People Reveal What They Learned About Their S.O. After They Moved In Together


We think we know someone, and then we move in with them. Lots of things can chance, especially when it's a significant other. Home is where we hide our quirks and intimate habits, so all sorts of surprises lay in store. The challenge is to adapt, if you can.

Dexcov asked: What's something you didn't learn about your S.O. until you lived with them?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

A perfect adaption.

My wife is a warm sleeper. It's like sleeping next to a heater. So, I run a fan next to me and put a pillow between us so that she doesn't get hit by the wind. We love it.


Get separate quilts, it was life changing for us because now I get to be a normal temperature and she gets to do her best impersonation of a furnace.


Go big or stay hungry.

How big of a deal cooking is for her... It's feast or famine. She generally doesn't make her lunch and rarely makes dinner, but when she does it is an elaborate meal that takes hours to prepare.


I can relate. I'll survive on canned beans until there's a reason, and when there's a reason, I'm all in. Then back to beans.


If you're gonna go to all the trouble of breaking out the pots and pans, you might as well do it right.


Healthy stress management.

He cleans when he's stressed or upset. Coming home to a clean apartment is like a breath of fresh air then the concern sets in. "Ok what happened? Should I open some wine and you can tell me about it?"

I love that man beyond reason.


My all time best roommate stress bakes.

Her: Hey do you want some apple pie I baked?

Me: Yes of course but what's up??


Mine too. We've had explosive arguments followed by hours of silence and cleaning separate sides of the house together.



That dirty clothes go in the hamper and "not quite dirty, still good to wear again" clothes go on the floor next to the hamper.


I'm confused... is there a different way?


Yeah you filthy heathen, your supposed to put the "not quite dirty, still good to wear again" clothes on the chair in the corner that never gets used, who wants to wear floor clothes?


Down for whatever is a good mantra.

How absolutely chill he is with everything. Extra people joining us for dinner? - Sure! Hosting a party - sounds great - he'll fire up the grill and no need to ask him to help with clean-up, he's already on it. I have finals week and am crazed with work and studying? - he's my rock.

There are certainly things that get him worried, but the day-to-day stuff that I can get warped over, he is phenomenal at keeping perspective. I adore him.


That's the best. I love people like that. I hate when people only complain and having an attitude for when one has finals and can't cook or clean.

Keep him! Make him happy as well!


When they move your stuff.

Hey... where is the cable i use every day to connect my work laptop to the monitors?

Her: "It's right were it should be. *Goes into the closet, takes out and opens 5 boxes, opens a floor safe and grabs the cable.*


This is why I try really hard not to move my bf's stuff around. We don't live together, but he's had me help him move rooms and reorganize. But then he sets something down, like a hat, and I am like "I should put that with with the other hats in the closet" and then he can't find the damn thing.

So I try to never mess with things unless he asks me to.


Some are meant to eat, not cook.

She burns literally everything she cooks. She has ruined 2 pots, melted things inside the microwave, and destroyed one crock pot.

I love her unendingly. But my god, she is destroyer of worlds.


How does one ruin a crock pot? I'm impressed.


By leaving something in it for days and days, long after it should be done cooking. And she got mad at me if I wanted to remove it.

It's not rational.


Homemade noodles, if you're interested.

He can make homemade soup. Even the noodles are from scratch!


How does one go about making homemade noodles?


He takes 1 cup flour, 1 beaten egg, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp milk and kneads it together, rolls it out, cuts it in strips/pieces and pinches the middle of them to make little bows. Whenever we have a rotisserie chicken he uses the bones and what's left with some veggies to make the soup (:


That is seriously impressive. Tell me, is your partner single?


Also what is your partners views on Polygamy?


What about someone not interested in commitment but open to soup?


When he smokes, but isn't chronically addicted.

He actually is possibly the one person in the universe who legitimately actually smoked a pack a day and "only smokes socially and could quit anytime he wanted." Like, he'd continuously chain-smoke hanging out with his old roommate, but then he moved in with me and I asked him to please not smoke indoors and he spent a couple days going "I kinda want a cigarette but I am too lazy to walk five steps from my desk to the door of our tiny 1BR apartment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" and just never picked the habit back up. I was floored.


Laziness or sheer willpower.

Friend's kid confronted him with "I'd like to try smoking"...ended up making a would stop and kid wouldn't start. Heavy smoker to zero overnight.


It me.

That he has no self control if there are sweets or chips in the house. Can't just leave half the bag, has to eat it. So now I hide a few small chocolates to give our piece by piece :)


I cant be trusted to shop. I'm too tempted to pick out junk food. Once junk food is in house it will be consumed because I get into a cycle of anxiousness over eating it then use it to calm myself down and then realize how stupid what I just did was.


Happens to us all the time! We're only human 🤷♀️


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