People Reveal Why They Lost Their Temper With A Teacher


Teachers are not infallible!

Nobody is perfect, not any of us ordinary folk or people in positions of power, like teachers. Yes, teachers are heroes. Most go far and beyond for students and their educations and they most certainly are underpaid, criminally so. But teachers are not perfect. They are human and make errors. Sometimes as a student you need to speak up, especially if you're being disrespected and not heard. Don't be afraid to be seen and heard no matter who the person with power is.

Redditor u/Vlelo wanted students to share a few tales about the classroom by asking.... Students of Reddit, have you ever lost your temper with a teacher? What's your story?

How's this Sister?


My 2nd grade teacher was Sister Brigid. She didn't like me at all. One day I was feeling ill, and I asked to use the restroom. She told me I was lying. As she tried to tell me why I was a liar, I vomited all over her shoes. pgrace100


In Heidelberg on my year abroad my friend and I took a class that we thought would be interesting. It wasn't.

The teacher was a complete cow who hated her non-german students and as we were the only two that semester.... Go figure. She was okish with me after learning I was part German, but awful to my friend.

We missed two classes over all (had to return to our own university's for a little. This was agreed before hand) so we missed two of her classes. Every other time we went to that class was together so... We missed the same amount.

However the woman told my friend she automatically failed her class as she missed THREE. But I was fine as I'd only missed two. We both decided to never go to her class again, or sit her exam. Oddly enough, that exam never showed up on our year abroad credits, and we both passed with high marks. _Potato_Cat_

Speak Up for Change! 

I hadn't been doing well in Calculus all year, but I was trying my best and just struggling. My teacher was one of the "cool" ones- the kind who act laid back and crack jokes and all that.

I think this guy just thought I wasn't trying, and he was as frustrated with me as I was with myself. One day in class he made a sort of passive aggressive joke at my expense- something about "if you would just try harder." He didn't even say it in front of other students, just to me, but I was so over him thinking I wasn't trying that I got up and walked straight out and to the school counsellor's office. I would have been sent there anyway for walking out in class, so I decided to expedite the process. She was really kind and talked me down from being so upset.

Anyway, that was on a Friday, so I didn't see my Calculus teacher again until Monday. I was hoping we could just pretend it didn't happen, but no such luck. He pulled me into the hallway to talk... and truly, genuinely apologized. He offered to adjust his office hours (which didn't work for me) to give me extra help. He ended up helping me pass the class- barely, but I still passed. I wouldn't have graduated without it. In retrospect just talking to him more openly from the get go probably would have been the more mature thing to do, but I was an awkward, self-doubting teenager who didn't know how to ask for help. In the end the experience helped me improve that skill and advocate for myself.

I still hate calculus though. TonyDanzer

Clean up in Seat 8! 

When I was 8 I had a sudden and intense urge to go pee minutes before the school bell was set to ring for home time. I asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom as I was desperate to pee and she said absolutely not and I wasn't about to trick her and sneak off home early. I started begging her frantically but she ignored me and started addressing the class about what to bring for tomorrow. I felt my body give in half way through her speech and just stood there behind my desk. As the bell rang all the other children ran out of the classroom instantly. The teacher approached me and sarcastically said 'I thought you were busting to go huh?'. I told her I already had and kept my head down. I think she was just as embarrassed explaining to my mum why she hasn't let me use the bathroom. thisladylove

1 for ME... 0 for "The Pickinator!" 


We got this admin in my school who we've nicknamed "The Pickinator." In my sophomore year she was patrolling the school, Dolores Umbridge style. She loves ruining kids days, and she busts kids for the most minor of things. This really annoying kid no one likes came up and snatched my backpack and ran. So I ran after him and ripped it out of his hands. Pickinator comes outside and immediately says "you two, stop wrestling around and come with me."

She escorted us to the office because apparently we were wrestling and fighting. Tried to tell her I was just getting my sh!t back and she wasn't having it. So I just said "well got my stuff back no reason to stick around now" and went to my next class which was starting shortly.

I got called down later anyway but my Admin pretty much told me she overreacted and to just forget it happened. Pickinator hates me now. Srgtgunnr

Maybe deep breaths nest time first... 

I once had some kind of stomach pain, the worst pain I've felt my whole life and was in science class. I started groaning in agony in first row and my bud next to me said I needed to leave and go to the hospital. I wanted to but my teacher the ignored me and the tears that had now started streaming down my face. A minute later I just stood up, walked to the door and as soon as she tried to talk poop, told her to pipe the hell down and walked out with a raised middle finger. Then I proceeded to throw up in the trash outside, good times. Griffin_van_Crow

And the "B" stands for?

8th grade science class. God I hated her. For the sake of this, let's say her name was Mrs. B.

Early on in the year, mrs. B had given us a science fair project due in January. We had several class periods over the course of those months as well to work on it. My project was creating an unbeatable tic-tac-toe program (did work properly but that's beside the point right now). Because it would take significantly longer to have 20 people (the amount of tests we had to do) each play 3 rounds with the thing so I asked her if I could do fewer and she agreed, allowing me to only do 7 people which I got done shortly before christmas break, only about 1 and a half school weeks until the project was due. I make sure to thank her for letting me do fewer as I would never have gotten it done in time otherwise. She turns to me with this confused look as says something to the effect of "I never said that, you have to do 20 trials like everyone else."

I was so insanely furious, I even got a witness who had overheard her give me a lower number come in as evidence. Both me and my witness ended up in detention. I did end up getting the project done but barely and it was rushed as hell. I still occasionally thing of it and want to punch a wall. Admiralthrawnbar

Tears always win! 

My I.T teacher wanted to inspect my work, spread sheets or a word document or something, anyway she accidentally deleted the file. I was upset and tried to point out she just deleted my work. She started to shout at me telling me I should have saved frequently, I shouted back telling her that wasn't the issue, she outright deleted the file. It got pretty heated. My parents were called. We were outright yelling at each other for a good couple of minutes to the point where we were both in tears. I was about 14 at the time. She should have known better.

A few years later My sister had her when she went to that school and that same teacher berated my sister calling her names etc. What a b**h! k_369

Carbs are the Devil! 

So, I had a bit of a long-running feud with my chemistry teacher for reasons unbeknownst to me looking back, probably a personality clash or something.

Anyway, I used to be a right fatty in my school days, because, you know, carbs. During one of our clashes one day he called me a fat bastard, so I promptly replied by calling him a c**t.

Back in the day, c**t was an insult reserved for the few and was more taboo so was greeted with a mixture of contempt and hilarity. He didn't report me to anyone and we never talked about it afterwards. whatsjamessaying

Not everyone is meant for the profession!


I had a bout of stomach flu which was so intense that it damaged my intestines and as a result my body couldn't process certain foods for a while. This caused me severe pain. I mainly had cramps that were so bad I couldn't do anything useful anymore except curl up and wait for them to be over. It took me more than a month to figure out a very limited amount of safe stuff to eat, which I ended up slowly expanding on over time. I did miss a few weeks of school when it first started though.

Directly after my math teacher's class she insisted I come to her and explain why I missed so many of her classes. I had a note from my GP ready, but she dismissed it. She told me she could tell that I wasn't sick, but that I was just lazy and lying to everyone and that she was severely disappointed in me. I literally just walked away, which is the closest I ever got to having a temper tantrum in class. In retrospect I wish I had told her what I was really thinking, being that I was very disappointed in her. Bunbury91


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