People Reveal Which Of Their Personality Traits Are Both A Gift And A Curse


You're genuinely kind, but people see that kindness and treat you as if you're a doormat. You're assertive, which lets people see that you go after what you want... but it also makes others think you're cocky.

Some personality traits are both a blessing and a curse: There's a fine balance we try to strike.

"I'm actually not that good at making small talk."

A good listener.

I'm actually not that good at making small talk. I don't really have a problem with interacting with others, but most often I don't have much to say. But it turns out that makes me a good listener.

But sometimes I don't want to talk or listen. I just want quiet. But I've thrown myself into a corner as the guy who doesn't talk much but listens and nods agreeingly [sic] all the time.

Makes for awkward moments for me sometimes.


"Some people think I don't care about anything."

Being really chill, I can keep a cool head most of the time, but some people think I don't care about anything.


"I also don't tend to make friends easily."


Resting bitch face.

I don't tend to get bothered by creepy people when I'm out and about, but I also don't tend to make friends easily.


"I usually think things over thoroughly..."

I usually think things over thoroughly before doing something. But on the other hand, I overthink too much and end up being unnecessarily anxious/paranoid.


"I don't see visual images in my head."

I have aphantasia. Basically, I don't see visual images in my head. If you say "picture a cat", there's nothing. My dreams very rarely visual. When I'm reading, if the author is describing a landscape or an outfit, I can't picture it.

But this also means if someone is telling a really gross story, like Swamps Of Dagobah, it doesn't gross me out near so much as other people.


"Makes me a really good troubleshooter with machines..."


Sensory processing issues. I notice minor things around me really well. A little too well... to the point where I can't function if something is making a noise that it shouldn't, or a feature is slightly askew. Makes me a really good troubleshooter with machines, but a very distracted human.


"It really sucks if you have high anxiety and tend to worry a lot."

I have a very vivid imagination which is great for writing.

It really sucks if you have high anxiety and tend to worry a lot.

Reading about illnesses for example can lead my thoughts to a downward spiral where I pretty much plan my funeral before I even realize what's happening.


I'm great at reading the little signs that indicate someone's emotions, especially negative ones. However I then go on to extrapolate it to being caused by me in some way, and I either worry quietly about it for way longer than I should, or I go into damage control mode.


"...fade into the background a lot..."


Am very quiet

Pros: helps being sneaky and keeping myself calm

Cons: fade into the background a lot and get talked over like you wouldn't believe


"On the one hand..."

Being a very light sleeper.

On the one hand, it makes it really easy to wake up on time to do things.

On the other hand, if I can get more than 6 hours of sleep I'm lucky...


"Despite being an introvert..."

Despite being an introvert, my first reaction to meeting people is to be friendly - smile, cheerful greeting, active listening, etc.

Great for customer service, great for my students, bad because people think I want to talk to them when all it is is an instinctive fear response (lull predator into false of sense of safety and escape).



Perfect pitch. As cool as it is to point out what note the fridge is humming at, it hurts when instruments/musicians are the slightest bit out of key with each other


"I absolutely hate working..."

My laziness. Because of the sheer amount of laziness I have I do everything in a way that minimizes the amount of work that needs to be done, which also helps a lot with actual things I have to do, since I'm good at finding the most efficient solution. However because of it, I absolutely hate working, so I start everything probably later then I should have and I stress about the fact that I probably should be working. It doesn't hinder me doing what I have to do, I never procrastinate it that much, and I'm more dutiful than lazy, so I do get everything done, but it does make me feel a lot worse.


"I have a really great memory..."

I have a really great memory. It's fantastic when I can use it to retell a great story, but then it's also a curse because it can weird people out that you remember random little things from years ago.


"Here's one you might not guess..."


Here's one you might not guess:

I'm a musician. And a composer. Always had a natural talent for playing and writing music. BUT! I always have a song stuck in my head. Not like, most days or most of the time. Always. Every second. It's like background noise in my brain I can't stop. I've learned to ignore it if I can, but if you ask me at any second, I can tell you what song or melody is going through my head.

Oh also it's a terrible career path and I'm broke.


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