People Reveal The Most Unsafe Thing They've Seen Someone Do At The Gym


People pay for places like Planet Fitness so that they don't have to feel judged or in any other way unsafe during their workout.

This is because people be crazy. Yes, the gym is a solid resource to get things done, and yes, it can do a lot of good, but it can also lend itself to being very dangerous. When you're throwing around weighted iron, it's wise to not do so without control.

These brave souls survived a gym troll and lived to tell the tale.

u/CreativeThought88 asked Reddit:

What was the most unsafe thing you've seen someone do at a gym?

Here were some of those answers.

Starting With Actual Death


495 lbs smith machine bench press. His hand slipped and it crushed him. Didn't see it actually happen, only the EMS response afterward. He did not survive.

Use a spotter for heavy weights even if you're capable of doing it.


Residual Embarrassment

When I was a kid (maybe 12) I was in a gym for the first time. The weight room was packed with jacked adult men and I was in an unfamiliar place so I was a little overwhelmed. I was taking a 45lb plate off of a machine I was using and putting it away on the rack. As I walked away I noticed someone walk up to that plate and remove it, because it was not on a rack but it was in fact on a bar that someone was about to bench. The guy who was spotting him saw me do it but didn't say anything, probably because I was just a dumb kid.

It's been 16 years and I'm still upset with myself. Someone should have kicked my *ss, at least I'd have some closure.


Criminally Inconsiderate

Gym was attached to a rehab facility, so they had a whole section with wheelchair accessible machines and rehab equipment. One gym goer would refuse to rerack his weights, instead he would leave them flat on the wheelchair ramp. Every time, he trapped a few people up the ramp who had to yell for help to move the weights.


That Was It For Him

Saturday morning at campus gym; just me and a skinny( 120lbs ) guy in never saw before. Came from running track and see him in the bench press with about 250 on bar with it and he is stuck under it. His whole body was blue and after i got the weight off him he insisted "he had it". Never saw the guy again.


Once A Fail-Swinger, Always A Fail-Swinger


A couple weeks ago this dude was doing one armed kettlebell swings, except instead of being an intelligent and rationally minded human being, he decided to let go of the kettlebell at the top, and try to grab it with the other arm. I could understand if he was trying to do this with the super light kettlebells, but it was 40-50lbs. He made it two reps before not being able to keep his balance, nearly smashing the mirror, and smashing his face into the floor.


Yeah This Is Just My Life Now

I have very weak labrums (basically my shoulder joint is like a saucer, not a cup, so the shoulder is not very supported). In high school, I used to do bench presses at home with no spotter. Occasionally, the shoulder would slip out of the socket and the bar would come crashing down on my chest. As my shoulder now hurt a lot, I couldn't lift the bar so I'd have to wiggle out from under it. It only happened a few times but I can't believe I used to think that was okay.


A Literal Example Of Toxic Masculinity

Had two rather attractive women walk over to the free weights. Wearing the standard gear you'd expect, fashion but revealing. 2 kids (probably 16ish) see these girls, they proceed to move from 115lbs on bench to 225. Kid can barely unrack with a spotter. They somehow get it unracked and it pretty much goes right on the kids chest. Thankfully me and another person were watching and ran over and got it off the kids chest.

I'm sure that left a bruise on his chest and his ego. The girls thought it was hilarious. I like to think he got digits that day...


Show Offs Get Blown Off

I posted about this in r/fitness a while ago, but there was this one guy who used to go to my gym and would exhibit the worst case of "ego lifting" I'd ever seen. He'd basically rack on a ton of weight on a barbell or machine and carry out the exercise with terrible form. His bench and leg presses would involve him dropping the bar/weight two inches at best. His squats were essentially power curtsies. All while loading up rows of 45 lb plates and having a douchey smug expression on his face.

Where it got unsafe was his deadlifts. The dude's deadlift form was straight up asking for his spinal cord to come ripping out like in Predator. He would stand with his legs completely straight and hunch over to reach the bar with his posture looking like a candy cane. Next he would SNAP the weight up (usually high 200s) using entirely his back and without bracing. I think it was a testament to this guy's natural athletic ability that he was able to do this on a regular basis without paralyzing himself.

I haven't seen him at the gym in a while, so he's either found a new gym or he's finally f*cked up his back beyond repair. I'm hoping it's the former.


That NY Resolution, How's That Goin?

Saw some dude trying to do walking hand stands when he clearly had no idea how to do them, trying them in the middle of the walk way between all the iso machines. He fell into the iso lat pulldown and a 45lb plate fell on his head/shoulder. He got up and just left the gym. The New Years res goers are strong in my gym this year...


