People Reveal Why 'That Kid' Was Never Invited Back To Their House

Childhood is hard. You're growing and learning, and you're bound to make mistakes. But every once in a while those mistakes are so egregious that they get you banned from a friends house.

Nearly everyone knows that one kid who wasn't allowed back after some horrible incident, so Reddit user CybReader asked:

"What's the story of the one kid never allowed back at your house?"

I Feel This On A Spiritual Level

We never actually banned anyone from the house while my daughter was growing up, but from grades 1-5 we did ask for prior notice before one particular friend came over. We needed time to child-proof the house. For a good four years, every time this girl came over she would manage to break something. Sometimes just one thing, sometimes multiple things. Sometimes just small items, sometimes it was actual structural damage. If we knew she was coming over, all flatware and glass drinking vessels were put away and paper or plastic was used. All solar yard lights were quickly removed from the walkway. Anything that could smash, squash, or feel physical pain was shepherded out of the vicinity. She wasn't maliciously destructive, she just had *no idea where her body was in space*. Happily, this turned around for her by middle school to the point where she actually became a pretty good athlete, and she was always a sweetheart, but man, for those few years she was a human wrecking ball!


Not-So-Vaguely Terrifying

His name was Jacob. This was my 10th birthday. He was messing around and found B.B. pistol my older brother had. He was pretending to be gangster with it, holding it sideways and talking tough. We kept telling him to put it down, and he keeps yelling about "Poppin a cap in our *ss" and he accidentally shoots my dad in the leg.

My parents call his parents, and tell them they need to come pick him up immediately. While they were upstairs on the phone, he "accidentally" took a bow and shot an arrow down the hall, into my bedroom door.


Jesus God this scenario scares me.

We live in Texas, where everyone has (real) guns so I'm always paranoid when I send my ten year old son to someone's house for a playdate.
"If you see a gun don't assume it's a toy and don't touch it!" is our playdate mantra.


Just Be Honest

Me and the kid were around 9 and were playing games on my DS. After she went home I noticed that one of my games was missing. Asked her later if she had it, she said no, but I wasn't really convinced. Few days after that I was on the phone with another friend and told her the story and how I still believed the kid stole the game. Turns out my friend had her phone on loudspeaker and the kid was over and could listen to everything I said. Next time I met her she threw the game at me and insulted me. Didn't want her back at my house afterwards.


How dare you correctly accuse her of stealing your game?!


Not The Doritos! 

This kid sh*t in a dorito bag then hid it underneath my bed and then tried to blame it on my sister.


As someone who didn't have to deal with that, that is f*cking hilarious!


Serial Toe Sucker

One of my friends got banned from a kids house when he was younger cause during a sleepover he reportedly sucked several people's toes


Damn a sneaky, serial toe sucker has to be the weirdest one here.


Not A Good Way To Start The Day

My older sibling had a slumber party when we were in elementary school. One of the friends, who I'll call C., woke early the next morning, marched over to the bottom of the staircase near my parents bedroom, and screamed, "Get down here and make my breakfast!" to my mother. She barreled down the steps with utter fury in her eyes. C. never stayed at our house again.


"Good Christian Girl"

Living a new house trying to make friends. My daughter was 6 and her new friend a little older and had been bragged on by the mom as "being raised right ... Attending the Christian School because of the bad influence in the public school ... " Etc.

Anyway my wife is on our back porch watching the girls play in the park about 75 yards away. Suddenly she hears the "good Christian girl" yell at our daughter "I said get off the F*CKING SWING!"
Our daughter had no clue what she meant, just knowing her new friend was flipping out, so ran crying back home.
The other mother was in completely denial saying there was NO WAY her sweet child could have said such a thing, so my wife was obviously mistaken.


WTG Dad! 

When my sister started to date casually at 16 she went out with a boy in her class. He was a nice looking kid, but from a family of weirdos. The boy became obsessed with my sister, waiting for her outside school, telephoning constantly, and following her home trying to get her to like him. One night my sister noticed him standing across the street from our house in the shadows of some trees. He was just staring into our house. My sister got scared. I noticed our dad slip quietly out the back door. Sneaking to a darkened window I watched as Dad went down the alley behind our house, crossed the street and strolled up the sidewalk to where the boy was hiding behind a tree. My dad, who was six feet three inches tall and weighed about 230 pounds came up behind the boy who was about five foot ten inches, and grasp him by the back of the neck. I saw Dad turn the boy to face him and get in his face, talking quietly. The boy shook his head "no" a few times, then nodded "yes" a few more times. Dad pointed down the street and released the boy who walked quickly away, never looking back. Dad casually crossed the street and came in. My Mom asked, "Where have you been?" "Oh, I just got some air" Dad answered. Nobody else had seen this. My sister said the boy never bothered her again.


