It seems like our teachers thought they could get away with anything. While many are influential to our educational experience, there's always a rotten apple or two in the bunch. You just couldn't win with them, and they made your life a living hell.

braken_yt asked: What is the rudest thing a teacher has said/done to you before?

Good call.

"In the two years I had him for, my GCSE computer science teacher was a complete dick to a select few in the class. His worst offense was on the last day any of us had to see his face, on clearance, which is basically when you get your teachers to sign a sheet to say that you don't owe them anything.

Well, I went to get him to sign off computer science, he said we all owed him our revision guides. I told him that I vividly remember him providing the workbooks and us buying the guided, and not the other way round. I also mentioned that he didn't give us any advance warning meaning that half of them had been burnt because we all hated the subject, then asked why he even wanted them back anyway.

He basically told me to STFU, so we all went to a different computer science teacher who wasn't ours and got him to sign us off instead."


What a phony.


"7th grade geography teacher taught the class literally like Professor Umbridge. She would give us a packet at the start of the class, and we would have to copy it word for word into a notebook. There was no need to talk. Total insult to the intelligence of the class.

She went out for one of those teacher of the year contests and once the cameras were out, totally different lesson plan (we sat in a circle and analyzed the lyrics to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" while she was fake nice to everyone. Gross.)."


P.E. teachers can be the WORST.

"Got a bad haircut/highlight in 6th grade. Middle school friends kinda teased me and called me "highlighter head." After I told them it bothered me, they all stopped because they were good friends.

Our PE teacher heard them call me this, and proceeded to make fun of my hair every time I ran by her during our warm up laps. Pissed me off enough that I stopped warming up and started talking to my friends. She made all these excuses afterward and said that she wasn't actually saying anything bad.

Man, I hated her."


That's frustrating.

"I was 11 and had just started secondary school. I didn't know anybody, which is only relevant as it meant I already felt incredibly shy and self-conscious.

I was in a DT lesson with a teacher who was rumoured to be terrifying. I needed a pair of scissors to complete whatever task we were doing.

"Sir, where are the scissors to?" I asked.

"...You've got that HORRIBLE Bristolian accent that I HATE!" came his response.

I was really taken aback. I managed to stammer, "...Um...well, I live in Bristol, Sir."

"So do my sons and they don't speak like you."

It all just seemed so unnecessarily nasty and humiliating.

(For what it's worth, I do now know it's grammatically incorrect to say "to" at the end of that sentence, and I wouldn't do so now, but it is a dialect thing. You'll hear many a Bristolian saying, "Where you to?" or "Where's that to?" instead of Where are you? or Where is that?)"


Did they stretch before that reach?


"In 5th grade I joined the cheerleading squad and they were pretty strict about the color socks and footwear you wore to each game. One game I messed up and wore blue socks rather than white (but was still in our school color scheme of blue and white) and the teacher in charge told me I wasn't going to amount to anything because I "couldn't follow simple instructions and made the whole squad look ugly."

Like... kay, thanks Coach. I didn't return to cheerleading the following year."


Talk about a power trip.

"In my junior year of high school, I had a teacher refuse to pronounce my first name correctly. My name is Alisha, pronounced uh-lee-shuh. Easy, simple, fairly common name, if oddly spelled.

She decided that because there's an "I" in my name, it should be pronounced "uh-lih-shuh".

I'm used to people getting the spelling wrong, and I have an unusual last name that nobody can pronounce, so correcting her was easy the first time. I figure she's just accidentally mispronounced it. Nope.

She tells me, in front of the whole class, that obviously the way she says it is "the right way" and that she will call me that going forward because clearly my parents have made a mistake in how my name is said. You know, for the last 15 years.

At this point, I've gone to school in three different school systems in as many states. I've been in this school system longest. I have had teachers call me very rude names, literally steal my book from my locker, try to intentionally fail me because I was a tomboy, and embarrass me because I always raised my hand in class... all in this ONE school system. Now this lady wants to f---ing telling me how to pronounce my name during our first ever interaction? Nah, not gonna go down.

"If you expect me to answer to you, you're going to say my name correctly, or I won't respond."

She turns her nose up at me, and things calm down. Then suddenly, she calls me by the mispronunciation. I don't bat an eye lash, because f this b. She stands up from her desk and walks toward me and calls me again. I sit there.

