People Reveal The Dumbest Thing They Did As A Child


Did I do that?!

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, some mistakes are a little bigger than others. When we are kids, most of the time we think we know better, when in actuality we know absolutely nothing. We behave in ways without realizing there are consequences. In the end it's how we learned to navigate life. And thankfully most of our actions from childhood happend when we were too young to know better, if we acted out in certain ways at a certain age... we'd be in some real trouble.

Redditor u/ZzLy__ wanted everyone to share some history by asking... What's generally the dumbest thing you've done as a child?



When I was about 4-5 my mum was talking to my granny on the phone. It was one of those handheld phones on the square thing, and she was in a room that wasn't close to the wall so had brought the whole phone with her.

Honestly I think I just wanted to see what would happen. It was a science experiment to me. So I took a pair of scissors and just... Cut the cord.

I remember my mum continuing to talk for a few seconds, the stop and say "hello? Hello?" Before she came out to see me standing there with a pair of scissors in one hand and the end of the cord in the other.

It wasn't that dumb in terms of what kids do, but it was like I had an epiphany that I had the ability to do some very dumb things. humdrumflagellum


Parents wouldn't let me have a dog.

Being the little problem solver I was, I proceeded to stare into the sun to try and blind myself so I would need a guide dog. It didn't work. But I got a dog!

Just for clarification, when I meant it didn't work I was referring to blinding myself. VA_terrier


School ended and I saw my older sister take off in her car. Tried screaming to her to give me a ride home but she didn't hear me. I started walking home when I saw her driving around and threw my book bag at the car to stop her. Smashed the windshield. She wasn't happy. Pizzamaker18

Don't be a prickly Prick! 

Not me but I accidentally tricked my younger brother into smacking a cactus. I don't remember how old we were (maybe 3 and 5) but I remember we started talking about how a cactus hurts when you touch it. I told him that I could touch the cactus without getting stung.

I kept moving my hand really quickly next to it to make it look like I touched it. He watched in amazement as I "touched" the cactus. But then he gets this puzzled look on his face. Next thing I know, he swings his hand back really dramatically, and then proceeded to slap it like it did him wrong in a past life.

For a brief moment, we sat in awe. His hand looked like he high fived a porcupine. He looked up at me with this bitter look of betrayal, and started screaming. I felt really bad, but I could not help laughing at how dumb it was. SubliminalAlias

You are no Adam Rippon!


I skipped rope with rollerblades on... I broke my wrist. supergris

New Olympic sport. CaptainInertia

Dumbnastics! poopellar


I set fire to our families garage door at 9 years old. If it were not for a neighbor, our house would be gone. drew1111

I set fire to the curtains in a hut under the house. But I knew what I was doing. I brought water and everything.My mum didn't see it that way. humdrumflagellum

Ok Norman Bates....

My grandfather was sleeping on the couch and for some dumbs reason, I grabbed his walking stick and smacked his legs with it as hard as i could. He screamed and yelled at me and i cried as if i did nothing wrong. Wtf is wrong with me. tiarnilew

More like 6-6-6! 

Called my mother a C%nt cause someone in my class told me it's a password for sweets (aged 6). WhyArentIAsleep

Pre-internets my bestie learned the word "dildo" on the bus but neither of us knew the meaning and her mom refused to tell us until she called her mother a dildo-head in church. EhrmergerdLady

6 yo me called the garbage man the N word (I didn't know what it meant) because my buddy told me they would laugh. They did not laugh. love2go

Sounds about right....

Pushed in the cigarette lighter in the car, when it popped out i looked at it and saw it red hot, figured I'd stick my thumb onto it to feel it. Ignesias

My younger brother did that except he held it to his ear to see what it sounded like. notthatlebronjames

Don't try this at Home!


When I was maybe 7 or 8, I was at my grandmother's house playing outside. I found some rope and was trying to think of what I could do with it involving a tree in the front yard I always used to climb.

