People Reveal What They Regret Not Doing In Life

Hindsight is 20/20. We all have a view of the past, what we should and shouldn't have done, and how we can move on from here.

But we still have regrets. Things we wish so hard we'd paid attention to the first time, that we didn't. We can never go back, but we can learn.

u/evvece asked:

What's something you regret not doing?

Here were the answers.

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I regret not putting myself out there sooner and trying to date others instead of trying for this one girl I liked for years thinking something would happen between us. I ended up just losing interest in her eventually but I can't help but wonder who I missed out on if I had let myself be open to others all these years sooner.


If I'd Picked Up The Call

When I got into college, my dad was more excited about it than me. I wanted to share all of the stories of what happened here with him. I was gonna go home in just 20 days or so when he called me on august 22nd, and as i was in the class, i couldn't pick up his call and later i forgot to call him back. And one day after that he was just gone. He had a heart attack. And I couldn't even see him for the last time. I regret not calling him back till the date. I really wish i could go back in the time and call him and tell him the way i felt about him. Tell him how great dad he was. Tell him how much I loved him.


Away, Away

I regret not having accepted a full 2-year scholarship to study abroad.

At the time, I was needed at home to care for a family member. In hindsight, it was the right thing to do. But graduate study abroad would've been a wonderful experience.


Rewind The Clock

I would break up with my abusive ex a lot earlier and then I would be more focused in college, be happier, and maybe patch up my relationship with my dad. Funny how one guy changed my life in such a drastic way.



When i was 18, i reconnected with my childhood best friend who was a girl. She came to visit family in the town i was going to college in. We spent the day together. At around 3 in the morning we finished watching a movie, and i get up saying "I should probably get back to my dorm" Her: Nah, you can stay the night. Me: Nah. I think i should get home

I was driving home and it hit me what she really wanted.


No Niche

I regret not reaching out more, putting more effort into creating a tribe of support that would carry me through more difficult times. We socialize sure, but many of us don't put enough importance on building deep and lasting friendships. Some do, many don't and wish they had.


Long Distance Relationships

I regret staying long distance in my relationship for so long. We lived on 2 different continents but he's military so unfortunately it'd have to be me who gave up my life which I always resentful about. I was reluctant and kept putting it off because my career was going really well and I had a comfortable life. I make about 4x his salary.

Now he's gotten tired of the distance, tired of me not physically being there when he's had a bad day, tired of waiting to start a family. I realize that I hate my job, my properties are paid in full, I have enough in savings to not need to work, and I make enough every month in passive income to support us anyway. I was so afraid of giving it up before but I wish I had taken that chance earlier because I want nothing more than to move to middle of nowhere UK and be with this man except now I've lost him. He's recently told me he thinks he's developed feelings for someone closer to him.


I Don't Got The Grades

I regret not caring about my grades my first two years in college. My dream of going to med school is no longer feasible but since then I have been focusing on my education and have significantly brought up my grades. I plan on doing nursing school and then get my masters in nurse practice. Still difficult with my low cumulative gpa but I'm gonna try especially now that my pre-req gpa is pretty high.


No New Life


In May of last year, I went to visit my family. I drove by my dad's house and considered stopping by, but assumed he wasn't home.

He died in January. We were never particularly close and there was a lot of baggage on my end. I always envisioned being able to have a proper relationship with him, and now I'll never have that chance. Stupidly, I thought I had more time.



I regret not traveling more, and so does nearly everyone that I have asked. Before kids, and mortgages and marriages, when our commitments and expenses were lower, the opportunities for travel were much greater, but for some reason many of us thought we'd always have time for travel later. We dreamed of visiting the pyramids of Egypt, surfing off the Hawaiian coast, dining at a Parisian café, drinking espresso in Rome, trekking through the rainforest, and so much more. Sadly, many of us never made these journeys and the opportunity passed us by.


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