People Reveal What Always Makes Them Instantly Suspicious Of Someone


Honesty is the best policy right? Maybe to a point. Being too nice can rouse suspicions, as can overtly lying about trivial things. Personally, I'm suspicious of habitual overachievers. You know, the student/athlete/church deacon/volunteer/soldier/entrepreneur who just bought a Mercedes at age 19. Anyway...

DreadLord64 asked Redditors: What immediately makes you suspicious of someone?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Getting to throw shade is an earned privilege.

Especially at work: when they're careless with other people's property or make jokes at someone's expense before getting to know them.


New Yorkers love giving directions.

Living in New York, it's honestly when someone talks to me out of the blue on the sidewalk. 99% of the time it's someone is trying get a handout with a fake sob story or to outright scam me. Tourists often get a bad rap among natives, but it's actually a relief when someone really needs help with directions.


A sketchy broker? Groundbreaking.

Met a realtor to sell my wife's parents' house. Within one hour, she told us perhaps 20 times how honest she was. She told us we could expect a certain price for the house. Despite the red flags from all the promises of honesty, my wife signed the listing. Realtor called us a couple days later to say the market had changed and we should expect 25,000 less than she originally told us.


Ain't this the tea.

Honest, straight-forward, non-drama/chaotic people don't go around declaring these qualities about themselves.


Can't we all just get along?

If they're quick to talk behind the back of someone I don't even know, like they're creating some type of "bond" between the two of us. And if they talk about someone I know, obviously that's an even bigger red flag.


Not everything is worthy of excitement.

If they're too charismatic. I don't like car-salesman type people in normal social settings and I also don't trust people who try to be super "relatable" to everyone.


We all knew this guy.

I knew of guy in college who everyone said was super duper nice. He was studying medicine too, so he wasn't only smart but omg he is so nice and kind!

When I was walking to class with my friend, we bumped into him and three of us walked together. My friend introduced us and after about 5 minutes of talking to him...I was done.

He was just over the top. After every sentence he would say 'uh huh uh huh' in a super concerned way....but the timing was off. He would say it like 1/2 a second before the sentence was over. So he wasn't actually listening but wanted to say his 'uh huh'. Sometimes he would mix it up with 'awww' and other such nonsense. His laugh didn't feel sincere either. He laughed too hard for a simple casual banter.

I even tried talking to him 2 or 3 times after that, at different occasions because we had mutual friends and were sometimes at parties together....and it was still the same. I don't understand how no one else felt that way!


Hold up. There's a what in Iceland?

Lying when they don't need to.

"What are you doing tonight?" "Just sitting in," they say before posting 849 snapchat stories of the club.

Honestly, I don't see the point. If you were actually planning on going to the penis museum in Reykjavík then yeah, I could understand, but why lie about something so mundane? What purpose does it serve beyond making you look like an untrustworthy pissbaby?


They're lying. They like other people's drama. Who doesn't?

When they explicitly say that they HATE drama.


If you have to boast...

"We are good Christians."


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