People Reveal What They Were Convinced They'd Hate Until They Tried It

Don't knock something til you rock it. Try new foods. Cats are amazing pets. Challenge your comfort zone, it's good for you.

RooR_ asked: What were you convinced you wouldn't like, until you tried it?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.


Hummus and now if there's ever any around me there probably wont be for long.


When I lived at home I would always buy roasted red pepper hummus because its amazing. Every single time it would be 80% gone by the next day. Turns out my dad really likes hummus as well.


I gotta say, a lot of Middle Easterners love to hate on all those weird American hummus flavors (avocado, black bean, red pepper, etc.), but I'm not gonna lie I love that sh*t. (I'm Arab).


I mean I've never had full blow real authentic hummus made by someone grandma with a 300 year old recipe, so barring that..what I have had is pretty dang good.


Quality over quantity.

Most foods honestly. Turns out I wasn't a picky eater, my mother was just a very bad cook.


The first year with my girlfriend was basically me trying every food for the "first time." Eye opening. Turns out I do like fish, spicy food, curry, omelettes, and even vegetables.


Oh, that.

Dungeons and Dragons.


This is one of those ones that I think everyone would like given a suitable DM (Dungeon Master).

D+D is way bigger than just slaying dragons and saving princes/princesses, which is what I missed when I thought I wouldn't like it. There's even futuristic space campaigns and all sorts of shenanigans.


Or the right system. There are so many rpg systems out there besides D&D, so if you don't like the rules or the setting there's plenty of options. D&D is popular for a reason, but then there's stuff like Don't Rest Your Head, Apocalypse World, Fiasco, Everyone Is John, Sorcerer and Kingdom, all of which end up with really different experiences.

But yeah, D&D can be hugely different depending on who's playing and running it.


I still can't use Excel.

I didn't want anything to do with computers, or computer games. But then dad managed to convince me to at least try. Oh, how he regretted that later.


My mom was the same. Early 2000s, we wanted one, my dad wanted one. My mom flat out refused because "they were useless and we didn't have the money." Mid 2000s, my parents got a divorce because my mom wouldn't get off the computer.


Never gets old.



Ironically, I hate (cooked) seafood but love sushi. I guess cooking it really brings out the fishy taste.


Especially once I realised just how wrong the misconception is that all sushi = raw fish.


Having a cat is the greatest thing ever.

Having a cat. I thought I hated cats, but I found one and now I love him.


Agree, I've been a "dog person" all my life, until my GF adopted a cat, and the little fella was lots of fun. After a couple of years we found a malnourished stray kitten and kept her, now we are a family with 1 dog and 2 cats.


Same here. I thought they were aloof, arrogant little bastards until I fell in love with a pair at the humane society. It's amazing how much personality they have, and how social they are!


I want to go.

Las Vegas. On paper it sounded like an introvert's worst nightmare. I was apprehensive when my sister decided to have her 30th birthday there but I ended up loving it!


I'm an introvert too and I find that big bustling places like that where you can remain an anonymous entity the entire time are my bread and butter, hard to feel like I'm being social when the world isn't even aware of me.


I absolutely thrive in big festivals and concerts. I love taking a break from the show and floating through the crowd by myself. Or just sitting/standing somewhere nice and taking it all in.

Like yeah, I'm packed in with hundreds of thousands of people right now but it's way less exhausting than lunch with my 5 coworkers.


"And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy."

This Great Gatsby quote absolutely nails it.


Banana peppers!!

Those yellow peppers that almost always come with pizza. I had no idea what they were called or tasted like but had somehow managed to convince myself they'd taste like pickles (I hate pickles). The other day I decided to go ahead and eat one, turns out they're actually quite yummy.


Pepperoncini or Banana Peppers, but usually Pepperoncini.

They are close, but not the same thing.


Pepperoncini in Greek salads, banana peppers on sandwiches.


Seriously underrated food.


When cooked right, it has a pretty awesome taste/texture. Its also stupid cheap.


How do you cook it?

Edit: Thanks, guys, I will work my way through your recommendations, and get back to you! The simpler ones have an advantage!


Had an eggplant Napoleon yesterday at a restaurant - breaded, fried eggplant - on the dry side like panko, covered with crab meat and a herb cream sauce (seemed like a b├ęchamel with a little basil and fresh parmesan on top). So good!

I usually use it in a ratatouille or sometimes sliced thin - make sure to press out any water - and use the slices instead of lasagna noodles every now and then in a lasagna.


Cut slits and stuff them with sliced garlic, wrap in tinfoil and bake. When it's roasted, unwrap and mash with fresh onion, lemon juice, a little olive oil and salt, and some fresh chilies. Serve as a dip or on a thali.

Best way to have eggplant, hands down.


Eggplant is the fruit of the garden. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There's uh, eggplant-kabobs, eggplant creole, eggplant gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple eggplant, lemon eggplant, coconut eggplant, pepper eggplant, eggplant soup, eggplant stew, eggplant salad, eggplant and potatoes, eggplant burger, eggplant sandwich. That- that's about it.


Vinegar is the greatest.

Going to Subway I always thought the people who put vinegar on a sandwich must be crazy, then I tried it, I put it on every sandwich I get there now.


Red wine vinegar is probably my favorite condiment ever. All my salads now I just put salt pepper a bit of oil and tons of red wine vinegar. Then I drink the vinegar from the bottom of the bowl. It's like adult warheads.


This show was reliably amazing.

The Office.

I always thought it would be just like The Big Bang Theory, a bland sitcom that everyone likes just because everyone else does.

Then I actually gave it a chance and holy shit, I have never been more wrong about anything else in my life. It's such a good show.


Please tell me you've watched Parks and recreation as well? If you haven't you'll love it to.


Blasphemy, almost.

Peanut butter. It wasn't popular in my country while I was growing up, and the color/texture never looked that appealing before I tried it.


I mean, it's a thick brown paste. I can completely see why it would be unappealing before you tried it.


Samosas though...

Indian food.


Same here. Tandoori chicken & butter Chicken are some of my favorite foods. Naan is fantasic.


You have to take it to the next level. Garlic naan is where it's at. Alongside a Rogan Josh or a Madras.


This wonderful form of exercise.

A year ago, it was cycling. It always seemed like such a production, you know? Find your helmet, oil the chain, pump up the tires, &c, &c. Much easier to just lace up my running shoes and step out the door.

But I love it! The wind is refreshing; you see so much more of the world; singletrack is like a little rollercoaster; and hills provide a natural HIIT workout.

This year, my SO and I joined a gym for New Years, and I was pretty sure I wouldn't like spin class. It just seemed so fake, you know? I'm a real cyclist; I don't need any indoor coached ride.

But I've enjoyed it quite a bit! You don't have to worry about the weather, riding with music is kind of nice, and I actually like the people in my class. Everybody's super supportive. I even like our coach--it's kind of fun to have somebody leading the "ride."


Oh yes, oh yes.

Audiobooks. I was a staunch reader guy. I thought listening to it took a certain something away from the experience. Then I listened to one of my favourite Bill Bryson books read by Bill himself. I have since spent thousands of dollars on a very extensive audiobook library. Thanks a lot, Bill.


Same. Still read all the time, but audible let's me enjoy books while I drive, fold laundry, etc. Now my commute is respite.


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