People Reveal Their Best 'I Can't Believe This Is Happening To Me' Moments


Clutch my pearls!

You never think it's going to happen to you. That is a naive belief in life that we seem to lead by. "I'm too young for that. Things like this don't happen to me. I'm immune to things like... that." Well think again. Anything and everything is possible. Everything from a hangnail, to heartbreak, disease and murder. And other fantastic things like winning the lotto. (Don't want to be completely morbid) We often find ourselves in a numbed disbelief because we thought life was incapable of shocking us. Oh how we are wrong! Life is coming for ALL of us, no matter what.

Redditor u/Thicc1324 wanted to hear from everyone to discuss.... What was your "I cant believe this is happening right now" moment of your life?

Suddenly airborne! 


Head on collision with my motorcycle and a sewage drain. I had 1 second to decide to super man off the front. The I can't believe this is happening right now moment came when I was mid air. Chikwinitwinchi

It's the adrenaline.

In (the perception of) a near-death situation your brain goes into overdrive in a last ditch attempt at finding a survivable solution. If it doesn't you die. If it fails you die. If it succeeds you're exhausted but alive. CalydorEstalon

Paging Dr. Phil....

I was 9, my mother and step father had gotten into a fight and she decided that everything that caused them to argue had to go, including me. She got the rifle and chased me, I hid for hours until she lost interest. As I hid in the barn, I was wondering if this was a normal thing or not. Milkquasy

Just keep Swimming... 

I live in an apartment with a balcony overlooking a canal. One evening my partner and I were out on the balcony having a smoke, there was nobody around except for a drunk guy stumbling down the path along the canal. My partner commented that he'd fall in if he wasn't careful, and sure enough, he did. We immediately called an ambulance and my partner ran outside to look for help - the guy was twice our size and if we'd tried to help by ourselves, we all would have drowned.

Emergency services arrived in less than ten minutes and pulled him out. He lived. Still gives me shivers to think about what would have happened if we hadn't been outside. beirchearts

Don't be.... "Punchy!" 

The time I got punched by a wild mountain gorilla.

Back story: I was in Uganda, where they sell $500 permits where you can hike into the forest with guides and then spend an hour with the gorillas. (If that sounds steep, I believe it's even more now, and is kept high so the locals have incentive to protect over poach the gorillas.) One of the gorillas in the troop we were going to visit had the name "Punchy" in the local language because he enjoyed the teenage male game enjoyed by many species of "I hit you, you hit me back." So upon seeing us he ran towards our group, knocked over one girl, and came to me and hit my gut.

Luckily it was a "play punch" to see if I was interested, and the guards dragging me away to make sure he wouldn't think I was hurt more. But yeah, wild moment for sure! Andromeda321

There are Good Samaritans out there! 


I broke down in the mountains late at night back before cell phones. I had my flashers on and my hood up and was standing outside trying to figure out what to do. 2 cops and a tow truck drove by without helping me! Hours later a group of teenagers finally pulled over and offered to drive me to a phone to call for help. wafflesngravy

Thoughts and many many Prayers! 

Hearing I have cancer 2 days after my 28th birthday. Couldn't stop thinking, "I am too young for cancer!" Still going through treatments. Had surgery in October to remove the tumor and going through chemo again now. mlbeck90

New Beginnings... 

That would probably be having a conference call with my boss and HR telling me I was one of 50 people being laid off due to restructuring, while my (now ex-) wife was in the other room packing her things to move out of the house. I'm doing better. I still struggle with the way the divorce went down, but I found a new job just as my severance pay from the last one ran out, making about 20% more than I was and doing good, challenging work that I'm learning a lot from. jeffk42

Too Sad and Spooky.... 

My moment was when I drove my recently murdered little sister's car off the crime scene once the police released it into my stepmom's custody. She had been killed in said car. Tetisheri

It's Go Time! 

