People Reveal The Strangest Thing They Discovered About A Friend Who Thought It Was Completely Normal

We all have our quirks and it's amazing what people consider "normal," like not being able to breathe or having their entire family share one towel. ONE TOWEL. No.

tthrowaway1901 asked: What strange thing did you find out about someone else that they thought was perfectly normal?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

It's not like this is important to know or anything.

My husband had no idea he was lactose intolerant. He thought everyone had diarrhea everyday. He's 26 and found out last year. How'd he find out? His mom told him. She's known his whole life.


That's f*cked up to find that out at 26 when his mom knew all along. How is he now?


It is f*cked up. She's f*cked up. He's fine. He uses it as a weapon now. Like he'll chug some chocolate milk just for the putrid fart potential. But he likes almond milk so he drinks that a lot. I think he's getting more allergic now though because even the smallest pinch of cheese makes him fart.


This is not normal.

Not kidding. My boyfriend of almost 8 years thought lions were boys and tigers were girl lions.. kind of like bulls and cows.


Has he never seen The Lion King? Anything else about lions? Any nature shows growing up like Zaboomafoo or The Crocodile Hunter?

They're even native to entirely different regions, lions in Africa, tigers in Asia.

Has this person never seen Napoleon Dynamite or seen anything referencing ligers?

How old is this individual and where did they grow up?


When he told me that one of the first things I said was remember Nala from the Lion King she wasn't a tiger!!

And actually Napoleon Dynamite is one of his favorite movies and he can quote most of the lines.

He is 25 now and we are from Louisiana lol. Prime example that our education system sucks.

He told me this a few years ago and I still never let it go til this day.


Lucky girl.

My sister said to me once, "hey, what dream did you choose last night?" I was so confused. She explained that every night she goes into a dream room and picks what she wants to dream about. I got super jealous.


That would be the best! You can do some exercises that are supposed to help you have more control over your dreams but it's never worked for me.


I have only been able to control a dream once, and it was super brief because I freaked out and woke myself up. 🙄


Been there, so frustrating when you realize it, this ruining it.


Simple explanations...

This one is about me. In my early 20's I started having a lot of pain in my upper left jaw. My dentist said there was nothing wrong with my teeth and that I should go see a sinus specialist. Get to the ORL (ear nose and throat doctor) and they comment on how stuffed up I must be. I'm slightly baffled, and say that I'm actually breathing much easier that day than usual. And that was the day I found out that most people can breathe through their noses MOST of the time and not just on special occasions. Turns out I'm allergic to dust mites in a "how have you not had anaphylaxis and died" way, and had been experiencing an allergy attack for 23 straight years. That doctor visit legitimately changed my life. I no longer had to choose between breathing and eating.


Bruh. I somehow went the first 18 years of my life with literally no allergies and then, BAM! Allergic to cats, dogs, grasses, dust mites, basically all bug repellent, and I'm also somewhat lactose intolerant?

At first I thought I was legitimately allergic to waking up, as that's when my symptoms were the worst (thanks to dust mites). Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, the works. Saw a doctor thinking that it was probably a sinus issue, assuming you couldn't actually be allergic to waking up - my dad had just had sinus surgery for some reason and figured maybe it was the same? Turns out, nope. Allergies.

To make it worse I seem to be naturally resistant to a lot of antihistamines, and have been on a search for the one right. Guys, I think I found it last week too.


Suppositories are for amateurs.

In college, a bunch of friends and I were sitting around talking about things we did as a kid. One of the guys in the group said "didn't you hate when you got a cold and your mom would give you an enema?" He soon found out that he was the only one.


Before modern medicine people used to use loads of enemas and laxatives for anything and everything.

Basically the idea was flush out the toxins. Gotta fever? You need to shit. Got a cough? You best shit. Got a case of diarrhea? Better take this laxative and shit that shit out.

My family goes back generations in the Ozarks and forced shitting was one of the primary home remedies. There are tons of others like putting fresh cow dung on a boil to make it drain, putting urine in your ear for ear aches and my mom said in the depression she and her siblings were given sugar with turpentine in it as medicine they also were given patent laxatives for everything.



If I was constipated my mom would pour boiling water into the toilet and try to steam the obstruction away. I don't recall it ever working.


Thank you for this laugh oh my goodness. Did she think it would open you up like a pore?


I guess so. She'd sit in the edge of the bath and after a few minutes say "Well???" I'd just shrug my shoulders and shake my head. She'd go and boil another kettle. My cheeks would be cold and damp with condensation. I thought I had buried that childhood memory until tonight.


This is disturbing.

My friend can't recognize faces. I only figured it out for sure when he almost got into a strangers truck because he thought it was me because she had red hair. I've known him for like 6 years. He seemed surprised when I said that wasn't normal.


Face blindness.


I'm face blind. I didn't figure it out until my early to mid 20s, just a few years ago. I didn't realize how bad it was until my ex pointed out my total inability to recognize most actors. For example, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler looked exactly the same to me until I finally trained myself to tell them apart.


It has a name: Prosopagnosia


That's not how it's support to work.

Senior year, study hall. I'm sitting with a dude I knew. I don't remember the context, but we were talking about growing up and he says "and it was around that time when milk started coming out of my nipples" and I'm like "...what?" and he's like "you know, when milk starts to come out" and I'm like "dude... thats not normal." The face he made when he realized the reality of the situation was memorable. He goes "that.. that didn't happen to you?" and I'm like "no." Then he asks the rest of the guys in study hall "did any of yall have milk come out your nips during puberty?" They said no.