Like The Least Fun See Saw

People locking their knees on a leg press when they're lifting like double their weight. I work as a PT aide and have to constantly tell people to never lock their knees on the leg press so they dont hyperextended it. Outside of work, though, I dont care much about everyone else. One guy told me that I HAVE TO lock my knees but I just ignored him.

A friend also told me a story that a guy had a rack with tons of plates on them. That guy took out all the weights on one side. The other end tipped over and smashed a mirror. From that day on no matter how many plates I have I make sure to take them off evenly.


This Is What We Call Luck

I've seen a guy lately at the gym who deadlifts 405 on the balls of his feet, and almost entirely with his back. It's kind of impressive how someone can do the movement entirely wrong and still move that much weight without killing himself. I tried to tell him it was unwise, but it's hard getting through to someone who lifts more than you (I'm at 365 lbs myself) so he just ignores me haha. I really hope he doesn't screw himself up, but it feels inevitable.


An Entire Unsafe Demographic

Short answer is children.

I go to my local YMCA and see kids around all the time. Even when the kid is genuinely interested in exercising, a lot of them are too small to properly use the equipment. Their legs are too short to properly use the bicycles. I saw a girl fall of an elliptical machine because she was too uncoordinated to move her arms and legs the correct way to work it. I've seen kids almost get run over on the track because they're walking in the running lane of the track (though even when they're running in the running lane, they're often too slow). Thankfully I've never seen one get hurt by the weights.

I go on the weekend and there are always kid activities so it pisses me off to see them in the workout area. My best guess is that their parents take them for the swim lesson or soccer practice or whatever, then go off and do their own workout but aren't done by the time their kid's class is over so just let them roam around until they are ready to leave.


Too Much Power


Someone almost killed me in the gym. There were two squat racks set up perpendicular to each other in the back corner of the gym. One was a slant rack, so not a full power cage.

Some dipshit was doing box squats to a high box (terribly BTW) with mid-400s while I was squatting in the power rack. Right as I finished a set and stepped out of the rack this moron's UN-COLLARED weights slip off the side furthest from me. It literally catapulted the bar to where the metal sleeve smashed right in the middle of where I was just squatting. I literally would have died had that happened during my set.


Three Strangers

I've seen two terrible things at the gym. One was maybe 8 years ago? It was one of those special gyms where you can only work out if you schedule a training session with your trainer or if you schedule a workout ahead of time (to avoid congestion). My parents signed me up to help me recover from knee surgery... but a lot of the people at the gym were competitive and semi-professional athletes and thus very intense. I watched a guy add more and more weight to his bar and lifting it over his head. People were filming him and getting all riled up about it until he tore his pec in front of everyone and screamed so loud in pain. It was horrifying as the guy had what looked like a ball shaped tumour on his chest and he was struggling to breathe. My trainer said it was a lesson not to add weight you are not ready for just to show off for cameras.

Second one happened to me this week after work at my gym. I was in the change room when I heard a crash and people yelling. I popped open the door to see a mirror completely destroyed and employees rushing over to help the patrons nearby. A guy at the gym told me what happened and lo and behold, a woman was trying to lift more than she could handle without spotters or anything and she tipped backwards into the mirror, smashing it, and sending mirror pieces flying everywhere.

Oh wait! Thought of another. My high school exboyfriend, another friend of ours (who played hockey at the level below NHL) and myself were at the gym. The hockey player friend was practising his balance on those large rubber balls. My exboyfriend decided it was a good idea to run really fast and try to jump up onto the ball to work on his balance.... it went as well as could be expected. The ball went flying out from underneath him and he fell on the concrete, missing the mat and smashing his head. Concussion. That guy was an idiot.


Sticks Breaking

Was doing squats when 2 dudes got in the racks beside me. One super scrawny guy and the other was decently built. Built dude slaps on 225 for a warm up. Seemed like the type of dude who can handle that as a warm up.

Scrawny dude however starts stacking 45's. Right away threw on 585 (no, not a type. Dude had six plates each side.) Not only that, but he put the pins up to high and had to tip toe out of the rack. Dude tried 1/4 repping it but didnt even get to breaking his hips and tried to re-rack. thing is, the pins were too high and he could rack it. He started screaming his buddies name to try and get his help but he had headphones in and couldn't hear him. I ended up going over there and dropping his pins down so he could re-rack. After the scrawny dude start giving his buddy sh*t. Dropped off two plates and was resting for another set. He clearly couldn't do 405 so i walked over to an employee and told them the dude was going to kill himself and they should get him to drop his weights a little more.


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