People Reveal The Weirdest Thing They Do While Eating


Food rules - wine pairings, breakfast for dinner (or not?), and eating at night - all carry some societal taboo. Screw it, eat how you want. Food is love.

pivamelvin asked: What is a food rule that YOU have broken?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Best time to eat.

I was just gonna say that I sometimes eat right before sleeping but y'all a bunch of psychopaths.


That's not a rule. It's an old wives tale or made up witchcraft.


9. Ice in milk? Ew.

I'll eat almost any "hot" food without heating it up, assuming it's properly cooked already. Leftovers are a very quick meal for me... no prep time whatsoever.

My partner eats cereal weird. Drops a couple ice cubes into the bowl, then adds milk. Lets it sit for a minute then adds a thin layer of cereal on top.

Slowly adds cereal as the bowl empties and leaves the milk out for the whole process, which takes about an hour.


'Weird' is an understatement for your second paragraph.


8. There's a name for this...

I put my cake in a bowl and pour milk over it. My dad taught me this as a kid and I've found it is much less common than I thought but I recommend everyone tries it, it's golden.


You will enjoy Tres Leches cake! It's cake soaked in milk!


Three milks, as a matter of fact!


7. Either way it's quicker.

Beer before liquor.


Liquor before beer, you're in the clear.

Beer before liquor, you'll be fine, don't be a wimp.


Liquor before beer, never fear, don't do heroin.


6. Waste not.

5 second rule will never stop me!


5 second rule is bullsh*t anyway. Why would germs just wait a sec, to be respectful? If you are going to eat something off the floor (I won't pretend like I haven't) then own it!


Of course they don't wait a sec. They wait 5, hence the name '5 second rule'.


5. Whoops.

One time I went to Sonic and ordered a slushee. For whatever reason I asked for chocolate and vanilla for the flavors and they actually made it and brought it out to me. Worst thing I ever tasted.


Your mouth said "slushee", your brain thought "shake". R.I.P.


4. The throne has no limits.

My college roommate always ate while he pooped.


My college roommate once took a sh*t while eating a liverwurst sandwich. Not sure why the specific type of sandwich bugs me so much, but it does.


Because deep down you wanted to try it but now you can't.


3. No.

Mixed all the sodas at the soda fountain, have yet to puke because of it.


aka a Suicide. Mountain Dew is the key to balancing flavors.


We always called that a Swamp-water. We called it a suicide when you take that rubber mat that collects liquids at the bar and pour it into a shot glass.


2. Breakfast for dinner? Absolutely.

Leftover meatloaf for breakfast. Scrambled eggs for dinner. Did it. Will do it again. I apologize for nothing.


Since when is scrambled eggs not good for dinner? I have that once a week.


Scrambled eggs is an all day meal.

Tbh anything you have for breakfast can be had for lunch or dinner as well.


1. Do you, boo.

A couple of weeks back, I had an oyster with a glass of red wine.


There's a wine movement that says wine and food pairings are bullsh*t - just eat and drink what you like.


I always assumed pairings were more of a "the flavors tend to go better together this way" than actual rules, but I don't like wine so what do I know?


You're correct. But people have been pretty picky about pairing wine and food for so long, working at an upscale restaurant includes training in the basics of wine and food pairing. I dunno, it seemed silly when I did it, and most people that were concerned about it were either wine newbs (didn't want to "make a mistake"/"look silly") or wine snobs. Some breweries do this with their beer, but again, it's really just a preference. It's kind of romanticized, because the enhancement of a pairing isn't going to put you into a state of bliss (more so than the food alone or with a different beverage) or a "complete mismatch" won't destroy a meal. There is information and people to help you out, but folks are realizing that it's been overblown.


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