People Reveal What Got Ruined After Too Many People Got Into It


Isn't it nice knowing about something awesome before everyone else does? Definitely - until the tourists and followers show up. When things go mainstream, they often lose their edge, succumbing to market pressures and often conforming because of competition. It's a sad thing, especially when the price is paid by creative minds and places in nature.

Archiecornall1 asked: What has been ruined because too many people are doing it?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

15. Money over art.

Comic Con.


The whole convention scene is a nightmare now. I remember going to conventions 10 or 12 years ago and having the time of my life. You could shoot the sh*t with your favorite actors, get an autograph and a photo for a decent price and see some amazing panels all I'm one day.

Now you have to wait in line for everything or be lucky enough to win a lottery. You can't buy any con merch because some @sshole waited in line overnight to buy up the entire store to sell it on eBay. And photo ops have been monopolized by a company that jacked up the prices.


The photoshoot and autograph prices drive me insane. At Walker Stalker in London 2018, people had to pay £128 for a photo with Norman Reedus or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Like, seriously? You're in their presence for less than 10 seconds. It's not value for money unless you're a super fan.

I go to a lot of low-key film and horror conventions which pull in maybe 1000 people maximum. One of my heroes is Robert Englund, who played Freddy Krueger, and I paid £20 for a professional photo with him. The larger conventions get, the less intimate they get, the less personal and the more corporate they get.

Comic con isn't even about comics any more. Whenever I go to check out the comic selections at any local comic cons, there are hardly any there because most of the stalls focus on totally unrelated stuff.


14. "The Beach."

Maya Beach. It was in that 2000 Leo DiCaprio movie where it was depicted as a 'paradise'.

Now way too many tourists visit there, beyond the beach's capacity, and it's destroyed almost all of the coral reef and marine life. The government of Thailand had to close the beach down indefinitely last year to let the ecosystem recover.


Agent Smith was right! human beings are a virus!


13. The debate over Airbnb rages on.

Airbnb is ruining Hawaii. The wealthy (who are often non-residents) are buying up all the 'affordable' housing, so residents are being forced to move to the mainland.


It's ruining a lot of places by decreasing vacancy since you can make more money renting it out a few days than to a consistent tenant.


Popular tourist spots in Canada are feeling this too. Trying to rent an apartment year round in the Okanagan in BC is impossible. My dad was looking for an apt and they were all 'six months only' aka the off season. Annoying.


12. Tourists, in general.

Tourism to ultra popular places, especially smaller cities. Dubrovnik immediately comes to mind. The first time I went was pre-Game of Thrones and I thought it was pretty touristy, but sort of in a "typical" popular European destination way. I went again a few years later (after GoT became really popular) with my then-boyfriend because we were in the area and he hadn't been...and HOLY SH*T. It is the only place I've ever thought was absolutely ruined by the huge amount of tourists. And that was in autumn! I'd hate to see what it's like in the summer.


11. Etsy - what happened? Oh right, capitalism.

Back when Etsy was in its heyday it was really awesome finding unique artists doing unique things all over the world. I loved that I could find things for any niche interest I could dream of, would eat up their featured artist videos for inspiration, and felt like I had a real chance at selling the crafts I've loved making for years.

Nowadays a lot of it is Chinese resellers and people selling things they "made" that you can tell were just like 2 things they bought and glued together. It was kind of fun at first back when Regretsy was a thing (FJLs unite!) but now I feel like I have to be super meticulous when I'm shopping on there to make sure what I'm looking at is indeed either a vintage or handmade item and that it's not something from Alibaba or Wish with a 500% markup. Not to mention trying to stand out among all that crap if you're trying to sell things.


10. Have you done it lately?


Living in California, the difference even in the last 5-7 years is insane.


Used to be one could just get up early and have a peaceful pre-dawn drive to avoid all that. Not any more.


This is honestly what I miss. Late evening / early morning drives were literally a hobby of mine. Can't drive anywhere at anytime without running into other people, most of which end up irritating me due to shitty driving skill.


9. It was supposed to be for entrepreneurs.

Flipping Houses. I've never been interested in doing it myself, but when just a few people who actually knew how to improve a fixer-upper and resell it after increasing its value were doing it, it was a legitimate service.

Now it's just artificially inflating housing prices when "investors" buy up every open property in an area, put in trendy, garbage fixtures and cheap paint, and expect unreasonable prices so normal people can't afford homes.

