

My father was dying of a brain tumor. He was ambulatory, but just barely. He asked me if I'd like to have a birthday lunch with him.

We drove to a really lovely restaurant he had chosen and sat fairly close to the door because it was such a struggle for him. After we ordered, he began to cry, saying he wanted to do so much more for me.

I told him I loved the place - it was next to a lake, great menu, but that was secondary. I told him that being with him was the best birthday gift I could ever hope for - and the best I ever had. We talked about all the wonderful things in life and I got him laughing about some of the crazy things he had done as a young boy.

It was the best birthday ever. Nothing will ever compare. It was so good to see him happy. Terpsichorus

Thanks Mom....

My Mom and Dad divorced very early in my life, well before I was two years old. After their divorce, my Mom did the typical single mother thing and worked crazy long hours to make ends meet (zero financial support from her ex-husband, my Dad). As a kid, while I was content, I was pretty lonely growing up.

After several years of living like this, my Mom met this single guy with two kids my age (literally we were all born the same year), fell in love and got married.

They didn't do a fancy church wedding, they went down to the courthouse and got a marriage license, and then came straight home. We packed up the truck that afternoon and headed to the beach for a three day camping trip.

The day they got married was my sixth birthday. I was just thrilled to have a "Dad" and a brother and a sister. What blew me away that evening was a surprise birthday cake, party, and presents at the beach next to a campfire on the shores of Lake Superior. That birthday, those feelings, those smells, and images will probably be with me the rest of my life.

That guy my Mom married would later go on and adopt me. BEST. DAY. EVER. GreenSalsa96



I was participating in a study abroad program in Japan for my 22nd birthday, and all of the friends I had made that year got together and came out for a special surprise dinner, rented out the room of a restaurant, and we all got to hang out, drink, and dance together. Then the hoard of us biked across town to go to a Karaoke Bar, and it was the best birthday ever. Dayoldpancakes

Foam Party...

18th Birthday. Had a home basketball game and every time I went to get out of the shower like 3 people would throw soap at me. It was funny at first but after like the fifth time it was kind of annoying. Finally me and my friend were the last to leave the locker room.

He offered me a ride home and when we walked in to my house it was just my parents in the kitchen. Then like 35 people jumped out and surprised me. It was amazing and I was actually very surprised. Afterwards, they told me they kept throwing soap at me so my girlfriend could finish getting everything ready. It was a blast. gylabrand

VIP's Only! 

This year was my 21st and it didn't show up on Facebook for some reason, so pretty much everyone forgot. Only the real ones remembered who wished me happy birthday in person and gave me a present, so it was actually kind of nice to only have my real close friends and family celebrate my birthday with me. klopnyyt

I wanna hold you! 

Probably when one of my best friends surprised me with another one of my best friends coming in from out of state. I saw them coming, scream swore at the top of my lungs, ran outside, and tackled him in a hug. tropigirl88


This past March I turned 60. This has been the best birthday so far because I was so grateful to actually have a birthday to celebrate. I had been battling stage 3 cancer for 1-1/2 years prior. My husband and I went to the Miraval wellness resort in Tucson and it was a fabulously healing experience. RaspyToZen

Well Hey There B!


Barney the dinosaur came to my school and gave me a hug. Tears of joy man. Mother Goose was there too but I didn't give a sh!t about her.

Happy cake day! FultonHomes


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