Ask him if he drank it.


Asking the real important question.


This should have been obvious.

Here's me!

I remember that, for a long time, I thought it was completely normal to not be able to get a full breath. I distinctly remember being 16 and asking my friends "you know that feeling when you actually get a full breath in your lungs and it feels AMAZING" and no one had any clue what I was talking about.

Turns out I had undiagnosed asthma for most of my life. Makes more sense now.


Oh man, I've had asthma my whole life but at some point in my teens my doc told me I didn't need to take a daily inhaler any more.

Fast forward ten years, a new doc tells me that if I have to use my emergency inhaler more than x times a month, I needed to be on a daily inhaler. I was all "oh that only ever happens when i get a chest cold".

I always thought I had trouble exercising because I was really out of shape. Nope. It was asthma. First time I went out on a fast morning walk where my calf muscles started to ache before I started gasping for breath was amazing.


Wait holy sh*t is that not normal?


Apparently not.



I had a sleepover with a friend in middle school one weekend. I went to shower and she gave me a towel. It had a weird smell to it, but I couldn't find any other towels inside the bathroom, so I used it by patting myself barely and just air drying.

Turns out her whole family shares a towel to prevent having to use new ones every time. I told her how weird that was and she was shocked to find out that my family has THEIR own towels to use, but we put them in the wash every 2 or so uses.

I didn't sleep over there again.


My wife grew up this way. It's horrifying. I took a shower at her parent's house and there is just this one moist towel that several other people have used.

They at least broadened their ways later in life because they started living near us for half the year and it seemed like they had two towels for the two of them in their bathroom in the house in our city.

Our family has separate towels for all members. I have at least prevented that tradition from being passed down.


The craziest thing to me that people don't realize is how gross it really is. I mean most people wipe their faces and dry off their clean skin with a towel that has touched other people's buttholes and stuff. All to save one towel from laundry. You're going to be running the laundry anyways, what's 2 extra towels? Lol!

Good for you for discontinuing that tradition!


Yeah that's a really good way to get a staph infection.


And now, innocence.

My grandma has two toothbrushes—one for morning, and one for evening.


This is the most wholesome thing in this thread.


My parents told me this too.

So this was actually me,but growing up my mom would always tell me to grab donuts from the Walmart bakery area and eat it while we walked around the store (we lived in the country so we only went to the store every two weeks). For a long time this proceeded until it was common practice and eventually I just did it without even telling her. Around early middle school a girl who has a crush on me sees me eating a donut in walmart and asks me if I just take those. I respond "of course", she proceeds to take one and eat it with me to prove she's as cool as me but I just don't understand.

I then relay to my mom how this silly girl had no idea Walmart had free donuts.... And that's when she told me she had been paying for them for years. But I had not asked her permission for a long time so there is no telling how many donuts I unknowingly stole from Walmart.

It's not very often you get to find something strange out about yourself that you thought was perfectly normal.


My sister is a loss prevention manager at Walmart and I would guess that someone knew about it every time. They probably even knew you in that store as "the kid that eats the donuts." They probably just didn't bother to do anything about it because it'd be a lot of trouble for really nothing. It's been enlightening to hear what loss prevention does and doesn't know/do, to say the least.


PICA is not healthy.

I lived with a girl that would eat baby powder that she had stashed in the drawer of the bathroom. She would walk by the bathroom and do quick shakes of the bottle right in her mouth. She would also buy whole frozen fish from walmart and take them out of the freezer bag and slap them hard against the brick kitchen floor before cooking them in a stew.


That's uh.. That's a witch.


Sometimes you still need a parent.

My roomate in college thought you washed clothes on every single cycle on the washing machine. Our machine had a delicate cycle, a cotton cycle, a solo rinse cycle, a permanent press cycle, etc.

He always complained about the washer taking forever.. it's because he was washing his clothes 4-5 times every time he did laundry.


Good lord water bills for days.


At least they'd be SUUUPER clean?


This can be a thing if you work with animals or live in areas with dirty water.

My friend thought that everyone was regularly taking worming tablets to stop getting worms. It wasn't until she got married and told her husband she was going to go pick up their worming tablets that she found out it wasn't normal.


Depends where in the world you live, and how sanitary your surroundings are I guess. My family has always had pets and we live in Africa, so my mom would buy dewormers twice a year, and deworm the pets at the same time. If I travel to any tropical countries I usually deworm on my return as I eat street food.


It did not occur to me to do this after travel. My stomach has been weird for awhile, maybe I'll try it.


Who doesn't snoop through people's bathrooms?

This is a story about me, actually.

My mom has been a drug addict my whole life. When I was little, I was attached to her hip. I went everywhere with her.

When we'd go to other people's houses, she'd go through their cabinets, drawers, etc. She'd just say she was "being nosey." What she was actually doing was looking for medications to steal.

Fast forward a few years; I'm at my best friends house. She went out of her room for a few minutes and I got curious, so I started going through one of her drawers.

She came back in and asked me what I was doing. I remember saying "Nothing, I'm just being nosey." She then explained to me that it is not okay to go through other people's belongings.

I honestly just thought it was something everyone does. I told my dad this story a couple of years ago and he was so angry, he had no idea.


I have a bit of anxiety about using the bathroom in a new spot. So if I go over to somebody's house I go through their cabinets first. It relaxes me and I'm able to pee. Otherwise, nope. Physically cant urinate. I would do it at gas stations and convenience stores as well. I dont take anything. I just find it relaxing. I warn people about this as well when i go over.


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