SHE LITERALLY GOT IN MY FACE. And called my name the wrong way again.

I sit there.

She threatens to have me sent to the office for being disruptive. I just looked her deadass in the face and said "Go ahead. I'm sure when it comes out what you're doing, it'll go really well for you."

She sent me to the office. They call my parents. My parents show up, throw a fit, and eventually a couple of students admit to what the teacher did. Suddenly, she started calling me by the right name.

Eat s**t, Mrs. Fields.


What the hell....

"This one's easy.

I was an overweight elementary schooler. I had my gym teacher loudly declare in front of the whole class that I could skip the jump-roping exercise we were all doing, "because he didn't want to risk an earthquake."


A TEACHER said that to a child? WTF.


"My teacher in 3rd grade saw me asking my female friend if I could borrow a pencil, so she said, very loudly:

"If you want to kiss, just go to the bathroom!"

I was bullied for the entire year and when I pointed out that I was being bullied, the teacher just said:

"Then stop being a p*ssy! Ask her out and they will stop!"

I had never wished to torture someone before."


Don't disrupt the class for that???

"I used to doodle around the edge of the pages on my workbook during school lessons, it helped me concentrate on listening the teacher while keeping my hands occupied. One teacher when I was 11 stopped the entire lesson when she saw me doodling and had me cut off all the drawings on the page while the whole class watched. IMO that shows no respect to the different learning approaches kids have, she should have just ignored me and continued the lesson instead of disrupting it for everyone.

I still doodle to this day, glad I didn't let her mindset affect mine!"


Way to attack your student for being good at something.

"8th grade teacher was convinced my parents wrote the speech I had done as a presentation in her class or that I plagiarized it. Her reasoning behind it was "I was too stupid to write that." Despite absolutely no evidence of plagiarism, she decides that she's going to report it as such and I get sent to the office, they then proceed to berate me there for about 40 minutes and demand that I "rewrite the entire speech if you didn't plagiarize it" so I do, it's not perfect but REALLY close to the original. The principal agrees that ya I did write the original since my second one was so incredibly close.

My teacher was unconvinced for some reason, so insisted that my parents MUST have wrote it then so they requested I be suspended from school, the principal of course said "absolutely not, they clearly wrote this." So I leave the principal's office. Later that day I'm informed by the Vice principal that I'm to receive a 3 day suspension for "cheating" by having my parents write my project for me. I explain to them what happened, they don't want to hear it, so I tell them to go talk to the principal instead, they do and the issue is resolved.

You'd think that would be the end of it but, nope! About a week later all the other kids get their grades back for their speeches, but not me. I don't think much of it until weeks pass and still no mark, at this point I get my midterm marks only to see that I'm failing English HARD (the only projects due for this were the speech itself which was ~80% of the mark and some random other stuff I had aced). When I then go and ask "what the hell?" I hear back essentially "your delivery for the speech was bad, the draft you handed in was full of spelling errors and bad grammar, inconsistent information, etc., etc." To which my only response was "you mean the speech you were convinced I was "too stupid" to have written based on my delivery alone?" To which she responds with "well I could show you but I must have misplaced your hard copy". "Good thing it just so happens I have a spare one right here" I respond as I see her actively starting to get mad.

She then proceeds to snatch the papers out of my hand and starts pouring over them trying to point out any and all "problems" she can find. She starts randomly circling parts of the sheet, crossing letters out, etc., etc. When she's finally done she proceeds to hand it back to me with an abysmal grade written on the top.

I at this point just take the paper directly to the principal's office who I hand it to and ask "does this seem right to you" after less than a minute of glancing at the paper he asks me to "step out of his office for a moment" while I hear my teacher being called to the principal's office over the PA. I see her walking up, she sees me sitting outside with a smile on my face and realized what was going on, proceeds to walk into the office, and I then overhear the principal absolutely tearing into her for a good 10+ minutes. She then leaves the office and I'm called back in, he then tells me that I'm to be exempt from her class for the remainder of the term and I will receive an automatic 90% in the class; however, I am to report to the office during the time block for that class and I'm still expected to complete all of the work, readings, etc. for that class according to the curriculum. To which I immediately agree.

