People Reveal The Most WTF Things They've Seen At Someone Else's House That They Thought Were Completely Normal


While we're growing up, the only world we see is through the eyes of our parents' morals, values, and ideals. Most things that may seem weird to others, might be just the way of life for you. Once you get older, however, you can't help but to compare notes.

u/User_Not_Found_78457 asked: What's the most WTF thing you saw at someone else's house that they thought was totally normal?

Not f**king okay.

My brother (about 6 at the time) came home from a friend's house upset and confused and my mom figured out that the kids' parents had been watching porn openly in front of the kids. Needless to say, he wasn't allowed back. So f---ed up.


"Bible Study"


Their living room had eight sofas in it. The room wasn't that big and there was no other furniture. It was like a maze. Was told it was for the bible study they hosted at their home.


That's depressing.

I went to have a sleepover with a friend when we were 10. I show up at her house and there is a dude hanging out in her house. I knew her dad wasn't around so when I asked who he was she told me she did not know. Apparently her mom gets a new boyfriend every week and is constantly left alone with a strange new guy almost daily.

After a told my mother about it I was never aloud back at the house but my friend was always invited over. When we learned that she only ate lunchables for dinner she was also always invited for dinner.


A real mouse?

My grandparents have had a human-sized mouse on their stairs for as long as I can remember. It has a bonnet and an apron and wears a long floral dress and I've honestly got no idea where they got it from and why.




She had half a mannequin on her kitchen table that she dressed up. Just the head and torso no arms and legs. Said it was because she liked some movie and this woman in a box that had no arms and legs.

The same girl had a man blowup doll that she dressed in clothes and buckled in her passenger seat in case someone wanted to car jack her. We called him Dan Dan the Rubber Man. She brought him in work so he wouldn't melt in the car. She was weird.



They had a room where they would just let their dog crap on the floor. It didn't look like it was cleaned often.


But like....what if they were eating spicy food?

Had dinner at my cousin's house. My one and only visit there.

They didn't have anything to drink with their meal. Didn't believe in it. Not even water.

They also had a pet raccoon chained to a tree.




More of an attitude. I remember waving the cigarette smoke away from my face and her dad saying not to because it was "rude". I was prob 8 or 9 at the time and I grew up in a smoke free home so someone blowing smoke in my direction wasn't at all normal to me. And worst, somehow I was the rude one.


That's just unsanitary.

Using a friend's bathroom, ran out of toilet paper. Looked for a new roll under the sink and was HORRIFIED to see that used tampons were put into a paper grocery bag and just...left there. Had to have been years worth. There are no words.


Better than that Danny Devito cutout.

My friends house featured a life sized cutout of his sister (who was away at college) that was moved into a different place every time I was over.


Holy crap (literally)!


Oh god. So, I had a friend that was really weird as a kid. By this point, we were getting kind of distant because she had done some other super uncomfortable things. This event was when I decided to stop hanging out with her.

So, I was visiting her house and I had to use the bathroom. She told me they didn't have plumbing. I thought that maybe they were just broke. She took a crap on the FLOOR in her shed. There were several bags of crap in the room. The worst part was when the Mom broke it to me that they did in fact have plumbing. I went home.


Gross. The parents, not the hiccups.

My friend and his two sisters were not allowed to burp, fart, sneeze, yawn, or hiccup in public, as his parents felt this was the epitome of bad manners.

And by public... I mean anywhere outside of the bathroom.

It was weird watching them shoot up from the dining room table, trying to excuse themselves from the table, as they're legit choking back hiccups, making dying frog noises as they ran towards the bathroom.


Happy prom night?

My then girlfriend's brother got arrested because he did something really messed up, and I'd rather not talk about the specifics ever again.

The day of her prom, I showed up at her house, and she and her family were taking pictures with a cardboard cutout of the brother...




My friend's family keeps their toothbrushes in a jar on their kitchen counter all together. They also have like 2 toothbrushes per person and they have a pretty big family. Like 6 kids so there's like two jars with 12 total toothbrushes in two different spots of her kitchen.

I asked her why she kept her toothbrushes in the kitchen, and she said "Oh it's cause it makes it easier for when we wash them in the dishwasher."



I didn't directly see it, but I had a conversation with someone at their house about how they thought it was normal to poop in their shower and stomp it down the drain after.


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