People like to joke around, but sometimes pranks can be very wrong. Or just be very bad ideas in the first place.

Reddit users were asked: 

"What's the worst prank gone wrong or cruelest joke you've witnessed or been involved in?" 

Here are their answers. DON'T try this at home!


At the end of every year the senior class at my high school got to pull a prank on the rest of the school. One year they thought it would be funny to put a ton of goldfish in the sinks, toilets, coffee pots, etc. Thought it was really gross and tasteless to let all those fish die like that.  PLEBR0CK



Was in class when a group of delinquents thought it would be funny to put the liquid that cleans the Expo markers off the dry erase board into the teacher's coffee. Found out later he went to the hospital to get his stomach pumped after being in intense pain. Doctor said the liquid could've killed him.  Joker674


Someone in my hometown got fake kidnapped by their friends during a nerf war. They put them in the bed of a truck and drove off. He fell out of the truck and died.  Redjay12

Bomb Squad

A guy in my high-school many years ago made a gunpowder in a gas soaked tennis ball with an egg timer attached to it. He put it inside the air intake vent and called bomb threat. Took so long for dogs to find it, when the police opened the vent, timer went "DING". It was not a real bomb. Just gunpowder, gasoline, tennis ball, and egg timer. Timer went off at the moment the police officer opened the vent. Found out later that the guy got bad PTSD, and had to quit the force. They never found out who did it. I feel guilty just knowing about it happening.  WintersTablet

Bucket List

I set up a Booby trap with a bucket full of water on my door as a kid. My mother walked in instead and the water didn't spill out. Just a heavy metal bucket cut her head real bad. Very messy.  hermanfelker


Japanese Mint Sauce

"What is that green stuff?" "Oh, you mean the wasabi; it is absolutely delicious, you should try a lot of it." I get them every time.  joik


Compounding Problem

I worked at a restaurant and the walk-in freezer was in what we called the "compound" which was an outdoor area behind the kitchen. I worked the shift that left right when we closed, but I didn't have to stay and clean. 
Right when I turned the corner from the compound, my friend was leaving the freezer with our bulk size icecream in it's cooler, which was fairly heavy. I decided to prank her because I knew she frightened easily. I ran up behind her and shouted "AHHH" and she immediately went weak in the knees and began to cry because she peed herself. 
I haven't pranked anyone since.  squirmdragon

Dental Disaster

Friends and I pulled trampoline next to pool. As friend is preparing to launch into the pool, I step behind him to grab shorts as he lifts off. Friend decides to do front flip, swinging his ankle up into my chin. Came out of my daze and noticed tooth fragments floating around in my mouth - got a root canal a week later.  JasonTodd21

False Pregnancy

A friend told me something that happened at work. A woman who was a temp forgot to log out of Facebook. So one of her colleagues decided to pull a prank. He posted an ultrasound picture. So a lot of people were happy. The thing is that she and her husband had tried to conceive for a couple of years and she had had a couple of miscarriages. She was devastated.  Dudelison


This isn't terrible but it made the sound guy at the bar I used to manage laugh his butt off because it backfired on me.  I saw him pull up to come in to work so I unlocked the door and crawled into the cabinet below the POS where we all clocked in. It was a pretty tight squeeze but I thought I was good.  I pushed too hard against the back of it and a few of the cans in the cases of red bull that were under there started exploding just as he walked around the bar and I popped out cursing and being sprayed by them.  BreakfastJunkie

Mistaken Identity

My friend was waiting for me to come downstairs from my room. She decided to hide behind a door and scare me. This girl is shy. Like, SHY. So she assumes I'm on my way down the stairs, and she hid by the door. She decided she wanted to jump on my back while screaming. It wasn't me coming down the stairs. It was my extremely strict, lack of humor, I'm-always-right, stubborn a**hole of a father. And my poor poor shy friend who looks down on the ground while she walks was on his back, screaming. She noticed and literally just walked away. She was mortified and never came over again. He surprisingly got a laugh out of it.  [deleted]