RIP Pop Rocks

Remember Pop Rocks? The broken up rock candy that crackles in your mouth? They were all the rage when I was in third grade. I lamented my longing for Pop Rocks to my dad. Turns out he worked for the company that made Pop Rocks. He was thrilled to feel like a superhero to his little girl and that Christmas I got a manufacturer's box full of Pop Rocks. There were probably 100 packages of Pop Rocks, and I felt like the coolest kid ever makin it rain and giving them to my friends.

As spring broke, the neighbor kid Jon came over. He saw the box full of Pop Rocks. Before I could stop him, he grabbed the box and ran outside. I chased him down to the creek near our house and got there just as he flipped the box upside down and emptied the contents into the creek. My heart broke as the reason for my newfound popularity crackled, fizzled, and faded away in the sunlight.

I asked him why and he said he just wanted to see what would happen.

My dad asked what happened to all the pop rocks and I didn't have the heart to tell him. But I didn't let Jon into my house after that.


How Is That Not Age Appropriate? 

I think I was that kid. In middle school I thought that The Hills Have Eyes would be an appropriate movie for my Friday the 13th birthday. Fifteen prepubescent screaming girls later and I never hosted another birthday party.


Meow! :3

Pretended to be a cat the whole time.

I remember him crouched on the stairs on all fours, meowing plaintively and staring at me through the railing while I shook my head at him.
No mom, I don't want to go play with him. Yes mom, I will just stay in the kitchen.


Damn It, Kevin!

Kevin the underwear thief.
We were around 10 and playing with lego in my room. He left to go use the washroom. I vaguely remember thinking he was gone for awhile and was planning to joke around with him about having to drop a massive deuce. 10 minutes later I hear my mom exploding and yelling for my step dad. He had snuck into my sisters room and was shoving her underwear down his pants and she caught him when she was coming up to see if we wanted a snack.
Apparently this wasn't the first time either.

Never saw Kevin again and his family moved a couple months later.



Neighbor kid started just coming over to hang out with one of my kids. He was never respectful of my kids' stuff and would occasionally throw toys. The day I saw him throw a toy and a rock at our dog was the final straw. I told that little sh*t to get out of my house and I said he was never allowed to be near my house or my kids again. He lived across the street, and I don't think I saw him more than once after that (his family moved away about a year and a half later).


The Worst Betrayal

Years ago my friend's little brother erased all our unlocked characters on our Smash Bros 64.


What A Jerk

When I was 12 had a friend stay the night. Woke up in the middle of the night to find him smashing my little brothers sea shell collection. Never let him back over or spoke to him. He moved out of state a month later and never heard from him again. Actually no one I know heard from him after that.


He’s on a beach somewhere fulfilling his life long goal.


There Are Better Ways To Get New Clothes

I had a friend in third grade who would purposely wet her pants when she came to my house so that she could borrow my clothes and take them home. After an excessive amount of times that this happened, my mom caught on and she was no longer allowed to come over.

She was not poor by any means. We pretty much concluded that she just liked getting new clothes.



One of my little brother's friends. Mom told all the boys to not go in the garden because she was growing habañeros; this kid ignored her. Naturally, he went and messed with the hot peppers just because he could. Then proceeded to be an idiot and touch his eyes. Then went to the bathroom to pee, and touched his private parts. It was a whole scene.


Why Would She Think That Was A Good Idea?

FlopsywopsyShe stole my mother's mobile phone. This was around 2004-2005. While I was asleep she made tons of prank calls to local people (we lived in an incredibly isolated small town). One of the people she called was the elderly grandparents of a boy from our school who were raising him because his parents were dead. She called and called them over and over asking for the boy in creepy tones (they told me later).

My mum is a really chill person but when she woke up to tons of voice messages verbally assaulting her and threatening to go to the police she nearly aborted me.
The girl confessed to me, but that was the day after I had to call everyone she rang and apologise to them while they yelled at me (mostly) because my mum wouldn't believe I had no idea what what had happened.
Safe to say she wasn't allowed back.

Gotta Have That $10

My husband ordered pizza for my daughter and her friend. We'll call her T. He put the pizza $ on the table next to the front door. When the pizza arrived the $ was not there. After he paid for the pizza, he had the girls empty their pockets. Of course T had the exact amount he had left on the table, in her pocket. She insisted she has brought it from home. After a call to her dad, he insisted she return the money but never made her apologize, instead, made excuses for her. In retrospect, my daughter realized that there was a direct correlation before T's visits and $ missing from her bedroom. She was banned from our house.


He Just Needed To Play Smash Bros

He lived in my neighborhood for a few years. I hung out with him a bit and we played super smash brothers at my house a few time. We went on vacation. Came home and he was in my house playing when we got home. Apparently he broke in to hang out at my house. He tried again and was arrested. They moved out a few months later.


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