It's ruining the housing market in a lot of places.


Basically every student house ever. paints cupboards brown, places down cheap laminate flooring that vaguely resembles cheap hardwood, puts in a cheap stainless steel fridge and boom that'll be $800/mn + utilities

Edit: more like $1500+ depending on location


8. The fees, man.

Delivering for Uber Eats. Used to make $150 a night on the weekends. Now I'm lucky to hit $60 before I get tired of waiting around for pings and go home


Honestly, Uber Eats charges too high of a fee. I don't use them or postmates anymore. I mostly just use Door Dash.


Same here. The last two times I ordered using Uber Eats, the food never showed. Called the restaurant and they told me the driver never showed. F*ck all that. Not mention the hassle of trying to get a refund.


7. Don't come for my thirst traps.

Instagram (specific types of accounts).

As much as I love using it for friends, everything is so overdone to the extreme. photographers edit their photos to basically look like a place that doesn't actually exist but are dishonest about it. "Models" all have the same poses, locations, aesthetic themes. all those people that post as a "lifestyle blog" but it's just a bunch of pictures of them on vacation or advertising some sketchy looking online shop. people that have thousands of followers and every single one of their posts is a selfie.

Sorry if any of these things intrigue you, in my opinion i just feel like they're so overdone and hard to avoid.


Every "Instagram photographer" page:

Girl holding a ball of string lights. Girl in bathtub full of milk. Teal and Orange color palettes. Body paint. Portraits with tons of neon (usually at an arcade). Girl looking straight at camera through oversize glass.

Instagram has gotten way to predictable.


6. Secrets are only fun when they are actually secret.

A shortcut through a neighborhood (to avoid 3 lights and a railroad crossing).

It became so popular that the town installed a series of large speedbumps to discourage drivers from using it.


There's one in my area that instead of speed bumps it has little mini roundabouts...damn it if that didn't make it even more fun to zip around those bad boys


5. Map apps.

Driving side/urban roads to get somewhere faster during rush hour in the city.

F*ck You Waze! You've ruined our secret pathways we spent years ironing out!


Seriously. Up until Waze and sh*t got everywhere, I took PRIDE, that I know pretty much every secret and shortcut around where I live. Now it's all ruined.


4. Tons of money just to stand in line.

Theme Parks. Even if you pay a butt load for the express passes. You still have to get through the swarms of people to get to the rides. Then all the food vendors are packed. I feel like there could actually be more of them spread out. There is one water park near me. 2 large metropolitan cities within a little over an hour drive. That place is wall to wall people everyday of the summer.

Edit: I've tried replying to everyone. I'm mobile so now it doesn't bring up new comments. It's takes to long to find them. Thanks for the upvotes and convo's. One of the more fun threads I've seen in a while.


Central Floridian here. I do not understand the people who go to Disney every week. I have a bunch of friends like that. The water park's OK but the theme parks feel like work.


They are a lot less work when you go so often that there's no pressure to see or get to everything so it becomes much more enjoyable. I still can't fathom why they haven't built another Disney World in the US somewhere though. They could absolutely do it without cannibalizing their business, and the parks might feel a little less busy.


3. Misuse is causing real problems.


Edit: Normally I don't support these kind of edits, but I was just given the "best comment of the day" by Reddit admins, so... happy birthday to my girlfriend!


Yes, everyone thinks they're all fun and games til they get cdiff or they have something that becomes antibiotic resistant.


This is probably one of the most serious answers.


2. The same music over and over and over...

Hit songs always do it for me, the radio doesn't help either. Takes the replay value down even if the song is 10/10.


This is a good one. If I hear "Life is a Highway" one more time I'm gonna rip my ears off of my head.


1. It's often totally unaffordable.

Going to the theater. I'm not going to buy tickets to a show I can't see until 2027.


I am not spending $1,200 to see any Broadway play and I used to love going to the theater.


Agreed. Broadway is just so expensive that it's not worth it imo. Especially when I can go to local or school-run productions that are actually close to my house and cost WAY less.

Like $1200/ticket? That's about a month's rent on a one-bedroom apartment. It's crazy.

Edit: Yes I'm aware that many Broadway shows aren't that expensive. And the rent was just a ballpark guess.


What has something's popularity ruined for you?

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