People Reveal Their Worst Spoiled Kid Stories


Sometimes your kid is just a brat!

Oh Lord some kids today! If our grandmas could see them... they wouldn't know what hit them? LITERALLY! So many spoiled children are running around disrespecting elders and strangers and even loved ones. And often the parents just give excuses for such insidious behavior. There is no excuse for such actions. Respect is learned. Some children are going to have a rude awakening in life if they aren't set straight soon. Send them my way.

Redditor u/ThiccyLenin wanted to hear some venting from people who have come across some unruly children asking.... What's the most spoiled kid you've ever come across?

Your lucky you don't get a rotary phone! 


A girl in my grade broke or lost her phone six times in the past year and her parents replaced every single one. The last time she broke it (like two months ago), she complained because she got an Iphone 6S instead of the new one. jfrthT

he proper response from the parents after the first break should have been, "If you break this iPhone again, you're getting a Nokia phone." UdonArt

Let Grandpa by you a camp! 

I was a camp counselor for a while... had a granddaughter of the man who owns Torké coffee one week. I don't know how materially spoiled she was, but I was baffled that the kid could not understand that having a rich grandpa does not entitle her to get to use the only working teether ball, alone, because she demanded it. I had to have a ten minute conversation with her during playground time about how, at camp, everyone are equals. Thankfully she was fine the rest of the week! Been_Burrit0

I never liked Italy! 

Have a billionaire customer with 4 kids, all of them pretty spoiled but the youngest once said to me spitefully "we're going on tiger next week and you're not allowed to come."

(Tiger is the name of their yacht in southern Italy) It's not just that he's spoiled that gets to me, it's the fact he knows it and rubs it in. Cortex247

You wanna eat that ruler?

Going to high school with the son of the owner of a large TV company. He thought he should be allowed to sit alone in the classroom surrounded by unfilled desks. I had the "privilege" of sitting in front of him and was constantly harassed with attacks from his ruler and pens if he thought I was even remotely leaning back. Copious-GTea

Oh HELL No! 


My husband and I moved to a new city and spent a lot of time with his gal pal from high school. She had a toddler son who was absolutely atrocious and without mental disability. She threatened him with punishment all of the time for his behavior but never followed through. We would often meet her for dinner where he would throw a tantrum, and she'd say, "If you keep acting like that, we're leaving." He kept acting up but she never left with him.

She had him with a live-in partner who is Cuban and grew up with a "Cuban boys should be treated like Gods" mentality. One time we saw her get upset with the kid for throwing a toy at her head, only to see the kid's dad yell at her, "No! You shouldn't have given him that toy! Now YOU apologize to HIM!" The kid was in a stroller until he was 5 because he couldn't be trusted not to run off into traffic when they were out in public.

The last time we hung out with them, we went mini-golfing. Each time one of us hit our ball, he would snatch it and throw it across the course. I wised up to this and immediately went to pick up my ball for safekeeping after I hit it. As I was picking it up, he tried to grab it out of my hand and fell over lightly. He laid on the ground, pounding his fists and crying. His parents looked at me like I was the a**hole. We ended up limiting our time with them as a result of the kid's bad behavior. Bobcatluv

Cars get Keyed! 

Kid at my high school.

When he was 14 he had a learner's permit but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Everyday he drove it to school and he was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home (which was only about 2 miles away from our school). CollectandRun

Books work as Paddles! 

I gave my nephew some books and he said "Oh man are you kidding me?" and threw them on the floor. DoubleHelix787

He would not survive in my family. I'm pretty sure that 90% of gifts are books. It's become a running joke. "Oh, it's sort of book shaped, and *knock knock knock* feels like a book, I wonder what it could be? Surprise, it's a book!" retief1

Let's form a March! 

My friend's ten-year-old son is a brat, and always getting sent to his room for one thing or another. The other day, I peeked in to the kid's room. Laptop, desktop, TV, and three game systems. Oh my God, what a horrible punishment. Amnesty International is going to write letters about this. captainmagictrousers

How about I sprinkle your face?

I worked at a chocolate shop where we made milkshakes. This lady walked in with 2 spoiled brats. They ordered one milkshake of the classic flavor and the other "birthday cake" flavor. Well, being a tiny store with only 1 blender, I made the classic one first so that I could make the birthday cake without rinsing the blender in between. So the boy got the classic flavor and the girl got the birthday cake one, but as soon as I gave Boy his milkshake, Girl started screaming because she wanted to get hers first. To make up for that, I put some sprinkles on top of the whip cream (we only had a little bit of sprinkles left, so I'd been saving them). When I gave her the milkshake, she took a sip and then started crying again because the cup was "too big."

The mom asks me to give her a smaller cup and I'm like sure whatever, and I give her a tiny cup we use to make hot chocolate. Well then the girl starts screaming that she wants whipped cream on top (in pouring the milkshake out, the whipped cream was ruined). I comply and top off the cup with whipped cream. Well now she's crying again because she wants more sprinkles on top of the whipped cream. At this point I'm getting SUPER ticked off. I had used the last of them to top off her drink. So I said to the mom, "sorry, I'm actually all out of sprinkles" and then looked straight at the little girl and said sternly "but if you don't stop whining right now I'm going to have to ask you to leave. We have a 'no-whining' policy in this chocolate shop."

