People Reveal The Most Messed Up Thing They've Ever Woken Up To


Nightmares can be hellish. What our minds come up with while we're asleep can be absolutely wild. But what if the thing you wake up to is the most nightmarish thing of all?

u/Kappaski123 asked: What's the most f**ked up thing you woke up to?

A sad moment in history.

My alarm clock was set to a (usually) FM music station. "Again, to sum up: The Challenger space craft has exploded on take off."


How does that even happen?


My best friend just woke up missing his leg. He was in a motorcycle accident and doesn't remember anything. Very f**ked up.


What a beautiful/traumatizing experience.

I was about 4 or 5 years old and woke up hearing tiny "mew, mew". I legit thought Pokemon was real and there was a mew in my room. I opened my eyes so excited and I was covered in blood. My cat had given birth right on top of me. I immediately started crying and my mom rushed in. She said it was beautiful, but I was absolutely horrified. I thought these wet little alien creatures just killed my cat.

My cat was fine, all of her kittens were healthy and adorable. But I will certainly never forget being birthed on.



My roommate in college snuck in an old dude she met on the internet. I woke up to him looking at me from her bed.


So....what's up with that?


I had a girlfriend who had a little studio apartment in a multi unit building. The bed was basically five or six feet to the right of the apartment door. One night I woke up half drunk and there was a dude standing next to the bed looking down at me. The door was ajar. I got up and kind of went "rrraaah!" and he freaked and ran out the door and I closed it and locked it.

I never found out what the deal was with that.



I went to bed with a massive huntsman spider on my wall. Was feeling lazy and I figured it'd just go do spider things somewhere.

10 mins later curiosity got the better of me and I switched the bedside lamp back on.

There it was on the sheets over my my chest, right near my face.


Tactless indeed.

Ten seconds after waking up, as I sleepily and groggily walked into the kitchen, my tactless little brother casually says over his bowl of cereal "Did you hear that John died?"

John was my very best friend for my entire life since we were very young children. We did everything together. Telling me so casually, out of the blue, after I just woke up, was exactly the wrong way of communicating this with me. I was in denial and disbelief for a very long time and it was (and sometimes still is) a very hard grieving process. My brother was only 13 at the time, so its not really his fault, but I think the way I found out (as opposed to my dad sitting me down to have a serious conversation) absolutely played a role in how challenging it was, in my opinion.

John died after falling off of his skateboard and onto his head while skating down a steep hill. Please always wear a helmet.


Hate when that happens.


I woke up to find that my arm didn't work anymore. Apparently I slept at a weird angle and cut off flow to the nerves. I picked up the arm with my other hand and threw it against the wall.. didn't feel anything.

Fortunately that only lasted a minute or two before the pins and needles settled back in!


That does sound surreal.

I had a friend who lived next door when I was a kid. I woke up one morning (like 7 or 8 am) to a lot of shouting and approaching sirens and looked outside my bedroom window to see her house engulfed in flames.

She and her dad and her younger brother were in the desert that weekend, and I could see her mom in their backyard with the baby brother, so we knew everyone was okay. But it was surreal watching my friends house burn.


A potato flew around my room....

Woke up to my ceiling fan on full speed hanging from a single wire. It had fallen down while I was sleeping and I somehow managed to continue sleeping with it whipping around my room only a few inches from my body.


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