People Reveal What Everyone Should Experience At Least Once In Their Lifetime


Life is short, but full of opportunity. Our experiences make us who we are and it's up to us to seek out as many of those experiences as possible.

There are those experiences that make being a human worth it. And those experiences are the same for everybody.

u/poppysan asked:

What is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime?

Here were some of those answers.

Twue Wuv


To tell someone that you love them, and have them look genuinely happy back at you.


I hope you see the biggest heart warming smile you could imagine.

For me, when I say "I love you " In one of those moments .... I'm not looking for " I love you too" I'm looking for " I know"

Not that if it was my first time I wouldn't feel weird, but it validates how I love, and if I make that person feel loved that's what really matters to me.


To Tal E Clipse Of The Sun!

Total solar eclipse.

It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights our solar system has to offer. After being directly in the line of totality in North America in 2017, I'm completely hooked now. Next one locally in 2024.


A Defining Summer Moment

Hearing the ice cream truck music and running to your mom for money then sprinting down the street in time to catch the ice cream truck.


I work as an ice cream truck driver. Honestly one of the best parts of my job is looking in my mirror and seeing 10 year olds sprinting after my truck. Brings me all sorts of happy memories


Zoom Zoom Zoom

It's rather mundane, and some people hate doing this, but everyone should take a trip on an airplane. It still blows my mind that human beings developed technology that allows us to be transported in a metal (and plastic?) tube thousands of feet in the air. I especially love the rush as the plane is building up speed just before takeoff. I also find it amazing that our technology has advanced to the point where the airplane itself can do a lot of the work, in terms of staying on course.


Soap Opera Feelings

Spending a day/night with stranger and them never being in your life ever again. But when you think back on that, it puts a smile on your face or reminds of you a happy moment in life. Priceless.

I am not talking about a one night stand as in just have sex when drunk and then leave. Like a stranger suddenly comes into your life for a very very short time, and then the feeling or longing for that person again but knowing it will never happen. Like ever.


No Tomorrow

Going to a concert of your favourite musician or a band. This is a truly amazing and life-changing experience. You feel so alive, as if there is no tomorrow.


May I add something to that? Hanging out at smaller venues/festival stages, checking out names you've never heard before, and suddenly poof you have a new favourite band.

Dancing with your friends when everybody goes "oooh man that band is actually just frickin awesome!!" is amazing!


A Millennial Struggle

Being financially stable.


Currently working on this - from building my savings to trying to improve my credit score. It's tough and likely an extremely long process but i'm hopeful.


Life Keeps Rolling On

A real, genuinely challenging decision. Not just something that makes you think, but something that makes you worry, and stress a little, and worry in the immediate aftermath of the decision that you may not have made the right choice.

And then just accepting it.

Because as much as it would be nice to live without worry, it's important to learn that sometimes there won't be an easy choice, but that things will work themselves out ultimately.


Late Night Chill Sesh

Have a late night talk or hang out with your friends without getting absolutely trashed.

I've had this with my childhood friends whenever someone comes home from abroad or someone gets married, we take a day off (or half) at work and do a small reunion. No one seems to notice how late it gets, we would just talk and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, no pressure on which ones to get), play card/board games, listen to someone play the guitar, reminisce school, talk about the future, anything goes. I feel like everyone should at least experience this, it's so chill.


The Biggest Way To Learn


Fail. Really truly fail.

Also, it only really counts for anything if it's totally, 100% your fault.

Failing a class because you just aren't smart enough (or you were too lazy to study), losing an actually good/stable SO because you weren't a good enough partner, not getting or even losing a job because you aren't good enough, etc.

It's the biggest educator.


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