People Share The Qualities They Find Attractive But Would Never Admit It


There are just a few things that I can't discuss in public....

We are weak to temptation. It's a human flaw or... slight imperfection. Sometimes we just can't explain small or big things or people who give us pull. Our hearts and loins will do as they wish. And often, our brains our held hostage by our emotional butterflies. It's all part of what makes each of us unique. Too bad we're all a bit too shy to admit to most of it. But that can be part of the fun.

Redditor u/_-nut-_ wanted to know the secrets we've all kept about things we like but maybe a little awkward by asking.... What is one thing you find attractive, but deny that it is?

Looking Through....


Glasses and I don't know why.


The Character. 

When someone breaks character with me. For example: Making a serious/prestigious person laugh in a professional sitting or where it would be inappropriate.


I'm a pretty chill, low-ish energy guy and pretty much every girl I've been with has said they really like it when I let dumb crap like games and playground level insults turn me off because its really out of character.



Guys who look dark/scary, but are actually really sweet. Like getting to know them as a friend and finding out their really sweet or a goofball, but everyone thinks they're scary. I think it's the feeling of knowing a secret.

Alternatively for girls. Girls who are really shy and quiet, but finding out what interests they have that makes them loud and excited. It's so cute seeing someone come alive for their interests.



I haven't seen this one yet but there was once a girl I thought was cute for her kinda screwed up teeth. A couple crooked or sideways teeth really just looked cute for some reason. I'm not talking about missing teeth or yellowed or nasty ones, I mean just really not straight and imperfect chompers.


A Little Muscle....


Girls with a bit of muscle (not steroid level), I'll deny it to avoid the gay jokes but I work out and like a girl who looks like she could help me move the pool table.


Don't Touch me There....

When they're ticklish and let you tickle them. Of course often times that ends with me being the one tickled because BF is stronger and bigger than me, but in the end we're both laughing and having fun.


hat's a dangerous turn-on.

The other day my wife tickled me and as a result I (accidentally reflexively, I cannot stress that enough) open-palm smacked her right in the face. NotMrMike


Childishness. To a fault that is.

But darnit if I don't love my boyfriend's childish curiosity and humor and enthusiasm for things he loves. It's just so wholesome and endearing to see a grown adult be SO excited!

[edit] apparently I used the wrong word and need to emphasize that I meant childlike, not childish, though I think they can be used interchangeably and still get the point across depending on context.


The Face. 

It's weird but some people really do just absolutely pull off acne/acne scarring and I can't imagine them looking cute without it.


Some acne turns me on too. but it depends. not like, spot acne, but acne... think it makes me feel like i'm seeing a real face and not a made up one, with loads of makeup.


Perfectly Imperfect. 

Women that are just... a lil ugly? there's something strange about a "perfect" looking woman.


I get it. I often find myself mesmerized by men that are just a little ugly. I can look at "perfect" men and see why they're objectively attractive to others, but they're kind of boring to me.


Six Feet.


Tall women. Like... tall-as-I-am or more, at six feet. Rare, but damn if that one trait doesn't overcome almost all others.

Edit: I tend to deny it because people always make it a psychological sub/dom thing, myself. I don't know why others do. Putting this here because a few people have asked and it feels weird answering the same thing repeatedly.




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