People Reveal Things Their Parents Do That Drive Them Insane


Not everyone has a good relationship with their parents, but even those that do still have little things their parents do that drive them crazy.

Reddit user u/Packerboy6 asked:

"What is something your parents do that drives you insane?"


This is probably a quite common one but they never close the door when they leave, i mean how hard is it?


Please just close my door!



Right now my mom's way too into my pregnancy. She wants me to send her weekly bump pictures in the same outfit for comparisons. I didn't take one this week (because she ticked me off and it ruined it for me) and she's reminded me twice that "she hasn't gotten her picture." Piss off it's my bump and my body, remind me more and you get none.



Complain about the shit I don't do, then when I do it, complain about the way I did it.


"Why haven't you put the washing out?"

"WHY DID YOU HANG THE WASHING THAT WAY? I could have done it better myself"



My mom is one of those people who asks me to hurry up and get ready because we're going to be late. And then when I'm ready, it takes another 5 minutes for her to get ready.



They keep going into my room and cleaning it or doing my laundry for me.

I'm 25 years old. I have my room the way I like it, I can do my laundry on my own, and I'm gonna move out this year.


This is the worst! My parents did this when I lived with them so I moved out.

And then I went to Europe for 3 weeks once and my parents had a spare key to my apartment for emergency purposes. I walked into my apartment after that trip and my mom had not only cleaned but rearranged my entire apartment to her liking. I was livid and they no longer have a spare key to my place.



After a dramatic instance where my uncle dumped my breakfast in the trash can and refused to look at or speak to me for several days, my aunt has now instituted a rule that we are not allowed to discuss politics with each other because family is more important than politics.

Turns out what this really means is that they're allowed to make quick political quips and when my brother or I open our mouths, they suddenly shout, "BUT WE DON'T TALK POLITICS BECAUSE FAMILY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN POLITICS."

In essence, they can say anything, but we get shouted down when we try to respond.

(Bonus Bullshit: the way they use their wealth as a bribe to get us to do what they want. My aunt has offered me $1500 if I lost 60 lbs in 4 months and she'd get me a whole new wardrobe. She wanted me to be 110 lbs for my law school graduation. Obviously, I did not. I would look AWFUL at 110 lbs and I told her so.

A month ago, she told me if I lose weight (I assume to 110 lbs again), she'll do an all expense paid trip for us to all go skiing in Colorado. I didn't respond.

The other day, she told me "if you dye your hair, I'm not paying for it" and loudly told my friends that it'll stop me in my tracks because if she's not paying for it, I won't do it. I lost a bet, went to the salon, dyed my hair a nice blonde color. She was shocked that I, an adult with my own money, paid for my own hair to get dyed.

She has also offered me money to take out my naval piercing. I took it out anyway because I had an issue after more than a year with a pressure issue. I never told her, she hasn't noticed, and she'll still sometimes pull me aside to offer me $50 to take it out. Girl, it cost more than $50 to have it pierced in the first place.



My parents have this annoying habit of doing things they THINK are helpful, but aren't. Yet when I genuinely need help with something, suddenly they're not interested.

For example...the other day I lost my car keys. No big deal, I'm only going to a doctor's appointment. I'll just use my spare keys. So I go to the bathroom to get dressed, only to walk out and discover my parents *frantically* searching for my keys in the couch cushions, under the couch with a flashlight, behind the TV, everywhere!

Me: "Hey guys, it's ok. You don't have to worry about looking for my keys. I've got the spare ones here." Dad: "We're just trying to help you! You can't go anywhere without your keys!" Me: "No, seriously. It's ok. I'm only going into town. I can use the spare keys. Anyway I'm running a bit late so I don't have time to look for them." Dad: "Ughh! I don't know why we even bother helping you with anything! You're never grateful for anything!!" Me: "Dad, I asked you last night if you could help me carry the heavy dog food bag to the laundry and you said you couldn't be bothered. THAT would have actually been helpful." Dad: "I have no idea what you're talking about..."

Also, repetitive questions...
Mom: "Would you like a coffee?" Me: "No, thanks. I'm good." Mom: "Are you sure?" Me: "Yes, I'm sure." Mom: "You haven't had anything to drink for a while. Are you sure you don't want anything?" Me: "I had some water before. I'm good." Mom: "It's just...I'm making a coffee for your father, so I can make one for you too if you'd like?" Me: "No, I'm good!" Mom: "Are you *sure* you don't want a coffee?" Me: "For fucks sake, *I said I don't want a coffee.* If I wanted one, I'm perfectly capable of getting one myself." Mom: "I'M JUST TRYING TO BE HELPFUL! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO MEAN TO ME?!!" Me: "Because you don't take no for an answer. I don't want a coffee." Mom: "I'm gonna make you a coffee anyway." Me: "AAAARRGGHHHH!!!"



My mom has always been a negative person. Almost every time I tell her something positive or something that I'm looking forward to in the future, she will immediately shut me down. I don't think she does it on purpose, but it's just the way she is. She has really broken my spirit over the years and recently I've learned not to tell her anything anymore.


And then they wonder why you're not more open with them.

Gee mum, maybe the reason I didn't tell you I'm engaged is because the best reaction I ever got from you as a child was when I opened a savings account for myself and you yelled at me.



I finally understood what mansplaining was when my dad was hovering over me telling me all kinds of stupid shit when I was cleaning out my computer.

Use a light, keep the blowers adapter on....This is literally my day job get the fuck away from me.



My mom has a GPS mounted on her car's dash. But she doesn't trust it. So she has Google maps running on her phone. And she cross references it against her dash mounted GPS. But... she doesn't trust google maps, so she has a laptop open on the front passenger seat running Bing Maps and she uses it to cross reference Google maps and the dash mounted GPS all at the same time while driving.

She also refuses to wear a seat belt.


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