LIGHT BULB... I'll tie the rope around my feet, throw it over a branch, then pull on it with my arms until I was basically hanging horizontally so I could "lay down" while hanging from a tree!

So I did just that, and realized pretty quickly my arms would get tired holding the rope, so what was I going to do with the rope?

ANOTHER LIGHT BULB... I'll tie the OTHER END of the rope around the other end of me... AKA my neck. So I started looping the rope around my neck.

It worked for a minute or so, but then finally my stomach muscles got tired and I folded in the middle so my butt hit the ground... with the rope firmly tied around my feet and wrapped around my neck. AKA now choking me.

Luckily my grandmother was curiously watching the whole situation unfold from the front door and walked out and unwrapped the rope. She still tells that story about watching me do all this. Paugh

Who needs enemies with family around....

I had my little brother play "vacuum cleaner" with me (ok that sounds wrong) where we sniffed the floor and pretended to be vacuum cleaners. He ended up getting a giant bead from an old-fashioned pearl necklace stuck in his nose and he had to go to the ER to get it out.

Also had my cousins and brother run backwards with me down a dirt, rocky driveway and my cousin fell and broke her wrist. Also had to go to the ER.

I think the few dumb things I did typically affected other people more than myself soooo. kopperboom

Knives are not toys....

I was about four or five years old. I was wondering why my new set of pajamas didn't have a flap in the front for my penis like my other pajamas.

So I decided to make one. One morning, at the breakfast table, I took a knife and stabbed myself in the crotch.

Don't worry, I missed everything important and emerged unscathed. But I sure scared Mom. originalchaosinabox

Barbie on Fire....


Had one of those barbies with the heat sensitive hair that changed color depending on whether it was hot or cold. My older sister told me to use the freezer or a hairdryer to change it, depending on what I wanted. Naturally when I was on my own I thought "screw the hairdryer, the microwave will heat it." abb3ycat

Play Cards Instead...

Got in the deep freezer while playing hide and seek. I thought it was the perfect spot, because no one would think to look there! Luckily they did, or else they would have found a 5 year olds frozen body next to the turkey next time they opened it. TossedRubbish

Licking Light...


I wanted to know what light tasted like so i licked a lightbulb and ended up with a burned tongue. Tasted like dust, mostly. cavy_boar

You've been maced!!

Sprayed myself with my mom's pepper spray when I was a kid, then proceeded to scream and run around the house, knocking things over until my mom found me. In my defense, I just thought the spray was perfume. ellinaj

Big orange can of bear spray on the back porch. 4 year old me recognized the word "pepper" and thought a spray on the tongue would be tasty. Pretty sure I know what blind people see. butnmshr

Kites can Kill... 

Ran face first into a brick mailbox trying to fly a kite. LasciviousCephalopod

Me too. Except I was on a bike. HeadChefBoyardank

That's a Felony....

I was 5. I wanted to stay in my parents room (because that's where I loved staying the night). They said no and wanted me to sleep in my own bed for once (I wonder why). Me, being the bright little 5 year old I was, decided that I needed to make them think that staying with them was best for my safety.

I told them that there was a guy climbing the car outside my window. I guess I thought they would satisfied with simply taking me back into their room. Boy was I wrong.

Very soon, we had a number of cops on our property with flashlights. To my 5 year old memories, the whole swat team was there with dogs and guns. Who knows how many cops there really were. Maybe 2 or 3. The point is, I got to stay in my parents room that night.

(I told them the truth about 13 years later) mylo_23

We've seen you somewhere before....


I had a red wagon and lived on a hill as a kid. Thought it would be a great idea to ride said wagon down the hill until I got about half way down and realized the thing didn't have brakes and the steering was suspect. That was the trip to the ER where my parents realized the nurses were starting to recognized me. burnn2

Stick with diapers....

When I was three, I put on all the underwear I owned and peed into them because I thought layering my undies somehow also made them waterproof... it did not and I'm not sure why I even want to have peed into even one of them :/ meltarious93


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