Well THAT was apparently a mistake because the mom was furious that I tried punishing her spoiled brat, lol. After snapping at me for not talking to her daughter that way, she goes "we're leaving. Give me a lid." Well, the tiny little cup I had given her to pour the milkshake into was literally too small for a lid. I apologized and said that I didn't have lids for that cup size. The girl SCREAMS and says "IF I DON'T HAVE A LID I'LL SPILL" and then proceeds to dump the cup of milkshake onto her lap to prove a point...... FairyPrincessDog

Some parents need discipline! 


I used to baby sit these kids. The one girl didn't feel like doing her homework, so I told her we only have a couple problems left and I had been helping her, so it was gonna go by quickly, and we could play games as soon as she was done.

In response, she told me she wished I was dead (this girl was 6 years old), threw a bunch of crackers on the floor, kicked her dog in the nuts, and said she was going to blame it all on me and get me fired. Of course, her parents didn't believe I threw food on the floor and assaulted their dog, but there was absolutely no repercussions for what she did. They just turned their heads, put their hands on their hips and were like, "what did we say about lying?" And that was it.


You are NO Princess Sweetie! 

Worked at a little kids birthday party place. Princess parties and expensive as hell. Our most expensive package was $50 a kid (before tax) and a family booked a 12 person party with that package. The booking requires a deposit of $25. The little birthday girl comes in and has the party of her life. She keeps talking about a stupidly overpriced makeup kit we sold, cost $50 and was probably $15 worth of makeup. It was one of the most expensive items we had and she was obsessed with it the entire party. Her grandma discreetly paid for her entire party (well over $500) and then asked us to add on the makeup kit and hide it from her. She faked as if the girl was just getting the party.

The little girl started spouting off on her poor grandma saying that she didn't understand why she didn't buy the kit. The grandma said that she was paying for the party. The little girl had the audacity to say that her mom paid for it. The grandma said "your mom paid the $25 deposit." So awkward. She returned the makeup kit. F**k that little girl. lexgrub

My mansion is biggest! 

A younger cousin was upset when I moved because he was worried that I moved into a mansion larger than his. He lives in a suburb and I live in the city. nuzers

Good Luck Fool!


A friend of mine has a son, and he's spoiled rotten, and he's a really terrible person. A few years ago, I saw him in a parking lot at night playing hide and seek. He was maybe 9. I said "hey buddy, maybe you shouldn't be playing hide and seek in a busy parking lot at night, you're smarter than that."

The kid said to me "What are you going to do about it? Tell my dad? He never tells me what to do so why do you think you can tell me what to do?"

I laughed, said "fair enough, get ran over for all I care," and walked away. JerkMcJerkface

Somebody needs a takedown! 

Family friends daughter (14,F)

-Breaks iphone screen every week (not exaggerating), parents get it fixed every week. Once, her phone crashed and she WILLINGLY slammed the iPhone on the table also cracking the back. Refuses to put a case or glass screen protector on it. Throws tantrum when her parents won't fix it for her.

-Claims she will get a BMW as her first car and will not settle for anything less.

-Gets Gucci for her birthday/Christmas

-Refuses to be picked up in any other vehicle other than the Mercedes her parents own. If someone else is getting her, they park around the block. tasherz

You're going to die alone! 

I was talking about the water crisis with my students and we were discussing what the response would be if our local area had an impending Day 0. One of my students shrugged and said, "well, I would just go to our house in Spain."

I reminded her that this wasn't an option for the majority of the population and her response was, "well, it's not my fault if they can't afford it. Get a job."

It was the very beginning of the school year and the majority of my students in that class were from low-income families who had never been overseas let alone had a holiday house in Europe. She sat by herself for the rest of the year and I don't believe it was by choice. bethestorm13

A  Monster in Training! 

My little brother. He has a PS4/Xbone, gaming PC with two monitors, laptop, smartphone, TV, Netflix subscription. He gets every game he points at. He's 11 years old... Jauxerous

Spoiled with a heart of Gold....

In college, I was trying to work out how I was going to purchase a textbook that I needed for a class. I had come to the conclusion that I had to wait till the next week when my part time job paycheck came in and I'd try to survive in the class until then. My friend took notice of this and came to me the next day with a brand new text book that he bought with the credit card his parents gave him. Said he buys so much on the card that his parents wouldn't question him about it even though he didn't get it for himself. He was super spoiled, but also helped me out so I can't poop on him. SteveM19

You need to 'Hakuna' his 'Matata!'


I don't know that many kids, but my 4 year old son got a "Lion King" book for Christmas from his Grandfather, and his response was an angry "I already have this book!" and he threw it.

I'll spare you my parental attempts to ever-so-lovingly and nurturingly guide him to be less of a little piece of crap. TacticalLeemur

Punch Brat....

After sixth grade I went to the same sleep away summer camp as my friend. I loved camp; he hated it. He had a total meltdown the first night, crying and begging to be allowed to call his parents. I made new friends while he sullenly kept to himself... we began to drift apart.

His parents used to clip comics from the newspaper and send them to him. He would read them and then put them in the recycle bin. One day another kid took one of the thrown-away strips out from the bin and started reading it. My friend started screaming. He ran up and punched the kid, then knocked the strip out of his hands. "Don't read that - IT'S MINE!"

Maybe this isn't "spoiled" as much as "pathologically selfish" but it really burned into my memory.

We were not friends after that summer. jessebholland

Life can be Unfair....

Not sure if this counts but it's a story I've wanted to tell for a while because it bothers me: Kid that graduated a year before me. Got drunk and decided to drive home. Hit and killed some poor woman. His family name carries weight in our small town so he got off. No probation, no jail time, nothing. He's now 30 and runs his grandpa's business.

She died, he's a millionaire. Everyone knows but because of his family no one cares. 111roar


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