People Reveal What Screams "I Have A Crush On You"

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Some people are blind to love, but it's usually pretty obvious if someone is interested. These people share their stories on crushing at it's finest.

u/opeterbreda asks:

What screams"I have a crush on you"?

Don't wear their favorite color...

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When I was a teenager there was a guy in my friends group who every girl had a crush on at some point in their life. He was obsessed with the color yellow and wore yellow constantly. You could tell who had developed a crush on him when that person started wearing yellow a lot all in a sudden. That never worked though, he only ever dated one person while we were teenagers. They were together for almost 3 years and she never did the yellow thing.

The quiet syndrome

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In a mixed gender group of friends and that one girl is happy to talk to every other boy normally but gets quiet/shy when she talks to that one boy in the group.

When it's just too much to take

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If I avoid them as much as possible.

All the important mannerisms

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Constantly smiling at you when you're around. Its important to them to remember details about things in your life, they bring things up in convo, start conversations first via texting. Touching their hair. Slightly touching your arm when they laugh at something you said. They are engaged when you're speaking with eye contact and don't look away. Mimicking what you do, how you sit, your mannerisms, etc. Their feet pointed towards you (also good if you want to know if it's time to wrap up a convo in a one-on-one setting.)

Ops! Now they know

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Stalking their social media and accidentally deep-liking an old post...

Why else would you laugh at a terrible joke?

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Laughing at your terrible jokes.

Either or...

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Multiple glances or not being able to contain the smile when they look at you. Especially if you don't even know them. Either that or there's some bs being said about you and everyone thinks it's funny.

The cryptic route

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Making 100% sure that the other person does not know you have the slightest interest in them.

Cute, or a kick?

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Isn't pointing your toes at them obvious enough?

When life with them flashes before your eyes

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Picturing life together after just interacting. I met a girl at boxing yesterday, she was new so I offered to train with her, she seemed genuinely interested in my teaching, we both laughed a lot and had fun. I stayed after to get to know her, she signed up for more lessons, we went outside and spent more time talking, she even gave me a compliment on my physique and I think we indrectly made plans to train together again?

Some things only work when you are under 12

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When they chase you, grab you, quickly kiss you on the cheek 5 times then run away.

Well, I was 8, but it got the point across.

I wonder how it would work now that I'm 50?

Doing it like birds

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If he unfurls his plumage to reveal a colorful under layer, followed by an intricate mating dance.

When the nerves kick in

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Stuttering in front of the person.

Now that's trust

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When they'll eat the oats right outta your hand.

Dead give away

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When you make eye contact with someone and they immediately look away because they've been staring at you.

This is specific

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Check for the number of Ys when they text you. It's called the Hey scale:

Hey - Hi

Heyy - I like you

Heyyy - Love me

Sharing the good stuff

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Mixtape, or whatever the modern equivalent is.

Measure the conversation activity

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If they're really open to talking to you, that's a good sign. Like, four points:

  1. When I like a girl, I will repeatedly try to start up conversations
  2. When a girl likes me, she will always be extremely receptive to those attempts and conversations will billow very easily
  3. When a girl does not like me, she might answer my questions and be friendly with minimal eye contact
  4. When I do not like a girl who might like me, I won't be so inclined to perpetuate a conversation because I know how she might misconstrue that


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I sent a guy the song "I can't help falling in love with you"

They replied they liked the song as well :L

Interesting behavioral cue

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When laughing in a group setting, a person will generally try to make eye contact with the person there whose approval they most value.

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