People Reveal The Worst Lessons You Can Learn From Disney Films


Disney Life Lessons 101...

Disney is responsible for some of the most romantic, beautiful, whimsical stories. They have showed us that love and dreams are possible if you fight hard enough for them and just believe. And once you get to a certain point in life you see... Life is difficult and whimsy can get your heart shredded. How about a few reality checks? That's not to say that life isn't beautiful but it certainly is tarnished....

Redditor u/adamtwosleeves wanted us to all admit how Disney has messed with us in many ways by asking.... What's the worst lesson someone could learn from a Disney movie?

Death is a Catalyst....

That great things happen to kids when their parents die. wlane13

One thing I don't like about Disney criticism is when plot devices are taken for "lessons." Parent's death is a plot device - who would give a damn about Nemo if he was the one of the hundreds of children? You think Elsa would have to carry so much burden if she was guided by parents? What else could make Simba go to exile on his own will? So, the dying parents are not the "lesson," but rather the effective mean for filmmakers to say "May I have your attention please, this is screwed up thing that happens to the protagonist, so you can begin to care for him." nindza79

Just Keep Dreaming...

Just keep dreaming and wishing, it will come true. I like that Princess and the Frog took that idea and added the concept of working toward your wishes/dreams too. MindMausoleum

I love this movie, severely underrated. It shows how hard work is necessary in life to prosper, even when your circumstances are not the best. And that sometimes, you don't have to do it all alone, good friends and hard work make things so muchos better.

I find that the more modern movies don't rely on this wishful thinking as much as the older one. Ellausy

Hey there Gaston! 

Eat 5 dozen raw eggs if you want to be big and strong like Gaston. MegosAlpha

You will never be as strong as Gaston, no one is. iambinkbonk

If it fits....

Everyone in a castle has a different shoe size. majestic_coconut

If you read previous editions of Cinderella there is a reason for this. She was locked away in a dungeon by her step mom with a bunch of rats who ate her toes off, so her shoe size was waaay smaller than everyone else in the realm. Silver_Yuki

Well Groomed Evil....

You can tell someone is a villain by their facial hair. jadare

I mean. Can you actually trust someone with a goatee? I think not. spyfox321

A Mother's Love?

Stepmoms are evil. Marriage is hard, especially when one party already has a child with someone else, cut some slack! InRustWeTrust

I actually read something very interesting on that once. When you're a kid, traditionally you spend more time with Mom, so she's the more important figure. But there's a duality: there's the mother that will always love you no matter what but there's also the mother that will punish you for doing even small things wrong (as an adult, usually after the 4th time warning them, but from the kid's point of view).

So in stories these two people become separate. The perfect loving mother is usually dead as to avoid the consequences of having to actually do things like discipline the child or make them do chores, whereas the step-mother embodies all the negative aspects of motherhood ('unjust' punishments and making the kids do housework). Arti241

Hit Harder! 

Just repeatedly bludgeon someone with a cast-iron skillet, so hard that they black out. They'll be fine, don't worry. And it's funny!

Also, foxes and rabbits make the best of buddies! ConfirmOriginOfFire

Hereditary Lineage....

Hereditary monarchies are the only morally justifiable system of government. cbusalex

Listen, supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony! 1workthrowaway

Try NOT to be a Stalker! 

You could shower your crush with affection and they still won't see you the way you see them. The key is to deal with it and move on. treemu

And that's what a lot of people miss and Hunchback of Notre Dame. Esmeralda is used to compare Quasimodo's character, and Frollo's character. Frollo wants to possess her, and can't fathom the idea of her choosing differently, where is Quasimodo is like if she just wants to be my friend, then I'm okay with that. BlushBrat

Don't get Needled! 

If you are pure of heart you can approach wild animals. Unless you want 20 needles in the stomach don't do this. Scoob1978

Technically these days they do rabies shots in the arm muscles, so not as terrible, but still, pass. SarahTheJuneBug


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