To this day I'm still not sure what the actual hell my teachers problem was with me, or why in the hell she decided to take something so stupid so far."

You showed her.

"My senior year math class, I had this teacher who despised all the girls in the class. She loved the boys, who would constantly cause trouble, but punished the girls for it. Great start.

Regardless, I've always been shit at math and was getting by with a C, which shouldn't be a problem. C is average. In the middle of class after a quiz one time she told me to stay after class to talk to her (my lunch was right after this class, so dick move anyway). I walk up to her desk and says, very deliberately, "(My name), do you /want/ to go to college?" Conversation is as follows.

Me: Yeah. Her: Where are you planning on going? Me: (My current university). Her: You /know/ you need four math credits to get in there, right? Me: Yeah. Her: Just thought I should remind you.

I can't explain how condescending her tone was. I'll never forget this, I was so pissed off. She was always on my ass, and rude to me for no reason. Said something along the lines of I wouldn't succeed in college if I was getting a C in her class a couple weeks later.

Going into my sophomore year of college now with a 3.8 GPA. Screw you, Mrs. K*****."


This person had really bad luck with teachers.


"There was this one science teacher that hated me. Always would move me away from my friends for talking, even if she saw that I wasn't talking. One day, we were talking. She stops, glares at us, and says, "Do you want to get separated?" and we all said no, as you would. She said, "Good, it's not like anyone would want to sit next to you anyways. Right?" and looked around at the rest of the class. They all nodded. I was crushed.

Another teacher named Mrs. Jenkins. One of my cats had gotten hit by a car while I was at a friends house. When I got back home, my mom broke the news. I was shattered. Took the next day off of school. When I got back, the teacher asked me why I didn't have my homework. I said I was absent. She asked why. I told her. She said she didn't care that my cat died, and that the death of my pet was less important than me missing one day of school. I didn't do any work in that class the rest of the year.

A teacher once called me braindead and said I had selective hearing because I couldn't hear her across the entire classroom. Same teacher refused to grade an essay even after I rewrote it four times, even after I went to the principal about it. I ended up with a 84 in her class, one point off of a B, because of that.

TL;DR: 7th grade science teacher said that no one wanted to sit next to me. Class agreed.

6th grade english teacher said my cats death didn't matter and wasn't a valid excuse to miss a day of school and not do my homework that I never even got.

8th grade social studies teacher called me braindead, said I had selective hearing, and purposefully gave me a C in her class."

Teachers need to chill about students using the bathroom.

"In 5th grade a teacher yelled at me and embarrassed me in front of everyone because I raised my hand to use to rest room. I was a quiet well behaved kid. But I had a bladder issue and I would use the bathroom once a day in his class.

One day when I raised my hand he flipped out at me and really embarrassed me in front of everyone. He was an asshole."


What an awful thing to say to a student.

"It was back in high school... history teacher, he was the basketball coach and not really qualified to teach. Anyway, he gave us an essay exam, and I used some creative writing skills from another class to turn my answers into stories, as well as responding to the question.

When he finished grading and returned the essays, he kept mine. Had to read it in front of the whole class, he thought it was so great.

Later that week, he was in a terrible mood -- one of the members of the football team decided it would be funny to lock him out of the classroom. Everyone else just stared at the situation trying to figure what to do. Once the prank was done and he was back in front of the class, he started reaming everyone out. Finally got to me. Called me a low-talent hack, screamed at me in front of everyone that I wasn't taking the class serious, even changed my grade from an A to a D for the exam. Threw a book at me even, although missed and broke the window.

Long story short, severely wounded my high school ego. Didn't write for years after that humiliation. But I did report it to the principal and somehow was able to skip class and have my own "study hall" in the school library. Also got an A. Might have been due to my threatening to sue, I'll never know.

His contract wasn't renewed the next year. But damage done, took me years before I was interested in writing after that."




"I was at an all boys boarding school and it was rather religious.

The Chaplin or priest who was a prolific alcoholic was teaching us religious studies and we were fucking with him. You know the usual blurting random shit and not listening.

He then had enough stood up, picked up his book threw it down looked at us and pointed and said "you are all fucking brainless". He then walked out and we still had half the lesson to go."