Card Trick

I wasn't there, but my friend was doing a card trick on his cousin. The trick involves throwing the cards into the face of the person you're pulling it on. As he is throwing the cards, one slices into his cousin's eye. Like he had a legit paper cut on his eye. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Swarmy593


Slip Sliding Away

Prank in middle school. someone poured soapy water all over the halls. I took my friend to the nurses office when she twisted her ankle. There were a lot of other kids in there and one in particular had a gash in his head. Nurse was not happy. Principal even less so.  Jean_Lily

Fake Friends

One day in 6th grade me and a few friends were messing around with our other friend (7th grade)'s bike and one of us had the idea to throw the bike over the side of a bridge on to the river bank near my old Middle School. Long story short, we did- and as we were running away across the field we saw him glumly pulling the broken bike up the hill from the river bank. 
Man, if I could go back to then I would have helped him get the bike out of the river.  CalamityPlays

Strike Zone

Was bowling with a big group of friends 15 or so years ago and as I start to swing the ball my pal thinks it'll be funny to trip me up but instead got smashed in the face by the ball. He looked like Desperate Dan afterwards and was lucky it didn't break his jaw.  FrogBoglin

Dental Drama

My friends and I were roller blading at a play ground and decided to throw pebbles/small rocks onto the asphalt to trip one of our other friends. 
Our intended target missed the pebbles and my other friend hit one because they were too busy watching the other kid. They fell and chipped their front tooth on the asphalt.  Our parents were pissed and made us pick them all up including the ones we didn't put there while my injured friend went to an emergency dentists office.  I never pranked anyone again.... or skated again. I guess we didn't think anyone could get seriously hurt because we all had helmets and knee pads and stuff on. We were dumb kids.  Jovial-Microbe

Moonlit Date

Mooned a guy and his date.

Fell through the window and got 20 stitches in my leg.

Alcohol was involved.  ajl_mo


4 on the Floor

Back in elementary school me and a friend used to mess with each others chairs. Tacks to the seats, pulling it out when they go to sit down, etc and one day I got him a little too good. He tilted his chair back on 2 legs and I pushed up on the 2 legs that were up in the air and he fell over causing a major ruckus and him getting in trouble for not having "4 on the floor" until we realized he was seriously hurt and had to go get stitches. I would feel a little worse about it but I got my ass tacked way too many times [deleted]



In 5th grade I opened a pack of ketchup and put it under my friends seat during lunch. Guys were staring at her butt all day. One even had the nerve to say "Ooh, someone started early, eh?"  fairy6870

Haunted Hoax

Me and a friend once committed 2 months to convincing another friend of hours that his house was haunted. It actually got so bad that he has to sleep with a night light again, he's 24.  Nexaz

Bloody Awful

When we were kids my neighbor got a bottle of fake blood and we decided to prank the babysitter. We went outside to "play" and my two neighbors got into a "fight." We poured blood all over my neighbor and she ran in the door and yelled, "he pushed me!" She had it pouring from her nose, forehead, elbows, and knees. The babysitter screamed so loud and she almost fainted. Looking back now it wasn't such a great idea.  topaz_5

False Alarm

My friend Steve left his cell phone at the table, went to the restaurant bathroom. Other friend Mike took the phone, changed his listing in Steve's cell to the name of the girl that Steve was recently seeing. 
Steve comes back to see a text from the "girl" saying she's pregnant, they need to talk. Steve gets bug-eyed and almost half out the door when we erupt in laughter. He was not pleased. Mike got a huge punch square in the back.  DoctorRavioli

Say What?

step 1: Mute all Tv's in the house.

step 2: Get everyone to pretend to talk (just moving mouth)

step 3: Involve everyone (in) prank (except) little brother

step 4: Convince 7 year old brother he is deaf.  tribalEDMpromotions

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