People Reveal Which Toxic Behaviors Have Been Normalized By Society


Who let out you amongst the public?

We MUST stop turning a blind eye to toxic people and the coarse behavior they spread about. People will act certain ways and do certain things that effect us all negatively only if we allow them to do it. After a long enough period of time this sort of conduct often becomes the norm because of the silence of others. Grant it, such shenanigans can make you a President but, that does make it right.

Redditor u/VirusMaster3073 wanted to see what glaring behaviors we seem to allow today by asking... What toxic behavior has been normalized by society?

Change the Channel...


People willingly sacrifice all aspects of their privacy, for irrelevant and anonymous attention. Human trash becoming the standard of famous youtube celebrities. HostileHero

The Social Un-Network... 

I think a lot of what we see on social media is pure narcissism. RodeoJapan

Social media has created its own reality with its own rules.

People online are now comparing photoshopped pictures of each other that are so far deviated from reality they have almost created their own avatars. There's a whole aesthetic that doesn't even exist in the real world that proclaiming itself as the real world standard. Not just appearance e, but lifestyle as well.

Social media has basically become another vehicle to sell you crap. Everything you post is just gonna get thrown back at you in the form of an add or clickbait. Youtube stars etc have their own agenda and that is to make money. The "honest reviews" and hobbyist bloggers are long gone. It's all about sponsorship and trying to make themselves look authentic so they can low key push products they may not even use and then get profit from views.

The internet can be described in one word now : fake.

If I were a teen today I would be very anxious as anything I see can easily be completely fake. Anything I do or say is going to be turned against me to prey upon me, make me feel inadequate, and sell me crap. YumYumPickleBird

Thumbs Down.... 

Being savage or petty for the sake of getting a "like." stdninjayuh

100%. Sometimes I'll overhear my younger sister's conversations, and it's almost all as you described. She seems to take pride in being "petty," and it irks me to no end. It seems that she finds trivial conflict to be some sort of validation.

I don't understand it at all. Perhaps it's just a high schooler thing. Grimorii

Don't Threaten! 

As a nurse I would say threatening kids with shots as a punishment is ultra common but super toxic.

It's bad because:

You're threatening a child with physical violence. They need the shots regardless, so they will be very confused/distraught/upset when they've been good and still have to go in for shots.

You're teaching kids that an important health initiative is a punishment.

When parents threaten their kids with shots in front of me at work I outright tell the kids that it's not going to happen (assuming they don't actually need shots that day). If they do need shots I explain it's not a punishment if their parents try to say it is. I'm not going to be complicit in this vague child abuse. 16semesters

The Fixers....


Dating people who you desire to "fix." lampshade121

When i was younger, i heard my dad and my boy scout leader talking. They said "iIbet joey873 gonna have a hot wife, and she's gonna fix him." I have no desire to date a woman who will "fix" me. joey873

No photos please! 

Posting photos and videos of kids being pranked or humiliated in the hopes it'll go viral. Using your kids to shore up your own online presence in any way besides sharing updates with close friends and family. (ex. that mommy blogger who refused to stop writing about her daughter even when the daughter directly asked her not to). The kids have no say in how their images and lives are being used. It violates their privacy and opens them up to further humiliation later on in life. Yet it keeps happening. thebratqueen

Be an actual parent.... 

Raising children as a prince/princess with no preparation for real life. BeccaBas

I saw a lady spoon-feeding her school aged child(10?) while he played on his phone. It was disconcerting. Wizard_OG

I was student teaching and saw a mom on an elementary school playground chasing her son with a pair of chopstick and lunch box feeding him in the morning before school started. I was amazed in the worst way. littleblueorchid


Talking on speakerphone or video chat. El_Bard0

Or forcing everyone to hear your crappy music. sybesis

Sip Slowly! 

Binge drinking, in my line of work its welcomed. However it just leads to mental and physical health problems. Cf98PilotSniper

Don't Breed. Please?!


Being a deadbeat parent. Seems like clockwork for lots of deadbeats.

Have a child, abandon the child, return when the child grows older and then demand the child to treat you as if you did nothing wrong. BruceBanner2019

Alternatively, being a toxic parent. Treat the child like crap and be surprised when they turn against you. The worst part is that narcissists tend to gravitate toward people who support their toxic behavior instead of fixing it. Mayflower21


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