People Reveal Which Minor Conveniences Become Major Inconveniences When They Don't Work

Society is completely based on people taking things for granted. Legit, half of society would collapse if everybody's clocks ran a few minutes off from each other, or gas stations put diesel in the wrong pumps. We have to assume, at all times, that somebody is doing the correct work for us. But that's not always the case.

u/meakcpark asked:

What minor convenience is a major inconvenience when it doesn't work?

Here were some of the answers.

'Cause Capitalism


My automatic coffee maker blew up and caught my kitchen on fire back in 1998. It took three years to get insurance to pay up. My insurance company then sued Black & Decker and I had to provide written statements every few months up until 2015.

Best part? Our insurance adjuster, when he finally brought the check, brought us a gift from the company. What was in it? A brand new Black & Decker automatic coffee maker.


Dog Business

We were out of water for three days once and the guy fixing it said: "You don't feel rich when you have access to clean water, but you feel hella damn poor when you don't."


I never thought my family as "poor" until I was about 16 or 17, and my parents couldn't afford to fill the oil tank up that winter for heat. I'll never forget all five of us laying on our mattresses that we had pulled into the living room, and our broken wood stove our only heat source. It wasn't the "we only have ramen to last us the rest of the week, make sure to split it with your sister" or my dad searching Main Street in our town for quarters to put in his gas tank so he could make it to work. No, it was not having heat that made it hit me.

I still vividly remember our dog switching from all of our beds all night to keep us warm.

Reese, you were such a good girl.❤️


It's My Dang Money

Having to cancel your card. You go from having a card that is basically acceptable everywhere to just having whatever amount of cash you have till the new card comes in or till you can make it to the bank.


Lost my debit card. Called to cancel it. Next day go to the bank because I needed a little cash, but really didn't need to take out much. I think I wanted like $40?

Bank teller gave me a super hard time about it. She wanted me to go use the ATM instead of just giving me my damn money... I was utterly baffled.


I Smell A Scam

Electronic rent payment systems. It was down for months due to a property sale, then it was up for a month but they didn't get a record of payments made, then it was down again, now it's back up but they lost the records again and everyone is behind by 2 months. I'm paying in person and getting a receipt because I don't trust these *ssholes to remember to breathe.


The Lightswitch Didn't Suffice


Alexa, goodnight.

"There's no such device by that name."


And the lights are all f*cking still on.


Eau De Toilette

I used to live in a room that was cheaply divided from a full-size apartment. The landlord apparently went with the cheapest methods he could find.

The faux-wooden floor started leaking water upwards from it when I stepped in certain places, and the landlord brushed it off. A day or two later when a stale smell started coming from the floor, I complained more. Landlord didn't care, and I threatened to file complaints with the authorities.

Another day or two later, the seal around the toilet base started leaking faeces when flushed, and the room's smell was too alarming to stay there. I cleaned up, moved to a friend's place immediately and informed the landlord that either immediate repairs take place or I lawyer up and break the lease. Indifference from the landlord. My own fault, apparently.

The next day I started proceedings to break the lease, and the landlord finally decided to inspect the place. He called me there. The smell was my fault somehow, according to him, and he denied anything was wrong with the toilet, whilst trying to ignore the soft floor marinating in its juices.

He then went to flush the toilet, and brown water squirted up from the floor near the bathroom. Flushed water leaked from the toilet base as expected.

Turns out, the pipes under the room connecting to the bathroom were extremely poorly constructed. They had cracked and warped shortly after being installed. Every time I flushed the toilet, diluted faeces would slowly leak out of the pipes into the floor until it became saturated, at which point it started coming up out from the cheap floorboards, which became softened like rubber. The entire floor underneath the sealed floorboards was soaked in faeces.

I was allowed to break the lease and the landlord had to immediately pay my backpaid rent and deposit. The landlord had to do the same for every tenant in the divided apartment, and had to destroy all the furniture and tainted construction material. Cleaning and treatment needed to be done for the apartments below too, paid for by the landlord or his insurance. The landlord had serious cases against him from local health and sanitation authorities, not to mention the owners of the entire building. I don't really know what happened afterwards.

Perhaps not half of this would have happened if the landlord had bothered to inspect the place after construction or take tenant complaints seriously.


No Soap For You

Every damn time.

Puts hand under soap dispenser


Waves frantically, no soap comes out.


Tries the sink next to it, no soap but the faucet shoots awkwardly out at you. The first sink's soap dispenser now plaintively dribbles some soap out. Several paper towels unhelpfully drop into the second sink's bowl




The person behind me leaving adequate following distance when driving. Bc the dumb mofo feels that he/she isn't getting anywhere unless they're right on my *ss, they'll rear end u when u slow down for a stop. Now u gotta stand outside in the cold and exchange insurance info and get repairs done.


Nothing Is Truly 'Smart'

Smart locks definitely, I wouldn't want anything without a key backup to get me back in.

My Smart lights have failed on occasion and I can still turn on lights using the switch on the wall (flick twice to reset to default)

My Smart thermostat has lost its wifi somehow and it just reverts to a plain scheduled one

But my door would just keep me outside waiting for someone to come break the door down I guess.


Not So Smart Now, Are Ya?


Everything to do with home automation. When it's working, it's f*cking sweet! Walk into any room, the lights follow you. Walk to your door, door unlocks for you. Knock off work early? House sees you're coming home and heats up early instead of the regular schedule. Ice maker breaks while you're at work? House shuts off the water so you only have to repair the fridge, not the fridge and all the wood on the first floor of your house...

...then it breaks. Or the internet goes out. Or you went and bought smart things. (Hey, that one is on you.) Suddenly you have to turn on lights like a schmuck. Worse since you haven't been turning on lights for months, now you're out of the habit of turning off lights, so you wind up running laps around your house turning lights on and off. Your wife comes home with groceries and pancakes the whole carton of eggs between herself and the door when she piles into the still-locked door. You got off early and came home to a f*ckin' freezing house.

You never know how good you have it until it's broken and doesn't work. Now where the f*ck did I put my finglonger? I need to turn off the light as I'm leaving the room!


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