People Reveal What Uncommon Opinion They Secretly Identify With


It's easy to go with the wave. When a community consciousness gets its footing and an idea spreads, usually it's better for your state of mind to relax and go with it. For those among us who don't, however, you might find yourself standing against the onslaught of popular opinion with one that may get you in trouble.

Reddit user, u/sdiller02, asked people to bare their souls when they asked:

What uncommon opinion do you secretly identify with?

Not Everyone Should Have As Many Kids As They Want

That it might not be a bad thing to put a limit on the number of children people can have. I know there are a million repercussions to that, and that it's a slippery slope to allowing the govt to rule our bodies...but man, do I hate to see so many kids raised in such deficient homes.


Not Every Wedding Should Be "Right"

I don't think there is a right way to have a wedding. I think people who have big expensive weddings, even then it's difficult for them to afford it, shouldn't be judged. I also think it's more than fine to just elope or have a little family gathering.

The amount of venomous judgment people put into this topic really surprises me, particularly when the people shaming others are rarely the ones who are paying for these weddings or even participating in them.


Meesa Agreesa With Yousa


The Star Wars prequels aren't the worst thing to exist.


My friends and I quote them all the time. At the very least they're pretty funny (even if unintentionally), and the music's still amazing


Kids Are Not The Be-All and End-All

Having kids isn't worth it and life is far better if you don't


I think having kids can be wonderful for some people, but the stigma of not having kids is something that seems to be pushed onto everyone and some people can be perfectly happy with living their lives alone.


What's The Middle Ground?

Alcohol is bad for society. I am in no way advocating for a ban but the terrible things that stem from alcohol abuse are numerous.


I think all the points that you make are correct, but it's worth also stating that prohibition was worse.


It's Not An Excuse

Saying "I'm an a--hole so I am blunt" is not an excuse to treat your peers lesser than you.

Especially in teamwork environments, that's how you don't get anyone to work with you.


But You Can Have It For Breakfast!

Cereal is technically cold soup.


Listen here little sh-t...


STOP The Lies


Boneless chicken wings are chicken nuggets


Not Everyone Is The Same

It is okay to generalize based on your personal experiences and observations.

For example, I heard Jay Leno call women loyal and contend fidelity is easy as a result. Reddit would lose their sh-t over that blanket statement.


There's some truth here. Everyone generalizes and profiles other people, whether we admit it or not. We have to or we'd be paralyzed with indecision.


Who You Are Is Not What Makes You Interesting


People who consider their gender/sexuality to be their most interesting attribute are far and away the dullest people alive.


What's your secret opinion you hold about the world? Let us know!

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