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Looking back on the year, 2021 was not that much of a departure from the mess that was 2020.

Just when we thought we had a grasp on dealing with the global health crisis, this winter proved to be a repeat of public gathering cancellations, reinforced mask mandates due to the constantly evolving viral pathogen.
And just like in 2020, continual division prevents us from working together towards a common goal and finding solutions to a plethora of issues both domestic and abroad.

Did we think we would still be here at this time last year? Maybe, maybe not.

But as the new year looms, Redditor ibm322 challenged our predictions and asked:

"What is something you are pretty sure is going to happen in 2022?"

Personal goals are explored.

Where There's A Will...

"I'm losing 75 lbs. Its gonna happen, I'm taking my life back."

"EDIT: As a guy who has struggled with weight all their life. Struggled and battled an eating disorder for 11 years. Thank you all for the support and messages. Much love."

– Kaiguy123

Better Health

"I will beat stage IV cancer -.* knocks on wood *"

– lookingforinfo897

Role Reversal

"I won't have to listen to whatever the f'k my upstairs neighbor is doing 24/7 because I'm moving and then I'LL be the upstairs neighbor doing weird sh*t 24/7."

– space_moron

Fighting For Mom

"My mom being cancer free."

"Been on Chemo for 7-8 weeks. Has another 8 weeks, then surgery, then radiation."

"Tumor had already shrunk by 50% or so. Outlook is very good."

"F'k Cancer."


Predictions or déjà vu? You decide.

A Familiar Pattern

"Disney will announce another remake of a classic movie which will ultimately be far worse then the original."

– bradbrazer

Heated Momentum

"Politics in the US will start ramping up in the summer since it is an election year."

– rich4pres

Movie Plot

"Kim jong un is gonna die and come back to life AGAIN."

– jumpedoffaplane

Streaming Is Not Forever

"Netflix will cancel a series too soon."

– PinkSweetGhost

"Still pissed about the cancellation of 'I'm not okay with this.'"

– Zombie-Redshirt

"Still get a bit of heartbreak when I see an actor from GLOW show up in something else."

"'Promising Young Woman' was especially rough in this respect,"

– sniper91

Clues from the past can dictate the future.

Still Awake

"Someone will post a Why Are You Still Up question here."

– Polite_Scoundrel

Numerology Game

"22/2/22 22:22:22 will occur."

– chef_jeff_likes_yeet

"Ah yes, Twosday."

– SuddenVelocity

What's The Name Of The Game?

"we’re learning the rest of the greek alphabet."

– xpgx

"If you lived in Florida in the past during hurricane season you already got a beginners course in the Greek alphabet."

– BlueJeanMistress

"They’ll start naming COVID-19 variants with people’s names."

“Annie is hospitalizing thousands and killing 2,000 a day in the south.”

– SnarkLobster

Incomplete Saga

"After a grueling twelve months of hard work, George R. R. Martin will type up another three pages of Winds of Winter."

– NowAcceptingBitcoin

Place your bets, everyone. 2022 is already looking to be a bumpy ride.

While patterns and trends are bound to repeat themselves, I'm optimistic that positive changes are brewing on the horizon.

Because if we don't have hope for brighter futures, what's the point of all of this, amirite?

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