People Reveal Why They Left A Theatre Mid-Show


You assume that when you spend the money on a concert, or a play, or a movie, that you're gonna wanna stick around and see it through to the end to get your money's worth. Well, sometimes, your time becomes more valuable than your money and you simply have to get out of there. But what is the inciting incident that made you need to leave so intensely? Was it because of the event itself, or...something else?

u/gursmo7 asked:

Those who have left the theatre mid-show, what were you watching and what made you leave?

Here were some of the answers.

Baby Bye Bye Bye


A girl I was seeing INSISTED that if we brought her 2 year old with us to the movies he'd be quiet and probably fall asleep. I was so embarrassed about how poorly he was acting I took him out of the theater about 5 minutes in. It was some movie about bank robbers or something. She and her friend stayed for the rest of the movie. She wasn't a very good girlfriend.


Nolan Vs. The Children's Crusade

I saw Dunkirk the 3rd day it was in theaters. I knew not a lot of people were interested, but when me and my buddy got there it was totally empty. Movie is almost started and a FLOOD of middle schoolers come in, no parents or chaperones. I kid you not like 30-40 of them. We got 10 min in and demanded a refund because we couldn't watch the movie. These kids were ridiculous and they sent an usher in and some of them were asked to leave because they were throwing stuff. We got our money back and a pair of free tickets for a later showing.


Oh Gosh Don't Google It You'll Be So Sorry

Long long ago, far far away, a group of us in college went to an avant garde art film near campus. That art film turned out to be Salo (120 days of Sodom) by Pier Saulo Pasolini. This group of young, hip, experiencial college students didn't last very long in that flick before bailing. It's easy to google, I'd feel funny describing it.


I remember when this film was banned in Australia and a lot of free speech people worked very hard to lift its censorship.

And I read the synopsis of the plot I thought "why would anyone want to see this?"

It's on my list of "films I will not see". The list includes A Serbian Film, Irreversible, Antichrist, The Human Centipede, and also includes rewatching Grave of the Fireflies.


Mel Gibson, Take A Hike

I've never walked out of a movie, but I was close with The Passion of the Christ. It wasn't the movie itself, just the fact that a church group sitting behind me had brought their toddlers along. Some guy is getting tortured to death onscreen, and there are kids behind me talking about going to Chuck E. Cheese afterward. The cognitive dissonance was agonizing.


Ended With A Better Activity


Movie 43. I went with my cousin who really thought it would be great. I made it partway through the Hugh Jackman "skit" before I just had to leave. My cousin was laughing his head off so he stayed.

I went to the entrance to play on my phone, when I ran into a few of my students and their parents who invited me to go to the arcade with them. So like any good 4th grade teacher, I destroyed them in air hockey and basketball free-throw. Besides being a good way to kill some time, I got a lot of respect from the parents for not just ignoring their kids.


Before You Die, You See Carrie Bradshaw

I have left a movie theater during a movie for non-bathroom reasons twice:

Once, during the American version of The Ring, because I'm a huge wuss and I only went to see it because my friend begged me and I was FREAKED OUT and needed a minute to collect myself.

The second time, I walked out of the Sex and the City movie because it was a bad movie and the tickets were a gift from a person with very bad taste who was also not present.


Tap Tap Tappin On The Glass (Of My Watch)

Not quite like the other answers, but still fits

Was watching the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and at the intermission, I got up and left not knowing that it wasn't over yet. I felt really weird about it because it was sudden and there was no bowing or wrap up or anything, but I still walked out, got a cab back to my hotel, and only right as soon as I got out of the cab, I looked up the soundtrack to make sure I didn't miss half the show, realized I totally did, then spent a bunch of time trying to get another cab.


Under The Sea (Of My Bad Trip)

Poseidon. My friends and I took some acid and decided to see a movie.

If you haven't seen it, Poseidon is a remake of the Poseidon adventure, wherein a cruise ship gets flipped upside down by a rogue wave and a group of people have to try to escape the upside-down death ship before it sinks too far under water.

It was super traumatizing to our drug-addled selves and we had to nope out of there and go find a playground to chill out.


Too Bad You Can't Read Signs

Two times, one not me: Cube was just over the top gore/violence; thought I was having a heart attack.

South Park movie, there were at least three different signs saying, "NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY", parents had a toddler who they physically lifted out of there, one arm each, during the first musical number (with the opening line, "Shut your f****** face, Uncle F****")


This Is Why You Never Believe Subway Ads


It was a performance of "Shen Yun – Art That Connects Heaven and Earth". You've probably seen ads for it around town and on YouTube. My wife and I though it was going to be some cool Chinese acrobatics and traditional dance. We made a date night out of it and everything, dressed up real nice, shelled out for $80 tickets, drove downtown.

Not only was the actual performance of incredibly mediocre quality, it also turned out to be propaganda for some kooky Chinese cult called Falun Gong. We got through such memorable skits as: wise sensei cures gayness, dutiful husband and leader abandons everyone to paint Buddha statues after one hell of an acid trip, "totally not communists" kill everyone, then mushroom clouds, then everyone is alive again because Jesus faith or something, it was a f*cking train wreck. I kinda wanted to ride the rainbow to the crazy center, but my wife got super unconformable and we left.

We ended up eating tapas, doing shots and bashing the thing for the rest of the night. What a trip.


Yes; The Movie IS That Intense

I had my first ever case of vertigo while watching Mad Max: Fury Road

My friends and I had the unfortunate luck of walking into a full theater with the only seats available being in the VERY front row, right under the screen. The angle of looking up at the screen combined with the strobe light/sand storm scene (ya know, the one they warned EVERYONE about before the movie even hit theaters) made me so nauseous I left the theater, threw up my cherry icee, and went back in to tell my friends I had to split.

