People Reveal The Largest Amount Of Cash They've Held In Their Hands At Once


Money, money, money.... it's a rich man's world!

Who hasn't wanted to roll around naked in a bed of cold, hard cash? Like a bunch of bills that add up to millions? Or remember watching 'Scrooge McDuck' swim in his billions? That's adult porn right there. We didn't know it at 5 but touching THAT much money would soon become a dream. Sadly the times most of us hold that much treasure... it doesn't belong to us. But the feeling is still sexy. No?

Redditor u/BowlingShoeSalesman wanted to indulge in the stories of other's asking.... What's the largest amount of cash you've held in your hand and what's the story behind it?

Show me your ID..... 


Probably around 10k. Worked at a movie theater in the 80s. Kind of amazing that at 16 we were trusted to drive to the bank at 1am with that amount of cash. diegojones4

I know of someone who did exactly that. At least I'm pretty sure they did. Got fired for losing the day's deposits, which was a few thousand. Claimed it was stolen from his car. A few weeks go by and he has a new motorcycle and is going on trips everywhere. Throwitawaynow187413

Almost a Hundred Mil!! 

$750,000 Canadian. Selling building materials to a pharmaceuticals distributor.

Dude built a multi-million dollar mansion and a series of huge homes in the small town he was born in. He intended it for his family to live in for eternity. We had an account set up for him, and hit our hard limit of $750,000 before his bank decided they didn't have to pay us our first draw.

We called, said we couldn't get the bank to release the funds. He showed up two hours later with a banker's box full of bundled hundreds and twenties. They offered him bank drafts, but he chose cash out of frustration. Money doesn't always relieve stress. I just happened to be the one on hand who could both accept a payment and had the combination to our safe. It didn't all fit in the safe.

It took some dealing for our accountant and lawyer to figure out everything, and make sure it was received and reported correctly. Pretty sure our bank had somebody visit both him and his bank before we were allowed to deposit it. He didn't have to miss any deliveries. He then showed up with $2-300,000 payments in cash monthly until it was done. ChuckMe923

Hey Harry! 


From a few hours of selling merchandise at a One Direction concert. It was bananas. While I find the idea of selling 33K in bananas hilarious, I was selling T-shirts and trinkets. Its a figure of speech people hahaha. John_Stay_Moose

Can I touch it?

10k, My girlfriend is a tattoo artist, and the manager does some side business, he's a cool dude, but insanely boastful about his money, he counted it out in front of me and asked me if I wanted to hold it. I said "F**k Yeah." That's that I guess. Tucker_Bio

Lost and Found....


7k. Found the weekly (?) revenue of a restaurant on the streets. Manager had put them on the roof of his car and drove away. I brought them to the police station. xiagan


Held 77 million Vietnamese Dong in my hand once. mcridefanboy

The population of Vietnam is 95 million, so there's only like 48 million dongs in the whole country. Phaedrug

Overseas Money....

We moved chinooks full of pallets of shrink wrapped American currency in Afghanistan when I was there. They weren't all $100 bills but a full chinook was easily $100M. Aaronbakervioc

Same but we just had a few duffel bags of cash in our security convoy. I wasn't the one in charge of it but I was part of the security detail. I don't even know how much but it was like 2 full gym bags of cash. Afghanistan was shady lol. We would also drop off Toyota's and sh!t to random villages. -Johnny-

Cash Only! 

Probably about 10k in cash. When I was building my house we hired a few contractors that worked for cash only. wafflesngravy

Seems like one would want the people building their house to be held liable if they end up cutting corners and screwing your house, no? meleecleave

Hoarders for Life! It pays off....

About $30,000 (in hundreds).

I live in the United States, but a distant relative died up in Canada about 11 years ago. None of us knew her, but we had been asked to come up and help clean out her house. She was a hoarder, and her house was huge. Just the basement was made up of many rooms.

It turns out that she must have not trusted banks, because there were thousands of dollars (U.S. and Canadian) stashed all over her house. If I remember correctly, the $30,000 had been at the bottom of the laundry hamper.

Shortly before closing up the house, my cousin found an additional $15,000 in a breadbox under the kitchen sink. HighDingyDoo

Rock On!


I used to work merch for huge rock shows.

After a big show we would carry around boxes that hold 144 t-shirts, except they were full of banded 20$. I would then go to a national bank and usually sit in the vault with a half dozen employees while they counted it and wired it home.

I carried 20k around as petty cash at all times. lowlandr


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