All that we are, and all we'll be is perfect. Well at least until other humans hit us with the truth... we're all a mess, and a mess every second of everyday. That doesn't mean we're a mistake, messes can be totes fun. But we may need to get more in tune to our shortcomings... for the greater good.

Redditor u/Persona_On_Reddit wanted everyone to discuss the facts about themselves they learned through others by asking... What is something you never realized about yourself, until someone pointed it out?

First Impressions.


I never noticed that I had a resting angry face. I work at a restaurant and i see new people come and go and I've always wanted to get to know them but they never interacted with me. Then one day a server came up to me and said "you know when I first saw you I was afraid of you because you always looked so angry." Ever since then I've been more mindful of my RBF. Myst56

Looking Back. 

When talking/thinking, I look around sometimes, usually distracted by something moving or just looking while thinking of a word. This part I knew. What I didn't know was when doing this, or looking back to the person I am talking to, one of my eyes does not track the same way. For example, if I'm looking back to the left where the person I am talking to is, my right eye moves from right to left seamlessly and smoothly. However my left eye may do a sudden roll, look up, and then move to the left.

I went to a Neurologist a few years ago for an issue with numbness when I lift my arms above my head (I have an extra set of cervical ribs which put pressure on the carotid and a nerve), and he noticed it the second I introduced myself and asked about it. He said he wanted to take a look at it as well, but we never made it that far. Still kinda wonder what it is. NoleLife

Too Loud. 

If I'm nervous i laugh really loud. Great, now I'm even more nervous because i can hear it but i can't control it. SuddenTerrible_Haiku

I smile and sometimes even laugh whenever I'm in trouble because I'm so nervous or embarrassed, and it pisses people off. NeverEnoughMuppets

Exit... Stage Left.


I talk too much. I always give out way more info than needed and and often don't know when I should exit a conversation. Zidane62

Hands Up. 

That I talk with my hands. The more I'm into the conversation the more I flail my hands around. I got conscious about it that everytime I find myself lifting my hands mid convo I just pause. Sidapa_at_Bulan


EVERY TIME I read those posts that are like "Unclench your jaw & relax your shoulders" I realize that my jaw is clenched and my shoulders are tense.

So unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders, guys. rosesaremaroon

Hold Me! 

When an acquaintance goes in for a hug, I awkwardly say "Oh we're hugging. Okay." Everytime. Didn't even notice until my husband pointed it out. gypsyroz

Come Correct. 

After speaking, I sometimes end up repeating what I had previously said but by mouthing it silently? My sister is the only one who has pointed that out so she might just be messing with me. seraphes

I used to do it. I just kinda grew out of it, but I still think about what I had just said and analyze if it was "correct." Anxiety is a b***h. hermeown

Side 2 Side.

When I'm happy with my food, I sway from side to side. Momorara

I "bounce" my hand when I'm loving a meal. Never realized it, I just wave it in small up and downs like I'm making sure sauce won't come flying off when I bring it up to my mouth. mrmmonty


I thought I had a receding hairline. It turns out I was actually pretty damn bald. Prufrock451

I also had this realization but it was a picture of me from the rear that really showed it. I immediately started shaving my head and have not stopped since. Bald + beard gives me way more confidence than I had before. b0nk3rs1337



My laugh sounds like a window wiper.

Edit: it's nice to know that people appreciate my hideous laugh :) my friends sent me this because they said it was pretty similar absenot

Pause. Repeat.

I don't finish my sentences. The last is implied. It's totally weird. My husband and kids pointed this out. I then noticed that my siblings speak the same way. in-my-50s

I sometimes do the same. Like, my mouth or rather my tongue is too lazy to say the rest of the sentence, so I say: The dirt in the corner. Should I leave it or.... And just leave it at that. Sometimes people get frustrated and the I get frustrated, because I have to repeat the entire thing again and add the missing piece. My brothers and I do this. My sister doesn't. yodamselindisdress

On Read....

Someone called me the "queen of leaving people on read," which was a shock bc I didn't have a phone that did read receipts and I thought I annoyed everyone and they hated me and didn't like to hear from me. So, I thought I came off as needy and texting too much/annoying not cold and distant. requiemforpotential

Mean Girl. 

When I was still in high school, I could be very thoughtless and rude. I'd just say things without any thought of how they might make others feel. One day my brother came home from college and literally tackled me in the hallway outside my room, pinning me to the floor to inform me of this.

I have no memory of what prompted his action (probably something I said to one of my younger siblings), or his exact words, but it had a profound effect on my life. I didn't immediately do everything perfectly, but after a decade or so I finally figured things out.

I still probably say things I shouldn't. Well, definitely. But far less often. morostheSophist

Click. Click. Click. 

I open my click pens why whacking them against the area between my shoulder and my chest, and close it the same way... I don't know how or when this started but my friend looked at me really weird when I first did it in front of her. Aerakon

He's a Neanderthal. 

I was told by an ex bf that I have a cave-man shaped forehead. I always knew my eye brows were kinda shaped weird but I could never figure out why. It wasn't until he pointed out the big ridge across my brow bone that I really noticed. It makes my eye brows really enhanced and angry looking. It's so obvious to me now I couldn't believe I never noticed it.

Next Topic.


That I have a terrible attention span and my mind is thinking of a million things in the background when I'm having a conversation, and I'll end up randomly and abruptly changing said conversation to something completely different. SkiingSkadi

But honestly I wish He never pointed it out because it's not something you can fix and I'm just stuck viewing myself as a caveman now.

It sucks how the bad stuff always stick with you much longer than the good.

Update: I didn't realize how many people would relate! Some of these comments were hilarious and brightened my day thank you. :) teddybearss

Ah... NOPE! 

How I can get really passionate about something and dedicate 100% of my time to it, and then suddenly just say "nope" and never return to that idea. Like, I can't just keep things going on a slow and easy pace. It has to be everything or nothing at all. And once I'm done, then I'm done. Never looking back. "Pretty annoying" - my best friend :D friedmayonnaisesoda

Hear Me!


That I tend to interject things a LOT while others are talking. The reality is, it's just me pinpointing all the details I remember about the story, but I didn't realize it was irritating until recently. Now I try to stay as silent as possible, and I haven't seen my friends in a while because of it. undercover_batgirl


I didn't know I was experiencing hypomania till a friend confronted me. I have bipolar II, and while I'm always very aware depression when it's happening, it's hard to recognize when I'm on an upswing. Once it was pointed out though I was all, "ya, I guess I have been sleeping 2 hours per night all week, drained my savings on a new hobby, and am making plans to move across the country." I'm getting better at recognizing symptoms now, and meds help a lot. buttercupslutz


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