People Reveal What They Are Extremely Self-Conscious About That People Probably Do Not Notice


Humans are insecure creatures by nature.

Because we have been taught to obsess over every little detail about ourselves, the slightest thing out of place can easily immediately trigger a negative response in our own minds.

Oh, my nose is too big, or, these jeans make me look fat. It may not even be true, but we become fused with those thoughts and can't break away from them.

u/kgentz3 asked:

What's something you're excessively self conscious of, despite the fact that most people probably don't care?

Here were some of the answers.

La Vocce Brutha


I'm completely convinced my voice is really, really ugly. No one ever says anything about it, but it sounds like if Fran Drescher was from rural England and then went to the Bea Arthur School of Female Baritones.


do not listen to a recording of yourself do not listen to a recording of yourself do not listen to a recording of yourself do not listen to a recording of yourself


Someone Call Tan France

I'm very self conscious about how my clothes fit on me, even though I know about 0% of people ever look at me and care about that.


I'm the same.

Always something gripping, pulling or tugging. Why are these so tight on my calves but so loose on my thighs? Is this shirt too wide? This jumper is creating spacing between my neck and collar! My jeans aren't sitting on my shoes the way they should!



You're Late! You're Late!

I refuse to be late for anything. It will kill me if I show up at 10:02 for something that was supposed to happen at 10:00. I know that most people won't even notice the difference, but I cannot let myself be late for something.


My Parents were late for literally everything growing up. I remember at like 10 YO I learned how long it took to get places and would try to get my parents out of the house so we could get to things on time. We would still end up being late because they would tell me "it won't take that long to get there" and would leave 10-15 minutes later and I'd be late. So as an adult I make sure I'm on time, if not 10 minutes early, for everything.



That I am a horrible conversationalist, I want to hang out with people but for the most part I never know what to say.


I'm the exact same, I've gotten better at not giving a sh!t about being quiet compared to others but it sucks when you want to talk to someone but you have nothing to offer. I feel like my head is absolutely void of anything I'd even want to talk about.


Feeling The Energy

Passive eye contact. I feel like I look like a crazy person scanning the room sometimes.


when someone looks up and makes eye contact with you, and you immediately look away so they don't think you've been staring at them the whole time is the WORST


Retainer Be Damned

My teeth. I grew up with awful teeth, wore braces as an adult, but neglected to maintain my retainer. They will never be as bad as when I was a kid/teen, but I will always be self conscious when opening my mouth.


Ya Makin' Me Blush

I blush. Except people love to say "wow your face is so red!" Every time. They don't care that I'm blushing but they love to point it out. I literally can't help it. It just keeps happening. There's nothing to stop it so why question it????


My face gets so RED when people compliment me, and I always get "are you okay" .... yes I'm okay, you didn't just see that... never mind.


Overly Cautious

I'm always worried that I smell. I always get compliments on the way I smell, so it really makes no sense but I think someone made a comment long ago that is now engrained.

[username deleted]

I have never been able to smell, and I'm in the same boat. 2 or 3 times I've been told I smelled bad despite not knowing, and my parents made told me growing up you "don't wanna be that guy who smells" so yeah I carry a deodorant in my bag and sometimes if I go out for a long period of time. My pocket.


Abuse Isn't Funny, Barbara

I have a scar on my face from many years ago. I hate it. It's on my forehead and I can usually hide it if I grow my hair, but every now and then somebody asks me about it.

This is where it gets f*cked up.

An ex girlfriend of mine gave me that scar. I found out she cheated on me on my birthday. I confronted her about it and she became really aggressive and threw a ceramic bowl at my face which smashed and cut me, leaving a scar.

When I tell people this, they laugh. "Oh... haha... what did you do? haha"

Yeah... Hilarity!

I've succumbed to making up funny anecdotes about it on the fly because people seem to think the truth is somehow funny.


It's Just About How I Feel, Ya Feel?


First, my balding, which started in my early 20s. I've been shaving my head ever since but after a couple weeks of growth, I feel like everyone can noticeably tell that I'm balding anyway so I shave it often or I wear a hat. I do all this despite the fact people tell me they either never noticed or cared.

Second, my tummy/love handles. I also feel like everyone notices it which is why when I'm out in public, I'm constantly tucking in my stomach, wearing dark clothes or wearing slightly loose shirts. I also avoid beaches and pools.


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