I was working at a group home with people who have physical and mental disabilities. We were all eating lunch when a client suddenly was choking. He turned blue and I thought, "crap, here we go." I performed the heimlich and he stopped choking and started to breathe. That was scary. Missandei22

What you did worked which is most important and you are amazing, the official advice is to lay babies down your arm with body higher hen head and first try back slaps, if that doesn't work then try chest compressions, the advice is to try to avoid abdominal thrust on under 1 year old. hogger85

How about dinner first Flipper?


Talking with dolphin trainer at aquarium.

Both of us sitting on the edge of pontoon on water, feet in the water.

Feel something brush past my foot, then significant rubbing.

Look down.

Female dolphin masturbating against my foot.

"Yeah, they do that." was the trainer's response.

Okay. OzzieBloke777

When it's meant to be.... 

That day my wife and I were having lunch with friends at a restaurant.

Wouldn't have been a big deal except I'd recently been blindsided by the discovery of her affair and her subsequent decision to leave me. We hadn't told anyone what was going on so things were a little "strained," to say the least. I was still trying to process everything that was going on (and falling out of love with the woman I'd been with for almost 20 years), and I found myself becoming infatuated with a casual acquaintance I had, a woman I'd met exactly once for all of an hour. Stupid, I know, but that fantasy of falling in love again, of rebuilding my life with someone new... it was the straw I found myself clinging to as I drowned in the emotional maelstrom of divorce.

So back to the lunch. Everyone is chatting away, my wife and I doing our best to ignore the 800 pound gorilla that has it's arms cozily wrapped around us, when who should walk in, but infatuation-woman. 'Turns out she was friends with one of the other people at the table and, "oh, you should join us!"... "Are you sure? Is there room? Well... okay, I'd love to."

... Which is how I ended up having lunch with my soon-to-be-ex wife and my soon-to-be-future wife. duhvorced

Shut up and grab that dough!


My husband and I were sitting in a courtroom at the culmination of 2+ years of stress, 6 months of legal work and media attention. We were presenting our arguments against a company that had royally screwed over my husband's credit report. the opposing side never showed up for court, so it was going to be a default judgment either way, but we still had to do our thing with our lawyers.

after we give our testimony and as our lawyer is going through the extensive list of financial damages we're seeking, both in real money and in emotional harm, the judge says to him "i'm going to be far more likely to award you this if you stop detailing out every line item. what's the total number you're seeking?" after our lawyer gives him the total and sits back down with us, the judge states that he is sympathetic to our plight and all the obstacles we've dealt with over the last couple of years. rather than choosing to "take it under advisement" (aka, "i'm going to review everything you've given me and decide what's fair compensation, then get back to you in a couple of weeks"), he chooses to rule on the spot.

he granted us a judgement for $306,000... plus additional lawyers' fees of around $50k. in shock, i turn to my lawyer and whisper "did he just do what i think he just did?" my lawyer just says "shut up shut up shut up" because he's as freaking amazed as we are. in the news interview afterward, i'm babbling like a damn idiot because i'm still so flabbergasted at the ruling.

no, we never saw the money, but we never expected to. this case was about far more than just monetary damages. instead, we got a federal law passed. i think that's worth more. kaett

Gimme some Sugar...

I am not an attractive human being. I'll open with that.

I'm at Starbucks prepping my cup of coffee. For a Venti I tend to splash some half & half and do three raw sugars. A woman standing next to me says with a smile "Take some coffee with your sugar?" I politely chuckle and hold up a packet of the raw sugar I'm using.

"My wife don't keep this at our home, so I tend to indulge in the good stuff when I find it."

She makes, what I can only image, is her "bedroom eyes" at me, reaches for my arm and says "Maybe you need to start looking outside of your house for the good stuff."

I laughed loud and I laughed hard, because as far I could tell, this stranger was serious. I laughed all the way out the door and never looked back. official_fox_news

Life is An Unexpected Experience!

I've had a few of these. Some of them were amazing. Some were... not. At least my life hasn't been boring.

My first solo trip overseas, I took a trip to South Africa. I was still a pretty newbie traveler back then and had no idea what I was doing, but I went. Looking out the window of the plane as it's on approach and thinking "this is a completely different continent" was one of those moments.

