People Reveal The First Question They'd Ask After Waking Up From Cryogenic Sleep

Suddenly, you're awoken. What does the world around you look like? Who's woken you up? Why were you in cryogenic sleep in the first place? These are all some questions to ask yourself. But then, what will your life look like from the moment you awaken?

jaredthejerry asked Reddit:

You wake up from cryo 200 years from now. What's the first question you ask someone?

Do any of these questions match your own?

Library Is Open

I wouldn't say anything, but I would think, "Can you read my mind right now?" Just to rule out some sort of digital telepathy.

200 Years Is A Long Time

Where's the bathroom

A New World

It's the future. My parents, my coworkers, my girlfriend. I'll never see any of them ever again... YAHOOO!!!


Did George R. R. Martin release Winds of Winter yet?

Small Requests

Coffee? Is weed legal? Can I get some coffee and weed

I Need To Know

What happened in the last 200 years?


Have we figured out what to do if haters dab back?

The Small Things


Imagine the film and videogame binge you could have

Who Lives On Drury Lane?


Put Me Back

Why did you bring me back?

Truly Need

Are documentaries still a thing? Give me every single one you have on the Trump Presidency. Stupid end-of-season cliffhangers...

It Still Exists, Right?!

Where's the nearest Taco Bell?

Sticking To Old Ways

Considering that the most common question I ask after waking up from surgery or other unconsciousness is "What the f-ck?" it would probably be that.

How Many Parsecs?

Have we figured out faster than light space travel?

Always Unstable

How much is bitcoin now?

Morbid Or Just Curious?

I'd look up all my friends and family on facebook and read the RIP posts


Has Japan came out with genetically engineered cat girls yet? Or at the very least lifelike robots?

A True Mystery

What happened with the Trump administration?

Stay Tuned

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