I still haven't finished that movie!


Trigger Warnings Nobody Expected

Brave. Took then 5 yr old daughter and when Merida's Mom gets transformed, my kid lost it and had to leave. She was tugging me from my seat insisting we go.

I've been a single mom since just before she turned 2. I understood afterwards that the portrayal on screen of losing mom or mom being taken was too much for her. She's 12 now and we've never finished watching the movie.


Too Much Heaven On Their Minds


Jesus Christ Superstar, with Ted Neeley, stage production around 2008. Ted Neeley's performance was so bad I made my husband leave before intermission. It was ruining my love for the rock opera.


Wonder if you were at the same one as this person.


Definitely A Mess

Avengers: Infinity war..opening night... about 14 seconds after the opening credits finished the concession staff burnt some popcorn and set off the fire alarm. We were told to stay put and they would restart everything. Ok cool.

Chat with friends a this is taking a while.. I guess I'll grab another soda... 45 minutes later they restart the movie 45 minutes in....entire theater starts screaming bloody fu*cking murder.

Projector tech tries restarting it again.. same deal more screaming. Then the dipsh*t rewound the movie... frame by frame for all to see . It immediately jumps back to the middle of the movie. So much more screaming. Get up and politely ask the usher if he thinks its gonna be fixable cause that this point we are now an hour and 15 minutes into what should have been our view time. Mother f*cker stares past me like I'm not even there.

Movie is paused; audience is TRYING to be chill about it while they try to do whatever it is they're doing. I repeat the question slightly louder assuming maybe he didn't hear me... nope.. He looked dead in my face and walked away.

Go back to my seat rather crankily. Tell friends what's up. Some are over it. Two of them had literally just had a baby 2 months before. This was their first date night since kiddo was born. Some of us had work in the morning and now its nearing 11pm on a movie that should have been over by 12:15 and we still haven't seen any continuous footage after the opening credits, though they have spoiled SEVERAL major scenes with all the rewinding and restarting.

Projector tech restarted the movie again! Sweet. Cool. Cheers ensue and swiftly turn back into angry mob screaming as the movie jumps forward to Starlord and Gamora on the Milano and continues to f*cking play. Unlike all previous attempts at fixing the movie this time there is no reaction to the crowd's screaming from the projector booth. None. Movie continues to play as the entire theater leaves their seats. Mr Usher is still ignoring most questions. Finally he deigns to answer one of my friends when she asks if they are going to do anything else about it. His answer? "No this is what you get."

She's naturally very upset by this and asks him, "Okay, then who do we talk to about refunds?"

Again his answer is infuriating and lacks all signs of any awareness of the giant mob of very angry nerds quickly forming. "No refunds once the movie has started."

We all stare at each other incredulously. What? We all exit the theater only to be greeted by the concession staff, who caused this debacle, laughing and pointing at the crowd pouring out of the sold out viewing. Same friend who had some luck with the usher (if you can call it luck) marches down to the ticket booth and asks to talk to the manager. The manager was also truly oblivious to the angry mob forming in her theater and insisting there would be NO refunds or raincheck tickets issued.

Somehow though some g*dd*mn miracle, 15 minutes later, my friend (probably with some help from the very large crowd now trying to swarm the ticket booth) manages to get this woman to understand how many very very upset people she is about to have to explain herself to, and the manager tells the ticket people to start refunding tickets and sends someone for a stack of raincheck tickets. Every member of our 12 person group left with their money and and least 2 raincheck tickets. All of us dejectedly head home or race off for other showings. Easily the worst movie going experience we've ever had in our lives. That theater is dead to me.


Tron Legacy.

I think it was at the part of the stadium stuff. My torso felt like it was going to explode and it kept getting more painful. We left, husband took me to the hospital and it was my gallbladder. A stone had caused a blockage in one of the tubes plus my gallbladder was really bad and full of stones and really big ones. It was a Friday and the first day the movie had been out. I tried to sit through it but I couldn't. I was really depressed cause I had waited so long for that movie to come out.

Ended up getting scoped to remove the blockage but they had to cut the tube out or something cause the stone wasn't budging or something. Then waited rest of the weekend until Monday/Tuesday on morphine every hour on the hour to keep the pain at bay. A lot of the time it had to be given to me before the hour mark. Wasn't allowed to drink or eat that whole time.

Finally surgery day came but pretty sure for whatever reason it happened Tuesday instead of Monday cause the operating rooms were took up that whole day over a bad car wreck I think. I don't know. It's hard to remember that time cause I was in a lot a lot a lot of pain and I thought I was dying.

Anyway it finally did get removed but I felt worse for a period of time than before it got removed!

Took me longer than what was expected to recover. I got released finally on the 23/24 of December.

When I was finally recovered enough, at the end of January my hubby took me back so I could finally finish the movie!


Endless Supplies Of Grease

Almost walked out of the Last Jedi. And not because of how bad it was. Well, that was a factor, I didn't really enjoy the movie, but the guy next to me had a sack of Big Macs that he was eating the whole time. I thought it was done until he pulled out a pizza from under his seat. And then the guy behind me was filming it on a camcorder. And the 2 girls about 2 rows down checked their phones every 5 minutes. Had I not been there with my girlfriend and the rest of her family who paid for the tickets, I would've walked out.

I'm not making any of this up. It was like every bad movie goer went to see a so-so movie all at the same time I did. I don't think I've been back to a theater since.


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