People Reveal The Most Surprising Thing They've Accidentally Overheard About Themselves


We've all overheard things we shouldn't have. Sometimes it sucks hearing the truth about what people think about you. Other times, it can be a good thing. Any way you look at it, people talking about you behind your back is typically weird and uncalled for, but sometimes you might be surprised as to what they really think.

billandre asks: What is the most surprising thing you have accidentally overheard about yourself?

Weird compliments are always the nicest.

"A guy in a college class leaned over to his friend and said, "She smells... AMAZING." After being bullied all through high school, overhearing something good about myself was definitely pretty surprising."


I do not like it, Sam I Am.


"Used to smoke a lot of weed. My floor manager and head chef would refer to me as 'Green Eggs n Ham' cause I was cooked all the time. Really opened my eyes to what I had become."



"Coworker was talking about me and said:

"I wouldn't mind him eating crackers like a dog in my bed if you know what I mean."

I have no idea what she means."

[Username deleted]


"'She always says that what you have inside is most important, but inside she has nothing too.'

That's what I heard my grandma saying about me to my younger brother, who just chuckled in response. Still haunts me to this day."


That's a confidence boost.


"I started my first year as a teacher last year, and a few months in I had to watch over a group of students doing a career day training activity.

I was monitoring the class and I overheard two students talking:

Student 1: "You have Fangore as a teacher, right?"

Student 2: "Yeah?"

Student 1: "He seems like so much fun. What's he like?"

Student 2: "He is the greatest teacher I've ever had. He is so much fun and great at explaining maths."

I think about my student saying that at least once a week. I meant the world to me. I didn't even think I was that great of a teacher."


Yay for karma.

"A coworker referred to me as a "snake" recently. It's such an awful adjective, especially considering I just come to work, do my job, and leave. I'm polite to everyone but I'm a one-person department and basically keep to my own work (but help people when they ask questions). All of her coworkers have complimented me on being a lot more knowledgeable and more helpful than my predecessor.

In totally unrelated news I got the job she wanted. What a weird coincidence."


That person does too much kvetching.

"I act. I overheard a rumor that I was only cast in a certain role because I was "really Jewish". As an Italian Catholic, I would say that was surprising."


That ended up a lot better than it could have.


"Some time ago an ex of mine was on the phone arranging a game night with some of his friends. I was right next to him and heard the guy on the phone ask him if he would also bring his smoking hot girlfriend over.

For a second I thought, WTF is this dude talking about? Cheating scenarios in my head. But then I catched my name... Nevermind the compliment, I am not being cheated on..."


Another confidence booster.

"I overheard my brother once tell my parents that I was the best natural athlete out of the four brothers but I was just lazy. This was coming from my brother who played college baseball and football. I always thought that everyone thought I was a fat slob but that comment made me think back to the fact that I could do some impressive things for a big guy and I was faster then most would suspect."


So wholesome.

"A quite a few years back, a girl I was involved with for a summer and really, really liked moved away for college. A few years later, she ended up publishing a little book of poems and in it, there was one about all the guys she ever kissed. Of the names on there, I was one of the two that got complimented ("More importantly - he listened"), which meant a lot considering the other guy is now her boyfriend of many years.

I keep a photo of that poem on my phone for when I'm feeling depressed. It helps remind me I'm not a terrible person."


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