People Reveal The Time They Really Dodged A Bullet


Fate is fickle, and bad things seem to happen for no discernible reason. Sometimes, though, things just barely avoid going horribly wrong.

It's fascinating to learn the tiny circumstances that sometimes prevent tragedy. Being a few inches to the left or right of a falling object, deciding to go home from a party a bit early, even a well-placed object can turn the tides of fate.

Redditor nqt30 asked:

"What is your "bullet f***ng dodged" moment?"

Dodged A Rock

Fell off of a mountain whilst in the Army. Bounced down the side of the cliff and skidded to a stop at the bottom. At first I thought I was dead, but it was just the wind knocked out of me. Took a shuddering breath and patted myself down, and feel something wet on my left thigh. Figure I'm bleeding. Can't turn on a flashlight because it's night and we're on patrol. Radio back to the platoon at the top, and they're like. "uhhh.. do you need medevac?" But I figure I'm in one piece and maybe I can get back up top before I bleed out or something.

So I scramble up the cliff (it's very steep, but if you spread-eagle you can get up it) and at the top my squad throws ponchos over me to check my leg with light. Nothing. Not a scratch. My pants and legs are wet, but ... no cuts. And then I find a big hole punched right through the canteen that was right next to my kidney, and all the water glugged out onto my leg.

Couple inches over and I'd have been shut off like a light switch with a rock through my kidney. Bullet dodged.


Dodged A Shell

Went skeet shooting with some friends. Bunch of high school kids next to me start fooling around with the gun and shoving each other to get photos. I take a few steps back and next thing I know BANG, one of them accidentally shot the spot where I was standing.

Shotgun shell dodged?


Dodged A Rocket

Was in Iraq in 2006-2007. Came out of a building on base to smoke a cigarette. As I was about to light up, I saw two of my buddies come out of our barracks about 200 feet away. I decided to head over and chat with them to smoke and catch up. As I got to where they were, a rocket landed and detonated at the exact spot I had been standing. Would have been dead, but instead I am happily married with three awesome children. I'm currently laying on my couch with my Christmas tree lighting up the room and watching The Office with my wife.


Dodged A Dealer

My (now ex) gf asked if I wanted to go hang out with some friends. Didn't particularly like her friends but had nothing better to do. We drive around a while and finally park in front of a house but nobody gets out. We sit for what feels like (and probably was) hours.

"What are we doing?"

"Waiting for somebody"


"[Coke dealer] so [friend] can get a g"

"Ok yeah take me the f**k home"

Next day she goes back out with same friends. I stay home. Turns out the "friend" was an undercover cop and arrested everyone in the car.

Dodged An Icy Grave

If you live in a city that gets a lot of snow and ice, you've probably seen the "Watch for falling ice" signs in front of a building.

A few years ago, I was walking around downtown and a very large, bowling ball sized, piece of ice fell from a skyscraper. Right onto my shoulder.

I'm a big guy thankfully and it almost knocked me to my knees. My tiny mother was standing a foot to my right. 3 inches left and it would have hit me in the head. Very lucky I walked away with a bruised shoulder.


Dodged A Hostile Workplace

I landed a job interview at a fairly prestigious local museum last year.

The curator/interviewer never even bothered to introduce herself; luckily I recognised her from photos so I broke the silence with "Mrs _____? Nice to meet you". Uh-oh.

Walked into the room we'd be using for the interview and she started BERATING two employees who had been working there. They left with their heads literally hung in shame. Uh-oh.

She picked up my CV, looked at my address and asked which part of town I lived in. I gave an honest reply (not the best neighbourhood, but it was all I could afford at the time) and she straight-up laughed in my face. UH-FUCKING-OH.

Glanced at the rest of my CV and told me they didn't hire anyone with so little experience. She escorted me back to the entrance, and by that point I was so eager to leave I just grabbed my coat and didn't bother putting it on before heading for the door (it was cold, October or November).

She turned to the receptionist and started mocking me ("You see this? Who goes out like that in this weather? HAH!"). It was the most attention I think she paid me during the whole bizarre 5-minute ordeal.

I just kept walking. I can't imagine the sort of hell her employees go through.


Dodged A Steel Beam

I have 3 fused bones in a row in my back. At work had a steel frame about 3m high fall which would have hit me right on the head and killed me. Because I lean forward almost permanently my back took the majority of the damage. Was about 2cm deep on my back and dug into the bone and stopped with only minor bleeding where part of it connected on my head.

After that day I've actually never felt self conscious about it again which used to happen every now and again which is a good side effect of the incident.


Dodged A Knife

Working security on the east side of Vancouver, this guy said he was going to stab me if I got any closer.

I did not get any closer because I noticed some of the products falling out through a hole in his bag and almost all of them fell out.

Ff 2 weeks same guy is arrested for stabbing a security guard that tried to stop him from stealing.

Knife dodged.


Dodged A Literal Bullet

Bullet went straight through my house. Followed the path of it as it went though the front window through the a wall and our the back window.

I looked at it later and couldn't believe it missed me. I had my head down finishing up cooking dinner, if I was standing straight up it would have gone through my skull.

Turns out the new renters across the street we're dealing drugs bs the local gang got word of it and decided to come by with 6 guys and have a less the friendly talk. When these guys got out of their vehicle the guy across the street pulled out an AK47 and started shooting. Nobody got hurt.

It was a decent area of town but like 30% rentals. Drug dealers will live anywhere they can afford, nicer areas of they have the money.


Dodged a Cottonmouth

I was playing in the woods when I was 11 and I went to pick up a stick that was hidden under some leaves. When I bent down I noticed it had eyes and scales. Turns out it was a cottonmouth snake about 5 feet long and after it hissed and lunged at me I bolted back home. Not as serious as some of the other situations here but avoiding a snake bite is a good bullet to dodge.


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