People Reveal Which Spell They'd Try First If Magic Was Real

People Reveal Which Spell They'd Try First If Magic Was Real

People Reveal Which Spell They'd Try First If Magic Was Real

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We've been fantasizing about magic for literally hundreds of years. Whether it's Merlin or Dumbledore, literature or video games, the wonder of magic eventually snags almost all of us. One reddit user asked:

If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

And the answers were honestly not what we expected! We immediately thought to start small, but a lot of people really went with the "go big or go home" approach. If these are the spells people want to try FIRST - well, we're glad magic like in the movies doesn't exist. There would be a lot of insurance claims for spells gone wrong.

Work Naps

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I'd love something basic like "Minor Image" or just some easy illusion spells. I could take a nap but make it look like I'm working at my desk.

Soul Trap

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Soul trap. It allows you to use the energy from the soul of anything you kill. Every cockroach stomped would just add to my power!

Somebody Didn't See "Butterfly Effect"

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How to change the past.

Pocket Dimension

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I doubt you could just learn any spell first. It would probably even be too dangerous to try something way out of your league.

But, I'd work towards a safety spell. I'd make a pocket dimension. I'd put a permanent protection spell on myself that would go off just before I find danger that I'd not be able to survive.


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Torn between Freeze Time and Reverse Time.

Freeze Time would end up giving you super speed in the eyes of everyone else.

Reverse Time would allow you to undo one mistake.

Every Parent's Dream

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Silence. Meaning I can strike anything or anyone in my vicinity silent for as long as I wish.

Moaning Myrtle

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If I'm a teenaged boy at Hogwarts? The one that let's me flirt with Moaning Myrtle.

Sephiroth's Supernova

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The most ridiculous and excessive magical attack in any video game. Sephiroth's Supernova attack from Final Fantasy VII. Maximal timewasting, minimal damage.

New Meaning To "Magic Hands"

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Mage hand. Giggity, giggity!

No Cast For You

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Brackium Emendo. Skip that whole cast thing and just magically heal a bone.

Switch It Up

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I would totally try being the opposite gender, id love to know what makes the other half tick.


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Telekinesis. As kids we've all tried to use the force, now I'm REALLY gonna make it happen. Probably test it on the remote control first of course


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A "summon frost atronach" spell because I'm lonely and a giant ice monster seems like a good friend.

So Useful

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Teleportation. So many possible uses.

Presto Change-o

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Transmutation. Changing one thing into something else could be incredibly handy. I could create gold or turn people into frogs, etc.

Noob Spells

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A cantrip - an easy spell that can be cast at will without using much energy or effort. If you're a noob, you don't go trying to learn big stuff. That's a great way to get hurt.


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One where I can give someone explosive diarrhea at will. Any time someone is a jerk for no reason BAM! They crap their pants.

Binge Watch

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Stop the time so i could watch my 1h long series episodes in 5 min

Start Small

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The first spell I learn is, like, glow. Literally just making a wand or something glow. You've gotta start easy or you'll f^ck up your spells and suffer in irony.

"What Do You Say?"

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Invisibility. I want to see if my kids say thank you when I'm not there to say "what do you say?"

H/T: Reddit

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