A few years later, moving to New Zealand. After I caught the travel bug, I got the dream of living abroad. I stepped off the plane with no return ticket. I looked around and thought, "this is my life now. I live in this country." One of the best experiences of my life.

A few years after that, married and back in the US, I woke up at 4 in the morning with chest pains so bad I couldn't get back to sleep. Woke my wife up and told her I was going to drive myself to the ER. She, bless her for being smarter than I am, said "you're not driving yourself to the ER. Put your clothes on and get in my car." Went to the ER, they hooked me up to the EKG machine. Started getting some results, and the nurses in the room shifted from efficient but unhurried to "get this guy prepped now." A doctor walked in and said "Sir, the EKG says you are currently having a heart attack." It didn't really sink in for me until I saw my wife's face. I remember thinking "wow, she looks really upset right now. Wait. What did he say exactly?!"

Overall, my life has been more good than bad so far. Ask me again in another decade and I hope to have more stories like the first ones and not a lot more of the second kind :) kiwi_rozzers

By an ankle... 

One day I'm walking toward my local train station with my then GF. Suddenly the train arrives. We dash for it. She gets in first, then I get in, well almost. My ankle gets caught in the door as it closes.

I get embarrassed easily so I'm struggling to get my leg in as fast as possible, yet it won't budge. Everyone on the train is watching including the GF. I finally get my ankle in the door with a quick, forceful tug. So forceful that my jeans fall down to my feet because of a faulty belt I'd just bought.

So a train cart of about 30 people saw my pants drop and had a nice view of my chicken legs and boxers. I pick 'em up with the speed of light, sit down next to my GF and ignore what the hell just happened.

It's pretty hard to ignore it while almost everyone on the train was either laughing, pointing or talking about it as I sweat and overheat like a man stranded in the middle of the sahara desert with no water.

Fortunately, my GF didn't laugh at me...until we got off the train. LeftHandBandito_

Not Sexy.... 

I was in front of my mother's corpse at her wake and the guy I was dating was trying to make out with me. I told him to stop, he insisted.

I threatened to call for help and told him to leave and to never-ever cross paths with me again. Gladly, he left -- for good. vcafez

Stick with McD's!


I was at burger king once and a guy was accusing the employees of poisoning the fries. In reality it was salt lmao. I was sitting there with my sandwich trying not to die. CoffeeDave15065

Mike for the Win! 

I'm about to turn 40, still single and have recently ditched my long time boyfriend after discovering that he was cheating on me. My girlfriend suggests that a ski trip to Park City Utah would be a great distraction, so off we go. The first night we're there I meet this really cute guy in the communal hot tub at our condo and he asks me to go out to dinner the next night. I agree and we have an amazing time in a beautiful stone restaurant at a table in front of an enormous fireplace with a copper hood. Very romantic and I was totally smitten. My birthday arrives a few days later and he gives me a wrapped box with a cute little Park City sleep shirt inside and there's also a card. I open it and it's a simple Happy Birthday card, but he has signed it "I love you," Mike." I'm so shocked I almost fall off the chair but the look on his face convinces me that he is sincere. Whirlwind long distance romance follows and we were married 3 months later. We've been married 30 years and now we're living our dream retirement life in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We're too darned old to ski now, but we do have a hot tub! mjstaff

Sorry for our loss... 

I picked up my 8 week old son's lifeless body from his crib. Called paramedics, rode in the ambulance, was told by medical team how sorry they were that he was gone. Memorial came and went. I was in shock for about a week, but it took years to process, and then very slowly life went on. I look at my other kids whom I love and still can't believe this is happening now. He'd be 17. momcahon

Mommy's got you! 

Watching the water slowly creep into my house during Hurricane Matthew... I had taken every measure to block the doors with sandbags etc... it was in vain as the water came in through my foundation. Scariest experience of my life and not knowing how to answer my 8 year old son when he asked "Mom, are we gonna be ok?" Youngshadia


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