People Reveal Which Discontinued Products They Wish They Could Revive


Nostaglia is welcome in these strange times... and lots of people have some ideas about what products they'd like to see brought back to life. Orbitz? Yeah. Wendy's spicy nuggets? Oh yes. Discovery Zone? Let's open one!

Vaffanculo28 asked: If you could bring back any discontinued product, toy or item, what would it be and why?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Who needs simple ingredients? This is America.

Old school Breyer's Ice Cream and Klondike Bars. Unilever bought them both, reformulated then for higher profit and ruined them.


That's because they're not real ice cream anymore.


Yes. Please. Omg.

Creme Savers. The strawberry flavor was my jam.


I didn't know these disappeared. I remember them as a little kid, and thinking they were more of an 'adult candy' than for kids. I don't know where I got that association from. Maybe the commercials marketed them that way or something.


Their dough is frozen now.

Old style breadsticks and pizza dough at Pizza Hut. The new flat breadsticks suck, and the new dough is oddly sweet.


Something I do to achieve a very easy browning on the bottom of my pizza when I make it at home is cook it in cast iron aaaaand... add sugar. My hypothesis is their dough is sweet because they use a similar sugar technique to get some quick and easy color and texture on their pizzas.


Probably. When I worked at Pizza Hut in the 80's, the breadsticks were just segmented pan pizza dough with some spices on top. That pan pizza dough had to proof for several hours before it was ready, though.


I worked at Pizza hut in 2006 and it was still exactly as you describe. Poofing pan dough and everything. I haven't eaten Pizza Hut pizza since I've worked there though. What became different about the dough?

edit: also the cinnaparts (?) was just a pan pizza that we took out, cut into slices, covered in the cinnamon+sugar and mushed together (with out bare hands) before putting it through the oven. There's a reason I don't eat this pizza and the stories get much worse.


The food we need.

Spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's.


Ughhhh yes!!


I seriously felt heartbroken when I went to Wendy's one day and asked for spicy nuggets and they said "We don't have spicy nuggets anymore." The drive-through employee could have just said "I don't love you anymore."


These are trying times.

Coca-Cola with actual cocaine in it.




YES. The ultimate and maybe the original energy drink.


Fun, risky, bizarre... like drinking a lava lamp.

The drink Orbitz, because it was a Russian roulette of whether you would enjoy a nice tasty beverage or choke to death in the most embarrassing manner possible.


I swear I just recently seen some post a picture of them drinking a newly released bottle.


2015 it was released again.


Hot Damn I didn't realize how complex it was

The small balls floated due to their nearly equal density to the surrounding liquid, and remained suspended with assistance from an ingredient known as gellan gum. The gellan gum provided a support matrix—something like a microscopic spider web—and had a visual clarity approaching that of water, which increased with the addition of sugar. The gellan gum creates a very weak yield stress which has been measured to be ~0.04 Pa.[3]


Feeling glam on a budget: V05.

There used to be this shampoo from V05 called "calming chamomile tea" that they don't make anymore. They have other tea therapy scents, but I can never find that scent anymore. It would be an amazing source of nostalgia.


Just looking at a picture of the old V05 bottles sends me on a vivid memory trip to my childhood.


They're absolute hell on my hair, but the smell reminds me of growing up when my parents would get them at the dollar store. It's comforting in a way!


The plastic bottles are dumb.

Snapple Elements - especially the Rain flavor.


I miss the glass snapple bottles. The plastic ones just aren't as great to drink from.


100% agree with this. I stopped drinking Snapple when they switched to plastic because it makes the drink taste weird.


Yep.. and it was so much more smooth in the glass bottles.


Slimer juice!

Ectocooler. The greatest of all juice boxes.


I would love to try it again to see if it truly tastes as wonderful as I think or if it is the nostalgia that makes me want for it.

Bonus points if it is in the old metal can that you had to poke two triangular holes in with the bottle/can opener.


Kids today will never know the unending excitement. This poor soul.

Not an item but a place: Discovery Zone.

I never got to go.


You missed out. It was amazing,


Oh my goodness, life is only downhill after DZ.



The original pudding pops.


I think I know a guy, but he's in prison and he's pretty old, kind of like a father to me before that tho.


The nerve.

Lime Skittles. I despise the green apple.


The lime ones were my favorite too!!


I was so upset about the switch that I wrote a letter to Skittles Corp lol.


But did they reply back?


They did about a year or so ago because Walmart came out with the lime green Skittles for a limited time, however I was specifically looking for lime green Sour Skittles and they only had the regular. Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

Edited to add they responded like a year later letting me know lime green Skittles were back st Walmart which is better than nothing I suppose.


The louder the better.

Hatchback WRX STI, I want a new one.


I recently sold my 2002 WRX hatchback and I will probably stop crying some day.


Mmmmm. Taco Bell.

The original Grilled Stuft Burrito, Fire Roasted Sauce, and Naked Chicken Chalupas from Taco Bell.


The original GSB was incredible.


Would love to have flown on one.

The Concorde. It was a plane that flew at over 2x the speeds of the Airbus and Boeings planes. It was in operation from the mid 70s until the early 2000s, and then...nothing.

All my life everything's gotten better, from a consumer standpoint. Especially technology. I look at the food choices I have today and there's a much bigger variety with easier access. I look at computers and computing power, much better. Overwhelmingly there a "things you can do/buy are better today then they were 20-30 years ago" feeling. As there should be. That's progress.

But there there's this plane. This plane I never got to ride on, and it could get me to London, or Australia, or China, or Japan in 1/2 the time. And they just stopped making planes, making flights. It feels like we had superior technology and instead of it becoming the standard, like superior technology tends to do, it just got scrubbed out and left us with a substandard product.


I want to preface by apologizing for the massive wall of sorta disjointed stuff, finishing a 12 hr shift, and exhausted so brain is trying to shut down for sleep... I agree whole heartedly, and actually talked to my friend who is training to be a pilot about this 2 days ago. They use a buttload of fuel just before, and just after super sonic speed, though once they are into it, consumption drops a lot. The bigger problemsares there is no real need for that fast of travel, when on a slower plane, you can still get there, for a lot less money (tickets were apperently outrageously expensive). It also did not have a great track record. Finally, people dont seem to like sonic booms over their houses or work, something like it disrupts the peace or something like that (though id rather enjoy it, I like loud noise). However, with all that negative, he told me there are new supersonic commercial airliners in the works. (Also if you want to get scientific, some subsonic jets have areas of supersonic airflow, there is a backyardscientist video on youtube about supersonic bullets that talks briefly about the subject).


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