People Share Their Best 'I Can't Believe That Worked' Stories


Holy Crap! That just happened!!

Life is full of surprises and crazy, unexpected twists and turns. Just when you think you know which way a situation is going, the universe will bamboozle you. When those moments happen (sometimes bad, most times surprisingly good) most of us are left gobsmacked!

Redditor u/FerrumFists wanted to hear what shocking results have been yielded by asking.... People of Reddit what is the best "So Dumb it Actually Worked" situation you've ever witnessed?

So Spicy.


I had a friend use the "you're spicier than a jalapeno" to a woman at a bar. Never thought I'd hear a dumber pickup line that actually worked. Abzapp

The Opposition. 

Some classmates played in a basketball team in high school. They had a trick during games when they would suddenly pretend the teams had changed sides, faking an attack against their own basket. The opposing team would often by instinct start defending the wrong basket. Then my classmates' team could easily score on the undefended basket. So dumb it actually worked! Only works once though! Harvey_Macallan

You're In. 

One time I was going to a NFL game with my friend. We both got wasted in the lot and were separated during the walk to the stadium. Unfortunately he had the tickets, but I just keep walking through security saying "the guy up there has my tickets." Was able to get into the stadium without a ticket and sat club level. Batchagaloop

Love & Hate. 

Couple buddies and i hit up steak n shake about 3 in the morning after a long night out. Waitress comes over to take our orders and my friend asks "can i have anything on the menu?" "Of course," he throws the menu on the ground and says "stand on that please."

They dated 6 years and had a daughter together. Hate each other now but holy crap i couldn't believe it worked that night. Avalios



Some of the early generation iPods had issues with the screen going black from time to time. The advice from apple was to slam them down on a table/hard surface. Worked every time, but I was still surprised apple actually posted that as the fix. Mechanical_dog


We were trying to catch a bunch of kittens to be able to get them good homes. We managed to catch all but one and someone suggested we use the box and stick set up, just like in the cartoons, with a string tied to the stick.

We had run out of other ideas by then and it was getting late, so we got one of my Mom's Avon boxes (that her orders would come in) and set it up with the stick and string.

We used some baloney as bait. The kitten finally went over to inspect it and when it started chowing down, we pulled the string, the box fell down and we caught the kitten.

It was so comical because we didn't think it would actually work, and we felt dumb all hiding around the corner waiting for the kitten to smell the baloney and fall for the trap. LOL ranmanekineko

Send in the Clowns... 

Getting Tank bred Clown fish to house a Anemone.

Tried every single method, until some sage on the internet said, print out photos of clown fish in anemones and stick them to the side of your tank.

Sounded so bloody stupid but I figured, it couldn't hurt. No less than 10 mins later and the clowns are hosting the Anemone and are now aggressively defending it. Lycianthrope

Fly Away....

Long story short: A boorish guy was bullying my grandfather at a movie theater. My grandpa turned around to face him and literally blew air on his face. The man was so weirded out that he left the theater. symbiosa

Thatta way....

When I was a teenager, my friends were a bunch of pranksters trying to get back at some noisy neighbors. They decided to throw firecrackers into the neighbor's yard one day from the back alley and then ran for it. I was slow and lagged behind because I was wearing heeled shoes and they disappeared around a corner.

Two huge, angry men showed up in the alley and started questioning me and I gave them the ole "They went that way," and pointed them in the wrong direction. They ran off towards the opposite side of the alley while I casually walked back and regrouped with my friends. Remynesc



I was having jaw pain, a clicking sound and couldn't open my mouth fully. Was like that for years. Thought maybe I had TMJ. One day while I was driving but stopped at a red light I dropped the cap to my water bottle on the floorboards and went to retrieve it. When I did my foot let up on the brake a little so I panicked and slammed the brake.

My face jolts forward on the steering wheel and hits the non-hurt side of my jaw. POP! My jaw suddenly felt amazing. The click was gone and I could fully open my mouth. I noticed my teeth were also more aligned looking. So I guess my jaw was partly dislocated all that time and I had no idea. Still fine to this day. 1000Mousefarts


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