People Reveal What We're Not In The Golden Age Of


Times have changed!

Life is full of ebbs and flows. Sometimes things are great and then they're not. We reach the height of greatness and then we suffer in folly. Right now television is in it's Golden Age and film and music and theater has some issues but soon the tide will turn as we have too much television. It's ok to acknowledge where in life we are currently in the best of and the not so best.

Redditor u/ItzSweeney wanted us all to discuss what in life is not the best of the best at the moment by wondering.... What are we NOT in the golden age of?

Lights Out! 


Neon signs

Ok, people are saying that "hey, you've clearly never been to X, there's a ton there!" While you're right, I've never been to Austin or Vegas, that doesn't mean that we're still in the golden age. There's a great documentary that was actually on the Reddit front page about the industry dying in Asia (I believe it's been linked to in this thread multiple times). There are a lot out in the world, but there's almost no new ones being made, and not like they used to be. I would say the golden age for neon was in the 80s. LEDs are the future and that's kinda sad. jagerben47

Step it up toilets....

Toilets. Either make them all flush automatically or make them where you have to push the handle down.

If it's one of those automatic ones, please make it smart enough to not flush while I'm just sitting down or mid poop. I like to wipe down the toilet seat before I sit on it and throw that toilet paper in the water to avoid any splash backs . Half the time it doesn't work because the toilet will just flush before I even sit down.

And fix the bathroom stalls. No one should be able to make eye contact with me through the crack of the door as they walk in and I'm in the stall talking a poop. OneMulatto

Go Shopping! 

Shopping Malls, they are super dead and getting a little deader every day. scientificbyzantine

There was a mall near where I grew up that was basically in limbo for years, almost completely empty at one point. They ended up converting it into an outdoor mall, adding a few more standalone buildings to the plaza, and now business is booming. I guess malls themselves aren't dying so much as the way people shop and experience things are changing. I've noticed that some malls are starting to put Planet Fitnesses or Bowling Alleys in old abandoned Anchor store locations. It's really just changing, but after a certain point it isn't really a "shopping" mall anymore, is it? scientificbyzantine

Be The Terminator! 

Bodybuilding. Go look at the recent Mr. Olympia winners and compare that to the days of Schwarzenegger. Night and day. boredbrowser87

The bubble gut is killing the sport. Abs looking like Ninja turtles. ThatsBushLeague

I miss Velcro! 


Shoe fastenings. We're still using primitive shoelaces just like all of those grim people in the earliest photographs, standing there in their tall uncomfortable black boots, out in the barnyard next to the well, with the tethered mule standing dumbly by the family, all of whom look angry or like they want to die instead of face yet another brutal day trying to wrestle their sustenance out of the unforgiving ground. The well is gone, the mule is gone, even the barnyard is gone, and we sit in our shiny air-conditioned towers talking to each other across a networked world swarmed with satellites, yet still we wear those same laces.

We tried in the 80s with Velcro; every kid had a pair, or at least some hybrid hi-tops. But Big Shoelace crushed it behind the scenes, relegating it to the shoes of wriggling infants and arthritic seniors in the painful twilight of their mobility. So here we are still enslaved, still tethered to Big Shoelace, suckling at its teat as the only means of sustenance within the radius allowed us. We are the mules now. We will never escape. We will never escape. Congress has a golden shoelace around its neck and we will never escape. Perhaps it's a golden age after all, just not for the many. turkeypants

I can see your Halo....

The Halo franchise. Sorry :( TheShadowInTheCorner

I just wish they'd make an entire Halo game that revolved around the gameplay from that one mission in reach with the Sabres. ROGUE SQUADRON BUT HALO! Dave-4544

Silver to Gold.... 

Alchemy! Reddit

To be fair, this is the first time in history we've actually been able to turn lead into gold, even if it's very costly and impractical. dingoembryo

Gene research is over?

Gene manipulation.

CRISPR is at its infancy, and won't reach its full potential for a few decades I'm guessing. Who knows what could happen when we reach that point? Doorslammerino

The Queen is Forever! 

The British Empire. collinsl02

This is why the Queen can't die. She has unfinished business. Doominator99

Target forever! 


Kmart! icecreampopncereal

Walmart, Target, and Kmart are like three brothers. Walmart was the one that made it really big with his business. He's rich beyond all belief, although his business practices can be a bit shady sometimes. Next comes Target. He did quite well for himself. Made enough to live comfortably plus a good amount extra. Then, finally, there's Kmart. There was always something a little off about that one. He didn't really make it. The_Good_Captain


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