People Reveal Which Saying Instantly Pisses Them Off After Hearing It

Say that again and it'll be the last thing you say!

There are just some words that when grouped together can set my blood aflame! When giving important life advice or trying to soothe the emotions of others or stressful situations, banal syllables are not the way. We should try to give more than just the menial "it'll be ok," or "life has a way of working out" rote responses. We all have go-to responses but often we need to find or hear something better.

Redditor u/ANDTurner1 wanted to hear what classic phrases we're all tired of hearing... What is a saying or phrase that pisses you off the instant you hear it?

Waiting on Tuesday! 


I hate to be cliche here but Mondays in the office and someone says all goofy and stuff like "uh oh looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays." I wanna hang myself in my cube so my colleagues can find me on TUESDAY morning. ObiWanCannoli25

Ignorance is not bliss! 

When I was getting bullied in elementary school: "Just ignore them and they'll stop." DO YOU THINK I WOULD BE ASKING FOR HELP IF IT WAS THAT SIMPLE? broncosfan2000

Or when adults would say "if they pick on you, they like you!" No Karen. I don't believe a child that likes me is going to push me off the monkey bars. brefromsc


I'm currently in HS and am pretty hard of hearing, and can't really understand videos without subtitles because it's super muffled and I won't usually get everything. My history teacher handed us a sheet of paper with questions that this episode answered and said that if one person was on their phone or decided to sleep, we'd have to turn it in.. asked her if there were subtitles and her legitimate response.. "You don't need subtitles. Just listen to it." Gee, thanks.. ears cured... aubreyb00bs

Just Shut Up!

'Everything happens for a reason.'

Thanks Stacy, I feel so much better about my house burning down. CallMeRyann

I loathe this phrase. It makes me feel physically ill. Very well-meaning people who I love said this phrase to me after my baby daughter died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In case you don't know, SIDS isn't really a "cause of death" as much as it is a determination used when no cause of death can be found. Like, my kid just literally died for no actual reason whatsoever. But please tell me that everything happens for a reason, that will definitely make me feel better and rationalize that there must be some cosmically logical reason this happened. lovelikecyanide


Me: *normal resting face*

Customer: "Smile! It ain't that bad."

I don't have RBF (resting b***h face). I was told it's a kind but sad face. Bananurin

The Price AIN'T Right! 

"You could save up to X percent or more!"

So what you mean to say is that I may or may not save some amount of money. Or more precisely, "the price might be different." How very astute if you to exclaim. SocketWrench


Live. Laugh. Love. heRealSzymaa

Liquor. cdcarch

I prefer "Eat, drink, be merry. Tomorrow you might be in Utah." djfishfingers

Was Geht?

When I say "what's up?" and they respond with "the sky." billybigpizza

Never heard this. Probably because I'm german. I like it. And I can relate. In German, we have the expression "Was geht?" which would literally be "What goes?" A standard dad answer to this is "Alles was Beine hat" (Anything that has legs) or "Der Tisch" (The table. Because it has legs.) Prancing_Nightmane

So Helpful... 

"Get over it." Thank you for that advice. SamaritanOS

Translates to "this thing doesn't matter to me, so it's unreasonable for you to care." Used by people with weak debating skills. QuillanFae

Customers suck! 


"The customer is always right."

No! They aren't!! They rarely ever are!!! F**k whoever coined this phrase! ShinyHunterHaku

Man, it's a phrase that has been misused for years. It's about supply and demand, not about an actual individual customer. It's stupid. ANDTurner1

I like Thursday! 

Sunday Funday! caito427

The absolute worst right here. Absolute worst. Girlfriend says it. It's like no, not Sunday Funday, you have a child to take care of and a job to go to tomorrow. Taylor1401


I hate when people say "mmmmmbye" when they hang up a phone. It sounds like they're tasting their goodbye and enjoying it. Also "Cool Beans." I'm so glad that's not a phrase people use often anymore. I can't place why exactly it bothers me, but it makes me cringe. VanellopeEatsSweets



"you should smile more." ShannynWithAWhy

A "you'd be prettier if you smiled more" usually gains the response "and you be pretty if you were silent" from me haha.

Good, bad, ugly....

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." What a way to justify your own crappy behavior. -Xandiel-

Or, maybe I'm in a bad spot and if you can't stick by me during it you deserve to be in my life once I've made it through. NO_MONEY_TOO_BROKE

You're so wise... NOT! 

"Everything happens for a reason"


Including childhood diseases, genocides, and Guinea worms. To hell with those who throw that in a conversation. Gargatua13013

Let me roll my eyes...

Almost all "corporate speak" winds me up:

• "Reach out to him."

• "He's a team player."

• "Keep me posted."


... and signing emails "Kind Regards." (It seems really passive aggressive and hostile to me. Most of the time, I'd argue it's not even appropriate to use it. If you're going to sign off on an email, make it match the tone of the content.) LittleVelvetBat

And you're so Sane?

(In a snarky "Im clever" tone): YOU KNOW, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing blah blah blah blah....

I've heard that dumb saying over and over again and it's so dumb!


Don't care. I'm sure he was talking about a controlled science experiment and not the Tigers batting lineup.

Technically doing the same thing over and over again can yield different results if the other factors aren't controlled. I could play the lottery over and over and have no luck and then play it again and hit it. Would that be "Insane?"

I could shoot a full court basketball shot over and over again and still finally make it. That would be a different result. Thinking I would eventually make that wouldn't be insanity.

The definition of insanity is:

"the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness."

"he suffered from bouts of insanity"

synonyms: mental illness, madness, dementia; extreme foolishness or irrational.

Even if its just supposed to be a silly lighthearted statement, I still think its dumb and not funny. MtmJM

Dear God....

"The Lord has a plan."

Giving kids birth defects isn't a plan Karen. Bless_all_the_knees

God: "I have a plan, you just have to have Faith." Blackrain1299

Too Real...


I can't stand it when people say "in the real world..."

We are literally in the real world 24/7! My real world is going to school and working. Just because I'm not in a career or in a marriage doesn't mean I'm not in the real world. It's so irritating! jamurano

Just let me do me....

Saying "calm down" when I'm frustrated or angry and have every right to feel that way. It's as telling me to feel something different like "you don't have the right to feel what you're feeling." DisastrousContact


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