People Reveal The Most Expensive Object They Own


It's priceless and MINE!

Oh the treasures that are stored right beneath our noses. Those little trinkets we find in the street or at a garage sale that we thought were merely cute then turn out to be objects belonging to Russian oligarchs and now we can retire and go to Bali, don't you love those surprises? Sometimes we know form the get-go how much money we're holding in our hands, how precious an heirloom we're gazing upon or, more often than not, it's something practical and boring, but just valued at an obscene bundle.

Redditor u/aydsz wanted everyone to share some opulence by asking.... What is the most expensive object you own?

1942. Good year! 


My steinway baby grand, 1942. snaildude2013

Damn. I never realized how long it takes those things to reach maturity. GozerDGozerian

In case anyone is curious, too: around 20k according to Google. RedEdition

Can you hear the music?

If you don't count my house or my car, my violin. I_play_elin

Every time I feel guilty about how much I've spent on guitars and gear I remind myself how much real musicians spend on individual instruments. illegible_derigible

The Dutch song....

80.000 antique Harpsichord

In Dutch we would write it as €80.000 ;) I don't know its actual value but some antique-guy valued it some years ago.

Some info: it was built around 1730 and passed down in my family. I don't play it myself (hate the sound tbh) and it's kept in a room with regulated humidity so it doesn't age as fast.

Before the 2nd WW it was restored because some of the wood started falling apart. Since I don't like it myself I'm planning on donating it to a museum and stuffing the room with guitars, that I can play ;) sneeuwpopjongeman

All of Me....

Probably my kidney. hardogga

Transplanted? Because that was going to be my comment. Mine cost my insurance around $750k, so that's easily the most valuable thing I own. I also had a pancreas transplant and some complications that caused me to end up staying for 3 weeks, plus all the meds and everything. All told it filled 23 pages of explanation of benefits from my insurance company for those 3 weeks, and my insurance paid out over $1.2 million the year of my transplant. Dialysis isn't cheap either! Diabetics, take better care of yourself! Un_creative_name

Gives you Light and Money! 


So this isn't me but I always thought it was a cool story. One of my Mom's friends had an old lamp that she had always kept hung above her kitchen table. One day her mother tells her that the lamp may actually be worth a little money. She gets it appraised and discovers that this lamp she's had hanging above her table for 15 years is worth just shy of $300,000. Zibippitybop

Keep it in the family...

I have a violin that's been in our family for generations. It was made in 1812 Germany, my mom took it in for repairs when I was in HS and the place said that they didn't feel comfortable doing it on such a nice violin and sent her to a specialist. I needed new pegs and a bridge- we also added a chin rest to the violin - it didn't originally have one and my grandparents wouldn't let me learn with one. We had no idea how valuable it was, but the specialist who repaired it said that it could be sold for easily 20 grand. I would never sell it, it's been with my family for so long and it's priceless just for that. It was a big deal that the family even gave it to me, it was argued that it was being given outside of the family because it's my mom's side of the family that passes it down and obviously I have my fathers last name, but my great aunt and grandfather insisted I should have it. Despite the fact that I had two other cousins that played the violin and one was male from my mom's side. grace644

Stay back Larry! 

Larry the laser is a dental CO2 laser he cost $140,000. infinity_power

CO2 stands for Call of 2ty. The laser is the most powerful weapon in the game. It's so super accurate, it shoots enemies right in the 2th from 2thousand yards. Hence the dental part. GozerDGozerian

Education is priceless... 

A box of textbooks in my room and that is not an exaggeration. Casclo

That's something that cost a lot but it worth very little. Buy $300 calculus book, after 1 quarter of light use, $20 sell back value. After a year, $10 even on Amazon because there's a new version... RedditIsFiction

That's some Hot Wheels! 

My wheelchair cost a little over $66,000.

edit: So, I totally don't appreciate the amount of people calling me a liar but I understand it. Unfortunately I cannot find my receipt but I received the chair a few years ago so forgive me. I DID, however, message my dealer (Numotion) to ask for a copy.

I will not fail you all! thoughtslefthere


A signed Banksy print that cost $3500 10 years ago. Now worth $30k. ian_s

Keep it away from paper shredders. Valerielea

I'm a lil bit happy for you but way too envious to be 100% happy. CMCoolidge


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