People Break Down The Stupidest Thing They Believed As Child


What was I thinking?

We are so gullible in youth. But what a wonderful thing gullibility is, though we never appreciate it until it's too late. What we believe as children is mind boggling. The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, most American history. So much information is a deluge of nonsense, but we suck it up faster than candy. And once we're adults and somewhat life educated we shutter at the thought of our naivete.

Redditor u/Lili-ka wanted to hear what everyone has come around about in adult life that when we were kids we thought was fact by asking.... What was the stupidest thing you believed as a kid?

No Oysters.


I had friend tell me that I had to chew oysters, otherwise they would stay alive and stuck to your esophagus.

Another friend told me to never chew oysters, otherwise their gastric fluid would erupt and burn my tongue off.

I decided to not eat oysters.


spawn of satan....

There used to be this song we sung in school that if you were good and prayed you'd grow and if you were bad you'd shrink. So child me took this to mean that short adults were evil and little people were the spawn of satan.


eat the fortune....

My brother convinced me that you have to eat the fortune in a fortune cookie for it to come true.

I did it a lot...

I'm still trying to convince people of the same 15 years later.


Lights Out. 

I used to believe that a band of skeletons would come out, play music and party whenever you turned off the lights and left a room. Then they would immediately go back into hiding whenever someone came into the room. No one ever told me this, I just made it up in my mind for some reason.


Bad Tubes....


Whenever I would choke on a liquid or food my mom would say "Looks like it went down the wrong tube!"

My dumb mind thought food and liquids would accumulate in my lungs and that I would have to get surgery.


For 3 days....

I got soap in my eye and I thought I was going to die. I gave myself 3 days. I decided not to tell anyone because I didn't want to make anybody worry. For 3 days I was the greatest child, friend, brother that someone could ask for. I went to sleep that night fully expecting death. Then i was fine and I was like well I'm dumb.


For my B-DAy. 

My parents told me that industrial smoke stacks were "cloud factories". I would write letters to the local Purina dog food factory, asking them not to make it rain on my birthday.


The Monster. 

My brother convinced me that when I flush the toilet that the noise coming from it was the "monster" attempting to crawl up but inevitably was pushed back down from the water.

Subsequently up until I was a teenager I had to irrationally flush the toilets prior to use and after. Out of fear I'm guessing.

100% believed there was a monster... until reason and maturity kicked in. blackpapabear

The Other. 

We as a family used to tell my younger sisters if they didn't behave we would untie their belly buttons and they would fly away and that's what had happened to our "other" sibling that didn't exist.


Moon Stalk.


I truly believed the moon was stalking me.

I noticed it following me when I was walking or in the car with family at night. I was damn scared. I couldn't get away. I was even afraid it was looking at me through my ceiling. Waiting that I would go outside.

One day, when I saw it in the daytime, my little mind couldn't process it. How is the sun and moon out at the same time? Is this it? Is it finally going to take me away?

Cue me crying and my mom having to explain how the moon works.



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