People Reveal Which Experience In Their Lives They Couldn't Bear To Relive


Not this! Not again!

Life is full of ups and downs and unforgettable experiences. And there are just some experiences in life that are too much to handle. The trauma of certain times in life can be unbearable and the idea reliving it is the nightmare of nightmares. The memory alone is enough.

Redditor u/happyguy604 wanted everyone to take a deep breath and discuss... What's an experience you don't ever want to go through again?

Woah girl! 

When I was 38, I married my boyfriend of 2 years. When we got back from our honeymoon, it became quite obvious that he didn't like me a bit. I endured a year of hell. Neglect. Gaslighting. I felt so deceived and trapped.

On our first anniversary, I told him we were either getting therapy and making major changes, or getting divorced. 4 days later, he sustained a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the nipples down. Forever. He also died and was resuscitated multiple times, had several strokes, had trans-thoracic surgery, was in multiple organ failure; etc.

I stayed by his side for 7 weeks in ICU and then 8 weeks in out of state rehab. While we were gone, my family renovated my home to accommodate his wheelchair. I spent my time at the rehab facility taking classes and passing tests to be his full time caregiver.

Once we got home from rehab, I spent 10 months building a life around him. Every minute of my life was for and about him. After I got him established with transportation, the first thing he did was get on Craigslist to meet women.

The first woman he met was a hemiplegic stroke victim asking for help committing suicide. She wanted to pay, but he spent a few days convincing her to exchange his help (getting sleeping pills) for him giving her oral sex.

I found out the same day they fulfilled their bargain. I filed for divorce the next day, but it took me six weeks to get him to move out of my house. During that 6 weeks, I still provided his daily nursing care. Until the last 3 days, when he tried several times to break my fingers with his wheelchair.

I could do without all of that. PrettyTender

No Whoop Whoop! 

Whooping cough. There was a sudden outbreak while I was in high school and I was one of the first to catch it (and honestly I may very well have been the cause of the outbreak).

My mother thought it was just a cold and kept telling me I was attention seeking and made me continue going to school. I got so, so sick that I developed bronchial spasms and couldn't eat without puking. For a week I would be sent to school, go to class, get sent out by the teacher within 20 minutes, then go to the nurse who'd call my mom to come get me. Eventually the nurse got so fed up that one day she came down to my mom's car with me and yelled at her to take me to the goddamn doctor. That night I threw up in my sleep. Finally the next day we went to the clinic where I was diagnosed with whooping cough! At that point I'd probably had it over a week already.

Up until that point in my life I was generally healthy. I have never ever been so sick. My lung function was shockingly low and I had such a hard time keeping any food down. My immune system completely crashed and I was on and off steroids for several months... every time they tried to end the steroid medication I would crash and develop bronchitis. For the next 8 years or so I would get bronchitis, sinus infections, or upper respiratory infections anywhere from 2 to 6 times a year. Colds DECIMATED me. When I got sick I would be sick for weeks.

Luckily my lungs have finally recovered a decent amount, but it took so, so many years. I haven't had bronchitis or an infection for 2 years now. My relationship with my mother has also finally improved; I held a lot of resentment towards her for many years. But I'm always scared of getting that seriously sick again. winterbramble

Not Bert & Ernie! 

5.5+ magnitude earthquake like the Loma Prieta one in 1989 where I was watching Bert and Ernie and the TV exploded in my face because the bookshelf fell on it. KI6WBH

At least you have access to booze! 

Heartbreak followed by a 22 hour plane journey alone. sprogger

Been there, not that fun... kuylyrvah

What did you eat?

Spent 2 months in a hospital for food poisoning. Never wanna experience that again. BlackShirt

I'm going faint. 

Bilateral trimming of the turbinates to help me breathe through my nose when I was a kid.

They didn't cauterize it properly and I felt awful all day, finally felt ill enough to throw up and it was basically all coagulated blood clots and stomach juice.

Rushed in for another op, and woke up with 6 foot lengths of bandages rammed up each nostril. Much fun was had changing them... :( bottomofleith

No safe place! 

Being robbed. I still dream of that situation. I_heart_tacous

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. 

Unemployment. I've had two stints of unemployment in my career, one for 11 months and one for nine. It was utterly destructive to my sense of self-worth. Every day I would wake up and with a crushing realization remember that yes, this was my real life. It felt like my life and my fate were prisons I couldn't escape from. I've held onto the job I got after the second stint of unemployment for dear life over five years while other colleagues have moved on to new things just because I'm now so risk-averse. I basically turned into a company man because this is the company that rescued me and put me to use. ciyulk

Such a tragedy. 

Suicide of a loved one. soleragazza

My family is going through this now, even six months later it is still just as bad as the day it happened. It was my cousin, we weren't close so I'm OK, but his mother is an absolute wreck. She is a very sensitive person, she was never the same after she had still birth, and this has just destroyed her. To make things worse she's the one who walked in and found him. He used a shotgun to the head, so as you can imagine it was pretty gory. She has to have PTSD but she refuses to talk to anyone. She herself has already tried to down a bottle of pills with alcohol and die on his grave, but luckily my aunt found her in time to be saved.

When he killed himself that day he killed his mom too. I know that thought probably never even crossed his mind since he was at such a low point. t6393a


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